Teresa's Pokemon

Teresa Mai Kurita-Steiner


Mightyena F
Level 26
19580 EXP
STAB: 1d8

Physical Evasion: 3
Special Evasion: 2

Base Stats: 7 HP/11 ATK/7 DEF/6 SpATK/6 SpDEF/5 SPD

Current Stats: 10 HP/16 ATK/15 DEF/8 SpATK/11 SpDEF/5 SPD

HP 56/56


Cast - Hourly
At the beginning of an encounter, you may lower a target’s Attack 1 Combat Stage.
Overworld - Cast - Hourly
If a wild encounter is about to begin, roll 1d6 and call the result X. Wild foes must be at most X levels below the pokemon using Intimidate. Wild foes flee if they are too low of a level to meet the requirement.


Overland 9, Surface 8, Jump 3, Power 3, Intelligence 4, Pack Leader, Tracker

Egg and TM/HM Moves

Protect – Normal
Center – None
Self - No Damage
Effect: No Target, Interrupt
If the user is hit by a Move, instead you are not hit by the Move. You do not take any damage or become afflicted with any status ailment this turn.

Snatch - Dark
Battle – None
Ranged **
Effect: 1 Target, Interrupt
If the target is gaining a Combat Stage, the user raises Combat Stages for each stat equal to the amount of Combat Stages for each stat the target does. The target loses all Combat Stages gained that turn.

Level Moves

Bite - Dark
At-Will – 2
Effect: 1 Target
Bite Flinches the target on 15-20 during Accuracy Check.

Howl - Normal
At-Will – None
Self **
Effect: No Target
Raise the user’s Attack 1 Combat stage.

Odor Sleuth – Normal
At-Will – None
Ranged **
Effect: 1 Target
The target is Identified. Normal-Type and Fighting- Type Moves can hit the Identified target. Pokemon or people targeting the Identified do not need to roll any higher then their regular Accuracy Checks to hit as a result of effects. The Identified may not use their Speed stat to modify Accuracy Checks. The Identified’s illusions are broken. Odor Sleuth cannot miss.

Roar - Normal
Battle – 11
Ranged **
Effect: 1 Target
The target flees, or runs behind their trainer, requiring a switch.

Sand-Attack - Ground
EOT – 2
Ranged **
Effect: 1 Target, Spray
Sand-Attack creates a Spray 2-meters long and 75˚ wide. All Legal Targets must roll +1 during Accuracy Checks for the remainder of the encounter.

Tackle - Normal
At-Will – 3
Effect: 1 Target, Dash, Weight Class
For each Weight Class the user is above the target, they deal additional 1d10 damage.

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