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  • Investigate and protect the region from occult and supernatural dangers.
  • Bring every Visiwan citizen the gift of soda.
  • Redefine the way the world looks at craftsmanship and art.
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Vessel: S.S. Pleiades
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0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create posted a new topic with the comment:
  • I picked up some info on getting a boat commissioned for us. I figure we should probably stop bumming rides from the rest of the League soon.
chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown responded to 0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create.
  • Awesome work, Gen. I dunno if we can afford it just yet, but it doesn't hurt to get an early look. I'll catch up with you on it when I can.
levelvodka2.jpg VodkaPunch posted a new topic with the comment:
  • Hello friends! Very nice page good work yes!
788.hs.ceelo.jpg?1 HNIC.Peyote responded to levelvodka2.jpg VodkaPunch
  • What this nigga said. Good name ya got there. Keep up the pace yo! Ya'll be blazin' at the moment.
1CwTzGY.jpg OldManJenks responded to 788.hs.ceelo.jpg?1 HNIC.Peyote
  • The kids came up with a good name. It's plenty sugoi.
3D26O.jpg MiracleEye. responded to 1CwTzGY.jpg OldManJenks
  • What does that even mean? And look forward to collaborating with you all in the future. Pity we couldn't talk more in person when we had the chance.
QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine responded to 1CwTzGY.jpg OldManJenks.
  • Mr. Jenks! Did you not read what I said last time? You gotta stop saying that kind of stuff! No one in the real world actually says those kinds of things when talking to their friends! … Well, I guess the Kantonese do since that's part of their language… But you really can't just go and drop those words into normal conversation. Did you just actively tune out everything I told you the last two years, Mr. Jenks?!?

OOC Note: Saryx sends Miracle Eye an awkward string of texts explaining what 'sugoi' means. Awkward meaning "he's clearly uncomfortable trying to explain it and why Mr. Jenks has been spouting off all these weird words. … And how it's kiiind of his fault for getting Jenks into Mighty Moe Meduka Rangers."

1CwTzGY.jpg OldManJenks responded to QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine
  • The kid thinks I don't listen to what he says. But I better than that. I even recall his drunken ramblings on a few occasions. The joke's on him. I know what makes his doki doki commit sedoku.
QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine responded to 1CwTzGY.jpg OldManJenks.
  • Mr. Jenks… Can you please stop with the Kantonese? I'm being real honest here. You're not even making… Waaait… If you're talking about what I think you're trying to talk about… OH BONDYE NO!
  • Mr. Jenks, you promised me you would never tell anyone about what happened out there! So stop right there! Please! … Really, it's even more embarrassing than what happened with Suzie! And I even made one custom for you to have in your room so you wouldn't!
qUKuJeL.jpg Zekeman responded to levelvodka2.jpg VodkaPunch
  • I don't understand what this guy sayin but whoever made that image is pretty good. Would make a hell of an album cover. In fact, I'll get on that.
Wcu7MFQ.png QueenBitch responded to qUKuJeL.jpg Zekeman
  • Welp. It'll be about three weeks before we see him again.
tumblr_m0bwg0BI7S1qm9g0yo1_500.png CaptainBastard responded to levelvodka2.jpg VodkaPunch
  • TILDE CAN YOU PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN FOR JUST A G - oh wait that's a different bitch. ANYWAY from the sound of it you unlucky souls got a hell of a job on your plate. Least you picked a pretty good name. I dunno though I think you coulda gone places with FLOWER POWER. Lost potential.
74826d1315297333-boxing-gloves-boxing-gloves-pictures.jpg StormOfTheCentury responded to levelvodka2.jpg VodkaPunch
  • Ymir, I think your accent might actually get -thicker- online. We need to get a linguist on this.
tlat7b7.png MegaPunch responded to levelvodka2.jpg VodkaPunch
  • WHO THE HELL ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE? Well, uh, other than Ymir and coach!
Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind responded to tlat7b7.png MegaPunch
  • Other Explorers, duh cuz! And uh, other affiliated people too. I met a *lot* of people since signing up for this stuff.
  • Pssst I caught the most adorbs baby Skarmory. YixiKyr.png I'll bring her around to show you when I visit.
Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind responded to tlat7b7.png MegaPunch
  • Also, when'd you stop going by Hyper Voice? Not doing the singing thing anymore? You used to get all pouty when I called you Mega Punch instead! It's no fun if you like the name. :(
  • (It's okay though there's totally someone else who could use the name Hyper Voice around here.)
tlat7b7.png MegaPunch responded to Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind
  • Yeaaah well uuuh…stuff happened. And I am so jealous she is the cutest. You'll have to show me later all the stuff you caught when we catch up!
QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine responded to tlat7b7.png MegaPunch and Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind.
  • Hey! What's that supposed to mean, Razor?!?
chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown responded to levelvodka2.jpg VodkaPunch and 788.hs.ceelo.jpg?1 HNIC.Peyote and 1CwTzGY.jpg OldManJenks and 3D26O.jpg MiracleEye. and qUKuJeL.jpg Zekeman and Wcu7MFQ.png QueenBitch and tumblr_m0bwg0BI7S1qm9g0yo1_500.png CaptainBastard and 74826d1315297333-boxing-gloves-boxing-gloves-pictures.jpg StormOfTheCentury and tlat7b7.png MegaPunch
  • Damn, we got popular quick. Thanks for the support, guys! With any luck we'll keep up the momentum and won't let the Guild down. See y'all later, hear?
1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver posted a new topic with the comment:
  • I seeeeeee yoooooou. Also, you guys really need to, uh, not shotgun Haxorus Piss while in any New Ivyhollow bar. I think we've learned a very important lesson about that, didn't we, Chase?
QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine responded to 1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver via SMS.
  • Ohhhh… Sooooo….. we Werrren't spose to dooooo thaaaat? I uhhhhh… I kiiiiinda had ummmmm hooooow much is in 1 bottle of pee? I had maaaaaaybe half? Ooooon the beach now. Arting with Surt! ……. Get soooomeone a check on me laaater? ….. Oooooh and I found a seeeeashelllll!
chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown responded to QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine
  • What? Dude, I told you NOT to drink too much at once. Fuck, stay right there and don't enter the water, I'm on my way.
QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine responded to chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown via SMS.
  • Attached is a voice file. 03044X-022654.wav - It's quite clear from the dialogue below that Saryx does not have an inside voice as he's talking. He's not quite trying to yell, except where italics are, but… Yeah he's loud as shit.
  • What? Who said I was going in the water? I'm with Surt! That's just a terrible idea waiting to happen! I'm just at the beach 'cause I can just use the sand out here instead of having to buy a bag or five of it and making a mess of it in our room! You don't gotta come out here. Really. I'm on fire out here! Seriously, Chase, don't you even think of making me come back to the room! I mean it, Chase! If you interrupt me while I'm out here and I don't finish this, the world is gonna be losing out on something amazing! So don't. Take me. Away! Got it?!?
  • Voice File: 03044X-022813.wav - Oh! Just to make sure there's no confusion, I'm not actually on fire! It's just a figure of Oh Bondye, the seashell's alive! Kill it with fire, Surt! … Wait! No! Don't do that! Water's resistant to fire! Bury it with mud instead! (The sound of Surt kicking mollusk ass is heard in the background, and the voice clip ends with Saryx sighing in relief.)
chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown responded to 1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver
  • Okay, not going to make any excuses. It wasn't my finest night in several ways.
world_cup_trophy.png ThomasG posted a new topic with a comment:
  • Hey, uh, is there a reason I got Shawyun sitting on my couch playing Call of Duty and he seems depressed? Cause this is creeping me out and last I heard he was with you guys. Fucker's ruining my K:D.
  • Also I saw what you were discussing on our wall, so yeah, can I, uh, get that thing back from you Rosetta?
0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create responded to world_cup_trophy.png ThomasG
  • He can't get Rosetta to go on a date with him. It's sadcute on both ends.
1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver responded to world_cup_trophy.png ThomasG.
  • From what little I've heard, the dude was just kinda skirting around the issue instead of directly asking her out, then took it a little too hard. Also, your userpic still totally looks like a golden schlong.
QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine responded to world_cup_trophy.png ThomasG via SMS.
  • Voice File: 03064X-200753.wav (Again, no inside voice) - Maaan, is Shawyun that upset right now? … Thomas, send him over to the beach right now! I'm working on something out here, but if you can send him over to the west end where the statue is, I think I can get him back to his normal sunshine and rainbows and Ponyta loving self! … And if all else fails, well, I've still got a bottle full of Haxorus I need to empty out, and I could use some help with that! Also, Call of Duty? Really, Thomas? Really?!? (A pause, during which the sounds of glasses folding and a slapping sound, Saryx facepalming, can be heard.) … Well… Hunh. That explains a whole lot! (This last bit isn't being said jokingly or teasingly, nor is there any malice or sarcasm to it. Saryx sounds like he's achieved enlightenment over there.)
world_cup_trophy.png ThomasG responded to 0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create , 1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver , and QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine
  • Really? Ugh. I feel like a jackass now, was yelling at him earlier. And first off why are you telling at me, second off what the hell are you planning anyway down there, and lastly what the fuck does that even mean?
QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine responded to world_cup_trophy.png ThomasG via SMS.
  • Voice File: 03064X-201334.wav - Hey! Hey, I am not yelling! Don't ask questions, Thomas! Just get his butt over here! Now! I don't care how you do it, if you have to tie him to a spit and drag him across the floor… Just Get. Him. Here! I got this! Trust me! … Besides, everyone knows playing Call of Duty makes you miserable and curse and chew out everyone around you! It's science!
022_fearow_by_x_squishystar_x-d4qz7hz.gif CaptnArgo responded to world_cup_trophy.png ThomasG
  • Holy shit he actually did it even if he botched it. He kept telling me he was going to, but he's never actually DONE THIS BEFORE. Uh, Thomas, if whatever Saryx has in mind doesn't work, prepare that.
QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine responded to world_cup_trophy.png ThomasG and 022_fearow_by_x_squishystar_x-d4qz7hz.gif CaptnArgo via SMS.
  • Voice File: 03064X-232551.wav - Hey! Hey, guys! I just got done talking to Shawyun! I think he's gonna be A-Okay and back to his usual self! … The Shawyun… Shawyuni… Shawyunanigans Doctor Vai was talking about? They're back in full swing, too, so, ummm… Yeah! Good luck with that, guys~ Oh, oh! And Thomas! Think you could do me a big favor? … Okay, so, it's not real big for you, I don't think, but… Well, it's big for me, and I kiiinda just flipped one of your best friends' moods right side back up, sooo… Could you PM me later if you think maybe you'd be up for it?
788.hs.ceelo.jpg?1 HNIC.Peyote posted a new topic with a comment:
  • Hey yall, givin ya heads up we be plannin' something rad at the Veilbeak Arena next week. Tickets are sold out but The Crabby Krabby be hostin' a pubstomp. League'll be coverin' your tabs if ya show!
levelvodka2.jpg VodkaPunch responded to 788.hs.ceelo.jpg?1 HNIC.Peyote
  • Will be good time with good food and vodka yes!
chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown responded to 788.hs.ceelo.jpg?1 HNIC.Peyote and levelvodka2.jpg VodkaPunch
  • Hell yes. Hell motherfuckin' yes. We are so in for this.
788.hs.ceelo.jpg?1 HNIC.Peyote responded to chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown
  • Here's some more details: (The below seems to be something he copy and pasted from an internal League email announcement and added his own comments to in bold)

To kick off this year's Arena Circuit we've invited a combat club from Asteri to face off against fan favorites The Elemental Regalia. Our countries go back almost as far as the Americas and the UK, so given our shared heritage and the fact our league was initially inspired off of theirs, we're pretty damn pumped to be hosting this. Our battle clubs went a direction theirs didn't, and this'll be a hell of an experiment on all sides as we launch a few initiatives - such as opening the Arena Circuit to international competitors, allowing the potential for non-explorers to acquire badges (Still hammering out details on this though!), and lobbying for the establishment of 'Free Capture Zones' as well as Safari Zones, we're hoping to see a boom in turn out and interest for competitors! The Contest Circuit will be kicking off later this month as well, though it's been a bit more lax for a while so won't be heavily impacted by these changes! Also big this month is construction on the Battle Frontier grounds has just concluded in Bravescar City. Far as names for the Frontier Brains, and the final results on who last year's Circuit Winners were, here's our timeline for the following month or so!
Friday March 12th 9:30 PM: Award Ceremony for last year's Circuit Winners begins. No new Champions being Knighted this year, sorry folks! (This is when the event at The Crabby Krabby be kickin' off.)
10 PM: The Exhibition Match vs The Errai Storm Sentinals kicks off! (Guest casters at the Popcornarium ya'll!)
(Midnight till we all pass out: Those of us at the actual match be showin' up and we get our crunk on.)
Monday March 15th till Friday March 19th: Several events at the Veilbeak Arena all week for open competition! This will be reoccurring throughout the season, as per usual.
Saturday March 20th: The Contest Circuit kicks off! (With swag offs in ALL major cities ya'll!)
Saturday April 10th: League Ball hosted at Darkfeather City, where the Frontier Brains will be announced! (We don't got an exact venue yet though)
Why all these changes in an election year you might wonder? Well, that's the biggest news : Visiwa has been chosen to host the next World Cup, starting early next January! What our League might raise fierce combatants and competitors, we struggle on attracting and supporting the average Joe Trainer. Change has been slow on this, but something on this magnitude, but as of this news we've been given the go ahead to follow through with our initiatives we've had prepared for years now! Let's get out there and make a change! (This really don't affect most ya'll. Explorers ain't goin' no where and in fact probably gonna be more important to keep an eye on these zones too.)

Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind responded to 788.hs.ceelo.jpg?1 HNIC.Peyote
  • Heya Peyote! I heard about this guy who can make *every breakfast dish known to man* or something? And he's at the Crabby Krabby? You know anything about that and whether he's gonna be at this gig?
788.hs.ceelo.jpg?1 HNIC.Peyote responded to Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind
  • The Breakfastmancer? Yeah he best be cause he gettin' an award. Else I'm mailin' it to that jackass cousin of his.
chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown changed his relationship status to Private.
tumblr_m0bwg0BI7S1qm9g0yo1_500.png CaptainBastard posted a new topic with a comment:
  • Hope you all had a good time but now I must return to being a jackass for a few weeks, or at least till the next big pay check, so can one of you come by and pick up your walking megaphone? He's still sorta hammered and is comparing tats with Shark Fighter. And I don't think either of them understands each other. It's sorta hilarious but scaring the regulars.
A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath responded to tumblr_m0bwg0BI7S1qm9g0yo1_500.png CaptainBastard via SMS.
  • I, uhhh… Hope no one actually came to pick me up. I'm over at Miracle's place now that Dahlia dragged me and Thomas over, about to head back to the hotel myself. I'm good here!
  • Why did you have to give me that, though, Captain, Sir?!? I said I wanted something that would help me tell a story, not make one! … Maaan, from what I heard this morning, that was just… Aaaaaauuuuuuuuu!
  • … Can you tell Emile I want my shirt back, please? That was my best shirt he swiped!
  • … Oh, one more thing! Can you tell Shark Fighter I said "Thanks for taking care of me this morning," too? Didn't get the chance to say that what with Dahlia pulling me and Thomas off to Miracle's boat.
tumblr_md38mdLu5E1qmr8kro1_500.jpgShawyun Sariri posted a new topic with a comment:
  • Woooooo go Braves! What the heck was with that guy with the bandana though? Swear that asshole was stealing my lines.
tlat7b7.png MegaPunch responded to tumblr_md38mdLu5E1qmr8kro1_500.jpgShawyun Sariri
  • Yeah that was really cool! Aside…from the…burning things alive part.
a1fzO4u.jpg Witchypoo responded to tlat7b7.png MegaPunch
  • Those poor Venonats ;o;. Saryx so mean.
A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath responded to a1fzO4u.jpg Witchypoo and tlat7b7.png MegaPunch.
  • I'm sorry! I didn't think Surt was going to take what I said literally! It was just supposed to sound cool is all! You guys never watched a show where right before doing something big and dramatic a character went and said a little thing that really made the moment? That's what I was going for there, not… Roasted… Bugs… I didn't even know Surt was powerful enough to do that! Honest, I didn't!
0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create posted a new topic with the comment:
  • Headed to Veilbeak Gym challenge today! Wish us luck!
tumblr_md38mdLu5E1qmr8kro1_500.jpgShawyun Sariri responded to 0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create
  • Did you win yet
  • I hear Gabriella's weak against LESBIAN type. But also Super Effective against it. Like dragons. So don't bring a Lesbian.
final_fantasy_-_geomancer_fft.0e7c82e549d6c88be8fb7d7e2ff79939-12909.jpg GigiTheGeomancer responded to tumblr_md38mdLu5E1qmr8kro1_500.jpgShawyun Sariri
  • That is the most insensitive thing I've seen all day and I saw Garcia get tortured for tickets. To Rustlemania. By a Squirtle.
  • Not to say both weren't funny.
world_cup_trophy.png ThomasG responded to tumblr_md38mdLu5E1qmr8kro1_500.jpgShawyun Sariri
  • Damn it man get off her back already it wasn't her fault.
tumblr_md38mdLu5E1qmr8kro1_500.jpgShawyun Sariri responded to world_cup_trophy.png ThomasG
  • Oh yeah I know I'm just kidding. I wouldn't even wanna instigate anything I know her wombo combo would destroy me.
  • That and I hear you had a bit of a rebound with cat girl, hubba hubba.
ON7VzoN.jpg NyaNyalhia responded to tumblr_md38mdLu5E1qmr8kro1_500.jpgShawyun Sariri
  • Why. Why must you tell the world. I hate you please go die in a pony infused fire.
A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath responded to tumblr_md38mdLu5E1qmr8kro1_500.jpgShawyun Sariri and world_cup_trophy.png ThomasG via MeetUp OnTheGo.
  • Shawyuuun! Why would you go and say that right at him?!? You're just… Aaaaauuuuu… I might as well go walk fifteen feet over and throw myself in the ocean right now to save Thomas the trouble of hunting me down and having that monster of his choke the life out of me himself!
  • … Sorry, Thomas. It… Came up as part of something else, and I… Didn't think he was going to turn and throw it right back at… I am so, so sorry…
chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown set this thread chain to private. Please log in to view this thread.
0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create responded to tumblr_md38mdLu5E1qmr8kro1_500.jpgShawyun Sariri
  • Should have told Rose to stay on the boat! But no, we won anyway <3
tumblr_md38mdLu5E1qmr8kro1_500.jpgShawyun Sariri responded to 0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create
  • Woooo! Awesome! I'd congratulate you in person but I'm actually on a train back to New Ivyhollow at the moment. Gotta pick some stuff up from the apartment before we go on a break of sorts with Ben and Lady Ben doing Double Ben things. TTYL!
0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create responded to tumblr_md38mdLu5E1qmr8kro1_500.jpgShawyun Sariri
  • Thanks! We'll have a boat soon, so maybe you'll have to visit if you don't mind sleeping on the floor <3
tumblr_md38mdLu5E1qmr8kro1_500.jpgShawyun Sariri responded to 0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create
  • Would I at least get tucked in? :>
1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver responded to 0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create.
  • Congrats! That fight isn't exactly easy, either, even if you think ahead enough to bring a flier. I'm sure Shawyun will bring up all sorts of embarrassing stories of my attempts before I have a chance to properly bribe him with candy, though.
  • also man why couldn't i have been warned further in advance about double ben things
  • this is inevitably going to end up with triple ben things happening and i really need to scrub my mind with soap now
0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create responded to 1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver
  • Thanks to you, too! Having a flyer of my own would have been nice, but Newton and Hopkins did great anyway~!
  • And yeah, I think the less said about Triple Ben, the better.
ON7VzoN.jpg NyaNyalhia posted a new topic with the comment:
  • So Mir, UPROAR and I just checked out The Hella Fly House of Hashbrowns that just opened. We were a bit skeptical at first but I have to say their buffet was pretty amazing. The omelet station was absolutely phenomenal and the staff was way friendlier than I expected. They have quite a few surprising patrons too who helped them get off the ground, and the owner even gave us a tour of the kitchen. UPROAR was so impressed he tipped them like 10,000! I'm…not really sure what to make of the whole thing quite yet. Need to digest it some. (Translation: We checked out the church Father Ruth opened and were actually surprised how legit the whole thing is. Guy's super friendly and showed us around. Everyone there, even the homeless he's taking care of are very well mannered and he's not really preaching anything super radical. He personally gave us a tour, and he's recieved donations from people in the League we actually -know-. Hell even UPROAR donated 10,000. I'm not sure what to make of this guy. The kicker is we actually went to this place and everything I've stated is 100% accurate as well.)
YNcQZTu.jpg UPROAR replied to ON7VzoN.jpg NyaNyalhia
1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver nudged the shit out of 0eLBvL7.png?1 G-Create, Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind, A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath, and chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown.
  • Oh bondye oh bondye on bondye i am panicking here shawyun told me what happened and oh bondye are you guys alright and in no more than one piece each?
chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown responded to 1P4Ynhu.png?1 LadyAebleskiver
  • Whoa whoa whoa, settle down, Lil. We're alright. It could have gone better, for damn sure, but we got out of it okay. We're just taking the opportunity to rest up a little for now. I assure you, we're still holding together in pieces that are less than two.
yP27RgZ.jpg Anna Myres posted a new topic with the comment:
  • Sounds like you guys got into a huge mess huh? We're already back in town…didn't really find much of anything.
ArjRGxk.png Ammy Myres responded to yP27RgZ.jpg Anna Myres
  • Same here, not much luck at all. I'm going to give it a few more days and then bum a ride over with The Moon Wardens.
YNcQZTu.jpg UPROAR responded to ArjRGxk.png Ammy Myres
022_fearow_by_x_squishystar_x-d4qz7hz.gif CaptnArgo responded to ArjRGxk.png Ammy Myres
  • The Thundercocks are back in business and will be over soon as well! …Minus Shawyun who already got there somehow.
Wcu7MFQ.png QueenBitch responded to ArjRGxk.png Ammy Myres
  • Well this is totally hilarious. We'll be heading over that direction soon too.
1CwTzGY.jpg OldManJenks responded to ArjRGxk.png Ammy Myres
  • What is this, all the youngin's throwin' a party in Darkfeather and no one told Old Man Jenks. Well shoot guess I'll just have to crash it. Dibs on the The Zodiac Brave's Couch.
tumblr_md38mdLu5E1qmr8kro1_500.jpgShawyun Sariri responded to 1CwTzGY.jpg OldManJenks
  • Bad news old man their stowaway took it. Or at least I think she's a stowaway or something.
1CwTzGY.jpg OldManJenks responded to tumblr_md38mdLu5E1qmr8kro1_500.jpgShawyun Sariri
  • Well shoot. there went that plan.

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Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind started a new thread on Saturday, March 6, 7:36 AM:
  • Uh, okay, so last night that Wanga Doll that we got from Zeke that did the freaky ghost thing was totally moving around in the locked box I've been keeping it in. I heard some weird sounds exactly one week ago, also a Friday night, so I think it's a pattern. You guys think we could all plan on staying up late to observe and deal with this thing next Friday if it acts up again? I don't really know what to do aside from maybe having Chase read its aura again, but we have a week to think on it.
QNGOOXk.png Saryx Sylvestine responded to Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind on Saturday, March 6, 7:53 AM:
  • You mean that creepy thing is acting up in that box of yours? Maaan, do we really have to?!? … Well, I mean I guess we don't really got much choice in the matter, but still… I really don't like those things!
  • Oh, also! Yesterday when I was out in the swamps outside of town, Fero and I found something in the water. Something real big, I think! It might be related to the Outer Gods, but I can't be real certain about that quite yet. It's just a possibility. I brought it back with me, though, so maybe when we have the time I can show you guys?
A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath responded to Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind on Saturday, March 13, 2:47 PM:
  • … Got another update. … Maaan, I… Still haven't even gotten around to telling you guys about the first thing I found either, either, did I?
chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown responded to QNGOOXk.png A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath
  • Yeah, man, what's the deal?
  • A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath responded to Vp7ZUwo.png?1 RazorWind and chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown.
  • Well, the first thing… I really think you guys just need to see it and see for yourself. I'll bring it with me to the beach so you guys all can see. The thing just now, though? Well, I found out more about my necklace! I think I got more of a lead on it. … Sort of.
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  • The details of this are a video in what appears to be a living room. "So I bought this dumb thing at a costume store in the city and got it wrapped up all official looking. Let's see how this unfolds," whispers Gabriela as she enters the room. Norina and Ymir are lounging on a couch, looking exhausted from a hard day's work. Gabriela tosses a box onto Norina's lap. "That package you ordered came today." Norina seems a bit confused and slowly opens it to find a Mighty Moe Meguka Rangers cosplay costume. She is both confused and absolutely embarassed, and then Ymir takes notice. Gabriela turns her back and starts fighting back laughter as the video stops.
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  • What
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  • Guys? Meet me when you can, there's something important we need to go over concerning Corbin's videos, and I can't help but wonder if I'm the only one who missed the boat here.
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  • Here you go, Saryx. Is this your cinnamon girl?
A9ulgMz.png?1 ForgeYourOwnPath responded to chaseportrait.png?1 ChasingtheUnown.
  • Looks like a possible match from what I remember, Chase! Got the picture saved to my phone. If that really is her, it'll make things a whole lot easier to find her in Venomtalon!
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  • Kawaii.
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  • … Any chance you could delete that picture real quick before Razor and Gen can see it, though?
  • … Never mind. Razor already saw it…
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