Lesieli Keli'i

Game: Wakino Privateers


Name : Lesieli Keli'i (Takenaka)
Also: Mele (?)
Age : 19
Height : Huh?
Weight : What?

Born and raised in Hermit Town, Lesieli's family has a long history of involvement in the educational systems of Wakino. Hers was one of many native families to become closely tied to the Kantonese occupation, enjoying many social and economic benefits for doing so and even going so far as to adopt the Kantonese surname 'Takenaka'. While some hardline conservatives still consider them to be traitors to their people, her grandparents work as central figures in the foundation of Wakino's modern education systems has mostly alleviated this in the eyes of the general public. It was her grandparents who had their children's names restored to the old family name Keli'i, though rarely the family may still be referred to by their old Kantonese name.

Lesieli's parents are researchers and technology experts, havig become somewhat world-renown (in the right circles) for their advancements in long-range and rural networking systems, a vital boon in the fairly rural and disconnected Wakino archipelagio. As such, she's grown up with close connections to the educational elite and facilities of Hermit Town. Her custom-made state-of-the-art computer/pokegear/pokedex was a gift from her parents a few years back. She herself is extremely intelligent, at least in terms of book smarts. When it comes to social smarts or common sense … yeah.

A social loner, Lesieli has become somewhat of a hikkikomori these past few years, spending the majority of her time studying alone in her room. Unlike her parent's focus on technology, Lesieli has become completely obsessed with pokemon - who they are, their role in the world, their relationship with humans, and their connections to native Wakinoan Mythology. As a result of this obsession, she has become thoroughly convinced that she is the Kupua 'Mele' born in mortal form; it being her divine mission to lead a renaissance of Wakino society and culture via the people's connection to native pokemon and mythology. (Protip - she's not, but don't say that to her face) Unfortunately, her obsessions and delusions have led to various 'incidents' for which she has become locally infamous - things like breaking into the labs to read the latest pokemon research reports, or attempting to commandeer local shrines for her own purposes.

A few months back, [name here], an old acquaintance from school, was witness to her latest escapade and, volunteering to take her home from the police station, began trying to help her break out of her social seclusion. While unable to convince her that her delusions were merely that, he has been quite sucessful these past few months at helping her tone down her eccentricities and become more willing to engage in activity outside her room. When the invitation from PIRATES arrived, it was he who convinced her to give it a shot.

Level 28 Researcher/Underdog/Goddess??


Body -2
Acrobatics: Pathetic (1)
Athletics: Pathetic (1)
Combat: Pathetic (1)
Intimidate: Untrained (2)
Stealth: Untrained (2)

Mind +6
E-General: Master (6)
E-Pokémon: Master (6)
E-Occult: Master (6)
E-Survival: Novice (3)
E-Medicine: Novice (3)
E-Technology: Adept (4)
Perception: Adept (4)
Focus: Novice (3)
Guile: Untrained (2)

Spirit +2
Charm: Untrained (2)
Command: Adept (4)
Intuition: Adept (4)

Stats and Moves

Combat Stats

Hit Points 150/150
HP 30
Attack 6
Defense 6
Sp. Attack 6
Sp. Defense 6
Speed 34

Injuries: Nada

Overland 4, Swimming 2, High Jump 0, Long Jump 1, Power 3, Levitate 4, Mindlock
DR 5 Normal, 5 Fairy, 10 Psychic

Helper: Static - Moves that target an ally give them an extra +1 to Acc and Skill Checks until end of user's next turn.
Levitate: Static - Immune to Ground moves, gain Levitate 4
Starlight: Scene - Swift Action, become luminous when exposed to star/moonlight. Enemies get -2 acc. Can expend luminous when damaging a foe to confuse target.

Action Points: 8/8


Name Freq AC Type Damage Range Special Effect
Struggle At-Will 4 Normal DB4: 1d8+5 Physical Melee
After You At-Will - Normal - Status 6, 1 target Target immediately takes next turn. Only affects Pokemon
Helping Hand EOT - Normal - Status 4, 1 target Priority - Target gets +2 Acc and +10 Damage to first attack this round
Tailwind Scene - Flying - Status - All allies gain +5 Initiative for rest of the encounter
Fire Spin Scene x2 4 Fire DB4: 1d8+6 Special 3, 1 target Target is put in a Vortex

Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 6/10



Full List:


Field of Study - Echoes of the Future
Daily x2 - Free Action
Trigger: You or your Pokemon make a roll
Effect: Roll twice, keep the best result.

Varied Hobbies - Affirmation
1 AP - Free Action
Trigger: Your Pokémon fells a foe or rolls a 20 on an Accuracy Roll
Effect: Pokémon gains temp HP equal to E-General Rank doubled

Giant Slayer
1 AP - Swift Action
Target - Your Pokémon with Courage Ability
Effect: Target's Courage Ability is activated until end of user's next turn. Can only be used when opposing a non-underdog Pokémon

Moira's Favor
Daily - Standard Action
Effect: You imbue a single Ally with the effects of the Fate Aura for the rest of the Scene. You may not apply this Feature to an Ally under the effect of Call of Ares.

Call of Ares
Daily - Standard Action
Effect: You imbue a single Ally with the effects of the War Aura for the rest of the Scene. You may not apply this Feature to an Ally under the effect of Moira's Favor.

EOT - Standard Action
Target: Legendary Pokemon
Effect: Can attempt to shatter a Legendary Aura with 1d20. 10+ succeeds, 10-15 gain 1 injury from feedback.


Head -
Body -
Main Hand -
Off-Hand -
Accessory Star Cloak
Name Description
Hover Boots They hover! Levitate Ability
Star Cloak Nice and shiny in the moonlight. Perfect for hiding? Starlight Ability, 5 DR Normal and Fairy
Rammy~ Tiny floating Ramiel that does everything you could possibly want. And by that, I mean mundane pokégear/dex tasks
Research Notebook TOP SECRET! NO PEEKING!!
Tentacuddle Plushie SO ADORABLE
Reflect/Light Screen TMs Muh bread 'n butter
Lecia's Medicines 5xSP-FH, 1xSP-Def, SP-SpDef, SP-SpAtk, SP-Spd, SP-DH, SP-GS, SP-Acc, 2xRevive, 10xBandages
41000 PY Gotta have cash for something I guess
Something Badge Yay, I actually got one!
Another Badge Yeah, I should track down the names of these
Next Badge I think I got a third one too? Probably?
Badge #4 This is becoming a habit

Other Stuff


Stop being a crazy lunatic loser
Actually help revitalize Wakino culture/gods to greater importance, rather than just embarrass myself. See above
Stop these crazy idiots who are trying to hurt Wakino
Git Good
Maybe actually make some friends



Coming soon I suppose?


The Fluffiest Mareep
A hikkikomori's best friend. The fluffiest, cuddliest Mareep that ever did live. Makes the perfect pillow

Level 52: 4060 EXP
Gender: ???
Type: Electric
Nature: Cuddly (+HP, -Atk)
Static: Scene - When hit by a melee attack, the attacker becomes Paralyzed
Fluffy Charge: Static - Whenever the user uses Charge, they gain +1 CS to Defense
Courage: Static - While under 1/3rd of its Max HP, the user gains a +5 Damage Bonus to all Damage Rolls, and 5 Damage Reduction
Held Item: Eviolite - +Def/SpDef
Capabilities: Overland 4, Surface 2, Jump 1/1, Power 1, Intelligence 5, Glow, Zapper
Tutor Points: 1/11
One Berry used for -1 SpAtk
+2 Def, +1 SpDef - 3 tp
Courage Ability - 2 tp
Advanced Connection - Fluffy Charge - 1 tp
Intelligence Training [2] - 2 tp
Final Potential - 2 tp

HP: 166/166
Hit Points 8 35
Attack 3 3
Defense 7 32+5
Special Attack 7 7
Special Defense 7 32+5
Speed 5 5

Injuries: 0

Name Freq AC Type Damage Range Special Effect
Confuse Ray Scene x2 - Ghost - Status 6, 1 target Target is confused. Cannot miss.
Thunder Wave Scene x2 - Electric - Status 6, 1 target Target is paralyzed. Cannot miss.
Discharge EOT 2 Electric DB10: 3d8+10 Special Card. Adj. Target paralyzed on 15-20.
Reflect Scene - Psychic - Status Blessing Any user affected may activate Reflect to resist Physical Damage one step. Reflect may be activated 3 times.
Light Screen Scene - Psychic - Status Blessing Any user may activate Light Screen to resist Special Damage one step. Light Screen may be activated 3 times
Safeguard Scene - Normal - Status Blessing Any user affected may activate Safeguard to negate gaining a Status Ailment. Safeguard may be activated 3 times.
Charge EOT - Electric - Status Self Add extra Damage Dice Roll to electric attack made next turn. +1 Def and +1 SpDef CS

Egg Moves: Reflect, Safeguard


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