A Bizarre Kelelean Adventure: Gym Badge Run

Dear Trainer,

It is of utmost pleasure with which I inform you of your acceptance into the Kelelean League Pilot Group! Our nascent Pokemon League still needs to be run through its paces, and over the course of this next year you will be stress-testing our gym leaders and champions to make our League the greatest the world has ever seen! Though it is important that you walk the path that trainers after you will journey on, your duties lie not solely in battling; you will be responsible for providing critique for our gym structure, participating and organizing non-gym league events, and garnering good publicity so as to promote our League.

Should you choose to partake in this mission, please arrive at the League office addressed below at 10 A.M. sharp on the 20th for your orientation. There you will join with your other cohorts to form your team, get properly registered in the system, meet with Dr. Juniper for a greater overview of your duties, and be introduced to your Pokemon partners should you not have any to assist you at current.

I would wish you the best of luck, but if you’re this far you won’t need it. Make Kelele and its League proud!

-Okpara Eze Chiemeka, League Coordinator

With the paperwork in tow, all that’s left is to head to the League branch office in the little town of Wind’s Cross, just a few miles out from Ujio, Kelele’s largest port town. You may have lived in this region your entire life, or maybe you’re a fresh face in this land of talking pokemon, but in either case, one hell of a job is awaiting you.


Kelele Badge edition is a continuation of A Bizarre Kelelean Adventure, set in the eponymous region in which pokemon are sapient. Two years after the defeat of the nefarious DA Corp, the region settled down enough for the powers that be to finally decide on a structure for the Kelelean League. A quick round of talent scouts narrowing down gym leaders and league structures going up virtually overnight due to multinational contributions from various companies has resulted in Kelele having its very first Pokemon League for the first time ever. But being so new, it needs more than big names and fancy buildings, but also needs to be able to withstand the onslaught of glory-hungry trainers attempting to best it. And that’s where you come in; as part of the pilot group hired on by the League, your team is tasked with walking in the shoes of future trainers and challenging the Kelele League, stress testing it and figuring out improvements before it opens up to the world proper. Of course, you’ll also need to garner as much positive press as you can, as after all, this League, if successful, will further increase Kelele’s economy the likes of which will have the whole island rolling in dough.

However, despite all the revenue this new Pokemon League brings from tourism and advertising, not everyone is happy about its existence. The influx of foreign trainers unfamiliar with or unwilling to adapt to Kelele’s norms has caused no small amount of friction between trainers and wild mons when overzealous trainers attempting to catch ‘em all forget where they are and overstep their bounds on a daily basis. It’s also common to see isolationist and xenophobic pokemon and tribes decry the League as selling out the nation’s values and giving foreign corporations economic power to stealthily employ neo-imperialistic policies. There’s even whispers that there’s groups out there trying to actively sabotage League activities before they even begin. Better hope you brushed up on your PR skills.

Overall, this campaign is meant to be a variation on the vanilla gym crawl. As employees of the Pokemon League, players will not only be expected to challenge gyms but also help out the league when they can and deal with any complications that arise. There will be gyms, exploration, and the like, but also a political side to it. And of course, expect lots and lots of interactions with pokemon…maybe you’ll even figure out why these critters are so smart here.


  • PCs are Trainer level 5 with one pokemon level 10 starter.
  • Core, Playtest Packet, and Game of Throhs are allowed, as are the Engineer, Jailbreaker, and Upgrader Researcher branches from Porygons. Pokeball cases are allowed, with the exception of Lock, Devil, and Storage cases.
  • Starter pokemon should tend towards underdogs, preferably unevolved.
  • Starter pokemon begin with one egg move at start and one on inheritance list at level 20 (run this by me). If they lack egg moves, choose tutor moves. If they lack both, talk to me and we’ll work something out.
  • Pokemon have access to all skills; any skill not listed in the pokedex entry is defaulted to 2d6.
  • Choose a skill background for your starter. These modified skills are considered the default for the species. At levels 20 and 40, you may choose to increase one of these modified skills by 1 rank or a +2 modifier
  • 5000p to spend. If you have a crafting class, you also gain an additional 3000p in scrap. In addition, weapons are at the minimum price listed in the book.
  • One pokedex free of charge. You may start with one or have it given to you during your orientation. You will all also each receive a free book (your choice of which), sleeping bag, water filter, and lighter, as well as a large 6-person tent to share between you all.
  • Expect things to update with system updates.
  • Make a backstory for both your trainer and your pokemon! Keep in mind that it’s not necessary for your trainer to know their pokemon yet, as the league office will have Pokemon eager to join up with a new team, though if this is the case you should have a good reason for not having a mon yourself.
  • Check out these sweet houserules below:

Pokemon in this campaign

  • While you have control over them in battle as well as using their skills, pokemon will be roleplayed by me. Due to the sheer number of npcs this will create, however, I ask that you pick 1-3 pokemon you wish to interact with the most so I can focus on them. Other pokemon will be more background characters. Pokemon will also interact with you more the more you interact with them.
  • Pokemon have access to all skills. Any skill that is unlisted in the pokedex is considered untrained unless otherwise noted.
  • Pokemon have skill backgrounds as detailed in the book (raise and lower an equal number of up to 3 skills by one rank) which you can decide on when you get the pokemon unless otherwise noted
  • While they are intelligent, pokemon will still follow your command as normal unless they have low loyalty or tell them to perform an action completely out of line with their beliefs (for example, they will happily fight for you and use the moves you want, but may refuse to coup a nonhostile enemy or steal from someone innocent if they are big on justice)
  • Catching pokemon is actually ok, so long as you use some common sense. Pokemon that don't want to be caught will have caught themselves, so most anything not wearing a apricorn collar or something is likely fair game (no, don't go about stealing these or catching babies). A caught pokemon will follow you unless you really mistreated it, but expect to have some conversations with it soon after. If you don't want to use pokeballs, you can use the optional recruitment rules to persuade pokemon, as well as hit up the recruitment postings.
  • Breeding Pokemon is banned in this campaign, as most pokemon won’t feel comfortable for being subjects in a glorified eugenics experiment. However, you may use the Researcher feature This One’s Special, I Know It when using recruitment postings to recruit pokemon of level 10 or lower.
  • Pokemon may gain access to additional trainer edges, but this will be on a case by case basis, and you should only really expect your bestest buds mons to gain access to these if at all.

A Guide to Kelele

What to Expect from Me

  • As I said before, I have little experience gming regular ptu so I will probably make mistakes.
  • I plan to do a slower paced game, due to the fact that I feel I rushed through the previous incarnation and thus sacrificed a lot of roleplaying as a result. Expect regular downtime sessions and roleplaying with pokemon or doing stuff for the league, but I hope to do some progression each session.
  • In the interest of keeping exp flowing, I will make sure to award some texp and pexp each session unless the party literally does not do anything.
  • For tone I plan on it mostly being silly, though there will be some serious elements.
  • While I'm open to do minis, I will admit I'm not a fan and may not be able to get to them very quickly, so if you desire one it's best you ask far in advance.
  • By being league employed, your party will receive a stipend. However, this won’t cover everything or come super frequently, so you’re encouraged to also seek out alternate sources of income.
  • This game is gonna get high powered holy shit. You better believe it.

What I Expect from You

  • Before you submit a character, please contact me so we can discuss things. I will refuse any character posted before you contact me by any of the venues I listed.
  • Trainers should be no younger than 13 and should obviously have some interest in running the league in some sense. Please, no edgelords.
  • Your character should have motivations and goals. These can exist outside of the league romp but I need to know your goals to create content that interests your character.
  • Your backstory should include why your character decided to undertake this task. Specifically, why are they focused on the kelele league of all places? Why are they in or coming to Kelele to begin with?
  • Since this game involves a lot of pokemon interaction, your character should be willing to do that. While you don't have to be a lovey dovey hippy by any means, someone who treats pokemon as nothing more than a combat resource will have a difficult time in this campaign.
  • Be proactive if you wish! Especially when it comes to skill checks; I do not mind if players are proactive with these and in fact prefer it.
  • Please speak up and let me know if I'm doing something wrong or you're not happy about something. It is much easier for me to fix things the sooner I know about them.

The Party

Character Player Sheet
Diego Fuego Gents Sheet
Ideon 'Getter' Dragon Maels Sheet
Pepper Spice Slytherclaw Sheet
Maria Spada Foxprince Sheet
Denel Tasmant bobptidou Sheet


Kelele NPCs


Professor Ellena Juniper

An overworked Unovan Pokemon professor who specializes in pokemon behavior and sociology. She worked with the heroes who thwarted DA Corp two years prior and has moved on from assisting the police to working with the League proper. She constantly seems to be running this way and that, and her bloodshot eyes and ever-close coffee mug are a testament to how many all nighters she pulls. She is, however, interested in helping new trainers grow (so long as they don't set anything on fire) as well as further documenting the history and traditions of Pokemon in the region. Despite the name and coming from a family of scientists, her family is in fact not at all related to that other Professor Juniper from Unova. Common mistake.


Okpara Eze Chiemeka

Okpara Eze Chiemeka is a kind, patient, wise, charismatic, philanthropic, and humble man, at least according to his autobiography. A descendant of the line of the famous hero of Kelele, Okpara regards himself as a prince proper, and even though his line has no formal legislative power, their aristocratic connections and huge boatloads of cash has certainly made up for that little technicality, and in fact the League would not even exist without his clan's assistance (a point he makes painfully clear whenever he can).

As League Coordinator, Okpara is responsible for too many things to list here, but most importantly, he's responsible for making sure the League holds together and can withstand the stress of the very many challengers. Which makes him your boss, unfortunately. While his eccentricities and huge ego make him hard to work with, he is at the very least very communicative and checks in on his employees often, for better or for worse. Like the others in his family, he possesses strong ghostly powers, which sometimes results in him walking through walls into rooms to announce himself.


Age:What's 23 in pokemon years?

Someone elusive, Imogen serves as the League's photographer and head of promotional materials. This zoroark gained an international internet cult following two years prior due to her series of photographs of Darius-Anders Corps' deplorable practices in the region, which aided in their eventual downfall. Despite this, she has never revealed her species online, or much else about her, really. Has a habit of disguising herself as mundane objects in order to get pictures of people.

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