The Errai Gym

Gym Layout

Top Level

1 - 8)  Old offices, now being used as bedrooms!
9) Storage.
10) Library.  No books in here, just empty shelves. Clayton is using the top-left corner as a bedroom…
11) Lounge! Has a few old couches and a TV. Has a small kitchenette with a stove, a microwave, and … not much else. 
12 + 13) Meeting Rooms. Used for dances, dinners, and other events.  Room 13 is badly damaged due to a fire on the floor below.
14) Closet
15) Bathrooms

Bottom Level

1) Storage Room. Straight up EVIL. Clayton swears there's Ratticates bigger than Lucky in there.
2) Pool. Water: None.
3) Men's Sauna
4) Men's Locker Room + Showers
5) Women's Locker Room + Showers
6) Women's Sauna
7) Lounge. Entirely empty.
8) Bathrooms
9) Courtesy Desk and Lobby
10) Gym
11) Track. Middle Green functioning as current Arena.
12) Torn up basketball courts. Clearly there was a fire in here.
13) Back Lot. Completely littered by old junk, broken things, cigarette butts, and worse.

Gym Features

  • SentretCorp Security Systems: Sleep Safe


By spending time, money, or both, you can help improve your Gym! As the Gym improves, you can gain new or improved schedule options, and of course you improve your home and work environment! Schedualing your day around helping with that renovation will increase its progress by its effort value! Feel free to suggest new renovations, so that they may be put on the chart! "Fix Up the Place" is a renovation option that is almost always available, and refers to small generic things, like perhaps repainting the gym, or buying better furniture. As you fix up the place, new Renovation Options become available.

Feature Type Progress/Cost Special
Fix Up the Place 2 ME 2700 / 5000 ~
Venture into Storage Room, Day 5 E 0 / 3000 Requires EVERYONE on same day
Contest Hall M 0 / 100,000 ~
Nursery M 0 /5000 ~
Full Fledged Kitchen M 0 / 15,000 ~
Stock Library ME 0 / 8000 ~
Private Bathrooms M 0 / 15,000 ~
Crafting Station M 0 / 5,000 ~
Gift Shop (unstocked) M 0 / 15,000 ~

Renovations Chart
How to Use this Darn Chart:

  • Feature: the task, room, or item that is being payed for or fixed up.
  • Type: Tasks require either Money (M), Effort (E), or Either (ME)! If you can use money on a task, you simply put money in the pool to advance progress. If a task requires effort, you can advance its Progress by 500 by spending a day working on it! The Butlerbot can spend its day renovating, but it only advances progress by 100.
  • Progress/Cost: How much of the Cost you've met thus far / The total "cost" that must be met to finish the task
  • Special: Informs of any special conditions.
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