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Token Types

We have 3 primary tokens in this architecture, below we have them listed with their attributes

*@Level (Lvl)
STAB (stab)
Experience (XP)
*MaxHP (MHP):{(level) + (HPStat*3)}
*@HP (HP)
*HPTotal:{HP} / {MaxHP}
HPStat (HPs)
Attack (ATK)
Defense (DEF)
SpecialAttack (STK)
SpecialDefense (SDF)
*@Speed (SPD)
*AttackEvasion (AE):{ min( floor( (Defense*DEFstage) /5), 10)}
*SpecialEvasion (SE):{ min( floor( (SpecialDefense*SDEstage) /5), 10)}
*SpeedEvasion (SpE):{ min( floor( (Speed*SPDStage) /10), 10)}
Accuracy (Acc):0
ATKStage (ATS):1
DEFStage (DES):1
SATStage (STS):1
SDEStage (SDS):1
SPDStage (SPS):1
*@Initiative (Init):{floor(Speed*SPDStage)}

Basic macros for each token type include:

Decrease HP (calls Lib:Core)
Decrease % HP (calls Lib:Core)
Recover HP (calls Lib:Core)
Recover % HP (calls Lib:Core)
Full Heal
Change Combat Stages (calls Lib:Pokemon)
Moves (calls Lib:Pokemon)
Activated Abilities (calls Lib:Abilities)
Damage Calculator


Macros needed for the following library tokens:

HP manipulation (with or without defense)
Status effect infliction
Combat stage manipulation
Capture rolls
Critical hit/type checks?
Damage calculator (only for calculation, NOT applying damage)

To-Do List

  • Graphics for status effects
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