Game: Sequoia Region

Name: Hikaru Nanjo
Age: 23
Height: Tall
Weight: Reasonable

Level: 15
Trainer EXP: 0/10

Physical Evasion: +1
Special Evasion: +1
Speed Evasion: +5

Health / Status
HP: 127/127
Injuries: 0
AP: 8/9

Hit Points: 10
Attack: 5
Defense: 5
Special Attack: 5
Special Defense: 5
Speed: 5

Acrobatics Expert (5) Intimidate Master (6)
Athletics Novice (3) Stealth Pathetic (1)
Combat Expert (5) Survival Novice (2)
General Untrained (2) Pokemon Untrained (2)
Science Untrained (2) Occult Untrained (2)
Perception Untrained (2) Guile Pathetic (1)
Charm Pathetic (1) Focus Untrained (2)
Command Master (6) Intuition Untrained (2)
Overland 7 Swimming 3
High Jump 1 Long Jump 2
Power 6 Throwing 7
Trailblazer: "Hot stuff comin' through."
Adept Skill: Intimidate Novice Skill: Command
Pathetic Skills: Charm, Stealth, Guile

Status Menu

Command List
Struggle (AW AC3, 1M, Normal DB5: 1d8+8; No Effect)


Equipment Effect
Head - -
Main Hand - -
Off-Hand - -
Body - -
Feet - -
Accessory - -
Money 6000P
Scrap 0

Key Items
Consumable Items

Pokemon / Storage

Overland 9km
Swim 3km
Lateral Movement 1
Power 3
Egg Warmer

Vulcan: Prototype Volcarona Type: Fire/Bug Evasion: +1/+2/+2 System Updates: 1/6
Level 30, ??? Scrap Modular Upgrade: HHP: 115/115 Injuries: 0 Size: Large (3)
Pilot Skill Regimen: Focused Maneuvers, Inspired Maneuvers
Ability Usage Special Effect
Flame Body Scene Free: An attacking Melee attacker becomes Burned.
Tinted Lens Static Your resisted Moves and Attacks are resisted one stage less.
Twisted Power Static Add half of your Attack stat to Special Moves and vice-versa.
Distracted Nature (+Hp, -Def)
Stat Base Added Value
Hull Integrity 10 +15 25
Ballistics 6 +0 6
Hull Strength 5 +0 5
Energy 14 +30 44
Shields 10 +0 10
Maneuverability 10 +0 10
Pilot-Dependent Skills Ship-Dependent Skills
Acrobatics Combat Stealth Perception Athletics
3d6-1 4d6 1d6+2 4d6+1 3d6


Ship Position Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Fore Position Flame Charge [Freq] [AC] [Type] [Damage] [Category] [Keywords] [Effects]
Fore Position String Shot [Freq] [AC] [Type] [Damage] [Category] [Keywords] [Effects]
Aft Position Hurricane [Freq] [AC] [Type] [Damage] [Category] [Keywords] [Effects]
Aft Position Fire Spin [Freq] [AC] [Type] [Damage] [Category] [Keywords] [Effects]
Port Position Heat Wave [Freq] [AC] [Type] [Damage] [Category] [Keywords] [Effects]
Port Position Whirlwind [Freq] [AC] [Type] [Damage] [Category] [Keywords] [Effects]
Starboard Position Signal Beam [Freq] [AC] [Type] [Damage] [Category] [Keywords] [Effects]
Starboard Position Quiver Dance [Freq] [AC] [Type] [Damage] [Category] [Keywords] [Effects]
Moves in Storage
[Move Name] [Freq] [AC] [Type] [Damage] [Category] [Keywords] [Effects]
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