The Shark Fighter: Fighter of Sharks

Coming soon to a theater near you!

Fun facts before the final build:

Buizel and Teddiursa for waveridin' and bear vs. shark action!



Level 5 Martial Artist, Weapons Master, Blackbelt

Str: [14] 21
Dex: [14] 16
Con: [10] 10
Int: [8] 6
Wis: [10] 10
Cha: [8] 8

lvl 1: +str, +martial artist
lvl 2: +str
lvl 3: +str
lvl 4: +str, +Blackbelt
lvl 5: +dex, +Weapons master

Shark Fighting Assistants

Buizel, male, Adamant(+atk, -Sp.A), speed boost

level: 18, 6000 exp

Hp: [6] 8
Atk: [9] 16
Def: [4] 5
Sp.A: [4] 5
Sp.D: [3] 5
Spd: [9] 16


Growl - Normal: At-Will – 2, Ranged - No Damage, Effect: No Target, Burst, Growl creates a 5-meter Burst. Growl lowers all Legal Targets Attack 1 Combat Stage.

Sonic boom - Normal: EOT – 6, Ranged - No Damage, Effect: 1 Target, Column, Sonicboom creates a Column 2-meters wide. Sonicboom always deals 15 damage of HP to Legal Targets. Do not apply weakness, resistance or immunity. Do not apply stats.

Quick Attack - Normal: At-Will – 2, Melee - Attack, 2d10, Effect: 1 Target, Interrupt, If your foe wants to declare a Move, you instead use Quick Attack on their turn before they can use their Move.

Water Gun - Water: At-Will – 2, Ranged - Special Attack, 2d10, Effect: 1 Target

Pursuit - Dark: EOT – 2, Melee - Attack, 2d10, Effect: 1 Target, Interrupt, If foe is fleeing or being switched, Pursuit moves the user adjacent to a fleeing foe and hits them before they escape or are switched out with an additional 2d20. Pursuit cannot be used as an interrupt unless the target of Pursuit is running away or being switched out.

Swift - Normal: EOT – None, Ranged - Special Attack, 3d10, Effect: 1 Target, Swift cannot Miss.

Baton Pass - Normal: At-Will – None, Self - No Damage, Effect: No Target, The user is replaced with another pokemon from their trainer’s roster. Combat Stages are retained during the switch. Coats are passed. Dolls are passed. Baton Pass can ignore Traps, but the replacement is then Trapped.

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