Physical aspects/appearance:
Talum stands at 5’9 and weighs 136 lbs. His skin is as you would expect extremely tan from being outdoors a good portion of his life. He has black hair that reaches down to his mid back which he ties off in parallel rope-style weaves. His ears stick out a bit more than the average person and his nose is noticeably broad. His normal attire would be nothing more than a loincloth and headband with a single Braviary feather sticking out of the front, but Janine has assisted him with more suiting attire. Generally you can see him walking about in a leather vest and blue jeans, with or without an accompanying undershirt. The best he’ll wear with shoes are worn sneakers, but generally walks barefoot.

Talum comes from the Onida Tribe, a group of native humans that have inhabited Kanto for centuries by living off of the land in the Leaf Forest. The tribe has not been ignorant to the world developing around them, noticing the buildings of stone and devices that produce light sources. They choose not to give in to these whims and instead continue to embody the strength of their ancestors, one of the aspects the tribe holds in the utmost regard. “To be kin of the Onida Tribe is to be kin to every Onida before you. Their death passes their spirit unto us, which allows our own soul to mend to them and acquire their blessings.” The moon and night are also two items the Onida tribe holds dear, the blessings of the day, while plenty, leaves people vulnerable with its light-giving rays. The night veils the tribe with protection from most threats unable to see without the light, and the moon gives them the ample blessing of light to guide them in the darkness. The Onida Tribe, when recognized by a researcher or other possible source, is one of the most prominent nocturnal hunting groups in Kanto.

The Onida Tribe has been known by the Fuschia City Gym Leader Koga for over thirty years. Over this time he introduced the once completely outsider group to the world of modern humanity within Fuschia City through means of the Pokemon Center, Safari Zone, and the Gym itself. In exchange for his kindness the Onida Tribe agreed to assist Koga in the training of his apprentices in the arts of ninjitsu by hosting trials on their hunting grounds and even assisting by assaulting the would-be ninjas under the veil of the night. They also openly welcomed Koga’s daughter, Janine, to explore their grounds and assist the girl in any way possible.

Over time Talum in particular developed a keen friendship with Janine due to his acute senses towards Pokemon and raising them. While not as strong as his fellow tribesmen, Talum possessed a closer bond with the Pokemon both wild and tamed by the Onida. Aspiring to be as great of a trainer as her father Koga, Janine spent much of her time with Talum. While he was not as keen of a hunter as the others in his tribe, his bond with the Pokemon aided them dearly in hunting as well as alerting the town of intruders. Janine shared what she knew about the modern world and often accompanied the tribe with her father to the Nomads Independence Day Festival in Fuschia City. Professor Oak happened to be visiting the town during the festival and was introduced to the tribe by Koga and Janine. Thinking nothing of it, Talum and the rest of his tribe enjoyed the festivities and returned back to the Leaf Forest.

Just a week after the festival was Talum and many other tribesmen and tribeswomen’s rite of passage ceremony, the Moonrite Ritual. At the end of this ritual, the eligible young teens were tasked with leaving the village for at least one year to enrich their spirits for the next generation of Onida. Whether through personal strength, mental endurance, social flourishing, or otherwise, the young Onida had to discover their place in the world and come back with proof of such. Each was provided with a tool best suited for their journey from Chief Qualqual: Mavi, the only female of the three in this ceremony, was presented with a bow crafted to the highest caliber from the head huntsman, Tu’kor. Gevau, the son of the tribe’s shaman Gebdin, was presented with an intricate ward blessed by the spirits of the Onida to usher him strength and protect him from evil. Talum was presented with the only pup of Chief Qualqual’s most trusted hunting dog Hantawai which was named Taimala.

As the ceremony ended, Janine and Koga (who had been invited to watch the ceremony as guests) confronted Talum about a proposal Professor Oak extended to him, which would prove to be a useful connection. Talum would travel the world to assist with Professor Oak’s request not only to complete the professor’s task but traverse the world in search of what he yearns for: the growth and experience to nurture him to manhood. Before leaving, Janine assisted the three travelers by providing them with more modern style clothing and information concerning Pokeballs, Trainers, and other commonly-used aspects of the world. With that, they bid Koga and Janine farewell with much gratitude.

A month and a half into the journey, the three Onida separated to find their own destinies. Talum would continue towards Pallet Town to meet Professor Oak, Gevau headed towards Lavender Town, and Mavi directed her path towards Vermillion City. After separating, Taimala and Talum encountered a wild Murkrow roosting in the trees. The Onida way of befriending a Pokemon was to show themselves worthy of the Pokemon’s company either through kindness or a test of strength. The Murkrow was startled at the two’s ability to close in on it. It gauged the situation and decided NOT to attack, knowing it was outnumbered. Talum saw the Murkrow’s wisdom and offered it companionship, which it agreed to. From that point Talum, Taimala, and Shosko continued on, ready to confront the challenges that were before them.

Talum, like most of his tribe, presents themselves with a stern exterior to strangers. They will speak when addressed by at least neutral-valued persons, and will openly greet friends and family as well as guests. Until they analyze the potential of newcomers around them the Onida keep to themselves and execute plans excluding those that have not brought acceptance to them. Talum seeks to further grow in his adaptations to Pokemon, so he will face challenges headlong in means of showing his strength to find companionship. Those who do not treat Pokemon as equals to humans will find an upset Talum sneering at them or possibly attacking them. His lack of knowledge about all of the modern day constructions and technology may make him seem less than intelligent compared to the average Trainer. Talum performs prayers at night to thank the moon and the darkness for protection. Because of his tribe’s nocturnal nature he tends to be more active at night. He utilizes all of his Pokemon’s abilities no matter how big or small the skill or Pokemon is.

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