Franz Rhydderch

Name: Franz Varg Rhydderch
Gender: Female

Lv 38
Mystic/Earth Shaker/Grass Ace/Ground Ace/Godspeaker

- Firstborn daughter and heir to the family
- Girls aren't exactly common in the family tree, so she was more or less raised as a boy to be the family heir
- Aside from parents, does have an otouto
- Dresses in boys clothes (male uniform), rather tomboyish, usually fits in a male social role
- Aside from that, still recognizably female (I mean, I guess you could mistake her for an effeminate boy, but it's not a very common mistake)
- Very aware of her responsibility to the family, tries to be strict and serious when important, but isn't very good at it…
- Family owns, cares for, and/or controls vast, vast amounts of natural land throughout the region. If it's non-urban land, chances are it's got some connection to the family.
- Large sections are utilized commercially (responsibly!), even more is tied up in a series of natural parks and preserves, and even more is complete wilderness. Much of this is done in coordination with corporations, government, etc.
- Family is fairly well known around Gennis, has been around a long time. Not exactly rich or anything, but does live in what could be termed a small mansion.
- Secretly (AKA DON'T READ THIS ONE) the family was given stewardship/guardianship over the land a loooong time ago by a great power, though by whom or why has long been forgotten.
- Because of this, the family has a very close connection to the land, especially the head of the family (and his heir)

+49680 exp to dole

Silva: Female Leafeon
Level 45: 75000 Exp
HP: 111
Type: Grass
Nature: Brave (+Atk -Spd)
Ability: Leaf Guard / Chlorophyll
Loyalty: 4 (bark)

Stat Base Total
HP 12 22
Atk 13 25
Def 13 25
SpAtk 1 1
SpDef 7 10
Spd 8 15

Aura, Sprouter


Name Freq AC Damage Type Range Effect
Sand Attack EOT 2 - Ground - Range 2, 1m Column All targets +1 to AC rolls
Razor Leaf At-Will 4 2d10+8 Grass Phys Ranged 10 Critical Hit on 18-20
Quick Attack At-Will 2 1d12+6 Normal Phys Melee, Dash Interrupt
Synthesis Center - - Grass - Self Heal 1/2 max HP. 2/3 if sunny, 1/4 if other weather
GrassWhistle EOT 11 - Grass - Range 6, 5m Burst All targets fall asleep
Swords Dance EOT - - Normal - Self Attack raised 2 CS
Detect Center - - Fighting - Self Negate attack, Intercept
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