Age: 12
Gender: Male
Race: Tarutaru
Height: 2'9
Weight: 79 lbs
Class: Summoner/Time Mage

Basic Traits:
Inquisitive, Analytical, Resourceful, Ambitious, Diligent, Aloof, Arrogant, Cynical, Critical, Mischevious

Advanced Traits:
Ancient History
Higher Calling
Hunted (debt)
Secret Place
Walking Disaster

Spells and Summons and Shit

Arcane Tongue Level 1
Target: Varies Type: Support Ability
Summoners have the ability to communicate with Summoned Monsters and other creatures of magical origin as if they had a relevant Language* Skill at a Rating of 100, even if the creature is not normally capable of communicating with intelligent beings.

Summon Level 1
Target: Varies Type: Magic Ability
Summoners have the ability to call on Summoned Monsters from the lists in Appendix III. Unlike the weaker Callers, Summoners have the ability to keep a Summon in battle over longer periods of time by entering a trance-state, turning a Summoned Monster into a potent and active force in the field. Summoners gain one Summoned Monster – Lakshmi, Remora, Valefor, Ifrit, Ramuh, or Shiva – at Level 1, acquiring additional Summons as the game progresses at the GM’s discretion.

Grand Summon Level 33
Target: Varies Type: Magic Ability (15)
An experienced Summoner can unlock a Summon’s full potential, bringing them to the battlefield at the height of their powers. Grand Summon follows the same basic rules as Summon, but brings the Summoned Monster into the battle with all Abilities available, Grand Summon Abilities included.

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