Johto - The Damned Plane

Johto used to be a vibrant region. Sitting right next to the Indigo Plateau, the region consistanly produced highly capable trainers who could handle anything the world could throw at them. Seven of the past ten, and twelve of the past twenty International League Champions hailed from Johto, and over 70 more reached the quarterfinals or better during that span. Those who could make it there were often considered to be the best of the best.

And then…something happened. In the past five years, prominent trainers and gym leaders alike have been killed, often mercilessly and their remains displayed publicly. Hundreds of unsolved homicides and twice as many missing persons have been reported, numbers that are unheard of even when dealing with extremely violent pokemon. Thriving cities have boarded up themselves into fortresses, aiming to keep whatever is causing all the madness out, gyms reduced to playgrounds without any true challengers to face. The scariest part is that no one has any solid proof of what has caused such devastation - and if they do, they aren't talking.

The paranoia and xenophobia runs rampant, any newcomer eyed warily by the citizens, ensuring they aren't the next victims to the "slashers", the amorphous killers lurking between walled-off cities. And yet, every year there are still handfuls of brave souls who wander the land, engaging in gym battles and contests while staving off what the locals would believe to be certain death. Some are in it for the thrill of it. Some want to find the truth behind the murders. Still others see it as another conquest, circumstances be damned. One thing is for sure: those who can survive Johto's perils will earn the right to be called the best of the best.

In spite of all the morbid backstory, this campaign is not designed to be a high-lethality meat grinder of characters. This is still your grandpa's game of pokemon: hone the skills you've learned in your previous campaigns. The setup will punish sloppiness in decisions, so be sure to bring your A-game to this one.

  • Players will start at Trainer Level 6 and have three level 15 pokemon at character creation. One of these pokemon may have an egg move or a tutored move. If your character build would require more or less pokemon in your party, speak with me.
  • You will each have 15000 PY to purchase supplies. Money won't be thrown at you very often, so spend wisely!
  • Homebrew Classes and Single Stage pokemon at character generation will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If you are in doubt, ask me!

Our Brave Adventurers

Anise - Fujishima Miyuki
Gents - Paige Lesters
JackgarPrime - Max Arach
Oliver Johansen
Shalin Nariya - RaikouRider
FreePork - Professor Herbert West

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