The Seventh Duchy

The birth of a new land. But what do you desire out of it?

"Queen Margaret during the tenth year of her reign, may it never end, has rescinded the landlaw. That's right, nobles have already started to try and gobble up more and more of the north. But glory to the Queen, her new decree started them fuming something fierce! It's to be a whole new duchy!

The only way for a noble to gain any is to move their whole house and abandon their current holdings! Bands of peasants have already started to migrate. Saw damn near a whole village pack up on the road over. Of course minor nobles are trying their hand at it too, even a few of those Cult folks are trying to get a missionary or something to go.

But do you know what it means for folks like you and me? Granted a title, land. Hell, can you see me as a Lord?"
-Darius Felwork, Band of Silver Saints

The Seventh Duchy

The Seventh Duchy is a PTU game based on exploration of uncharted lands, gaining a foothold in hostile territory and in the end establishing a fort/village/keep/castle and running it as you see fit. That means expanding agriculture, or production, establishing favorable trade agreements. And of course protecting your burgeoning settlement from outside forces, bandit attacks, other growing settlements, noble influence.

Before any of that can happen you have to get there first.

+The Six Duchies
The six Duchies of the Country of Adairslen.


Created at the College of Three Disciplines in the last decade pokeballs are still a new and amazing artefact. The ability to take any pokemon, from the tiny azurril to the behemoth onix and place them in the palm of your hand changed the way people thought of travel, commerce, and war. As their original intention was to be used on the battlefield as transportation early designs made for poor catching. But as the idea grew and took on a life of its own scholars and alchemists experimented more and more with unique designs geared towards taming wilds.

Originally made from some sort of strange crystal found in the Faemont, inlaid with varil ore and inscribed with runes, it took months to create the perfect pokeball. But with all technology the longer it is in production the easier it becomes. It was eventually discovered that apricorns could be used as a to house the crystals, requiring less of both the crystal and varil metal. Even now some corners are cut, materials of inferior quality are used, or just a rush job. It is now not uncommon for the hedgewitch or local druid to be able to make rudimentary pokeballs from basic supplies, but with poor quality materials comes poor quality pokeballs.

Those at the Three Disciplines have begun to make their pokeballs in secret, inlaying the metal with special runes to prevent theft of their designs, putting a monopoly on the better styles and types, and they guard these like a mother kangaskhan. It’s rumored that they even have a design that could catch a Titan.


The Icons

The Icons. The phrase a story taking on its own life has taken a turn for the literal in Adairslen. The old stories, the legends of old heroes, the belief and faith of thousands of people has spun them into life. Figures of history, the past, or some even say destiny. The people call them living heroes, but they are more akin to forces of nature outside the control of any human king or queen. They are not the actual men and women of the myths but the ideals and concepts they embody. They are forces of human nature and will made manifest. With all the glory and danger that entails. Yet still, some say that these Icons are not what they seem, but are forces still yet beyond mortal ken.

Each Icon has their sphere of influence as well as what the people have named favored pokemon. Pokemon that the Icon feels also embodies their spirit, ideology or they have an affinity for. They often bless members of this species in odd but beneficial ways, these pokemon can then of also serve as conduits of the Icons will.

Each of the Duchies often times have a particular Icon that the people put more reverence in than the others. This may mean the Icon is more likely to act and appear in that duchy and its residents more likely to feel their presence. By no means does this limit the areas that each Icon visits.

And new Icons are being shaped everyday, jut on a much smaller scale. Though it is whispered in dark nights around dying fires that some wonder how they were made, that some days the Icons do not seem like the heroes of legend and myth at all but something stranger still.

Arcean Cult

The Path of One-Thousand Arms or as some call it the Arcean Cult is still rather new, only having been founded in the last two hundred years. But it grew in popularity as it gave many what they wished for, a singular creator with which to put their faith in, not fighting for their attention and respect like the Icons.


Beasts of legendary power, beings of pure elemental power. Our southern neighbors claim these creatures made the world but their unrelenting destructive force, their complete disregard for lives human or pokemon could not be further from the truth. Not once has any exploratory party ever returned from trying to calm these Titans.
The Titan of the Southern Sea, now called the Sea of Glass stilled it's waves over a millennia ago, no scholar knows way but to this day there are no waves, the tide rises and falls with still water.
The islands that dot the southern archipelago have raging volcanoes that never stop spewing their ash and lava, slowly growing each year. On dark still nights those who live on the shores claim to hear ringing roars and earth shaking blows coming from those mountain peaks.
Each Titan is the purest form of nature given life, their actions are beyond human and pokemon understanding, there has not been a Titanic War since the founding of Adairslen and the people are hoping it never comes to it.

Society in the 6 Duchies

The social structure of Adairslen is largely feudal, the kingdom is broken into the six duchies, each duchies is broken down further into individual fiefdoms. Each of the duchies has their ruling noble families, those of the Arch Duke or Duchess, then the branch families who are granted land ownership, then those who tend to said land and so on.

There are those who tend to the shrines of the Icons, who tell their stories during holidays and festival days. Some of the Icons Heralds travel the breadth of the duchies to listen and find new and old stories alike. It is rumored that one group is gathering all of the stories they can in a single tome.

Depending on the duchy there exists as well a wealthy merchant class that while not noble has aspirations of nobility. The clout they have is not unlike that of any noble house, just without the storied history. There have been many cases of these merchant princes being stripped of their property and wealth after trying to act above their station in the capitol.

Those who exhibit supernatural powers are often gathered at a young age by the Path to be trained as either a Gilded Fist or part of the clergy, those with a more academic bent often go to the College of Three Disciplines to further their abilities. Individuals from small towns or remote villages usually are taught by the local hedge witch or wizard in some regard, often as an apprentice.

In the years after the Two Day War, ten years ago, many of those who were in the royal army, or part of the forces sent by the duchies left service or deserted. Many simply left the battlefield that took the late king's life, trying to escape the same fate. The main reason being that much of their pay never arrived, and with the influx of mostly unskilled laborers there was little craft for them to perform. Many fell back on skills they learned in their service to the crown. Mercenary work, sailing or even petty banditry.

Pokemon centers

In the duchies pokemon centers do not exist in the traditional sense. The Duchies have houses of healing in every major city that heal both trainer and pokemon alike but out in the wilds it is another story. Those in the wilds are more akin to local healers, hedge wizards, witches and the like. They provide healing services often for free, or for a favor, immediate or called on later. In general it is poor planning to have every Healers Hut or Hedge Witch require a service or goods but it can help set the tone of the area.
Trainer Creation

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