Thrace the Scum

Name: Thrace
Homeworld: Hive World
Gender: Female
Career: Scum
Rank: Dreg
Start Package: None

WS: 34 BS: 35+5 = 40
S: 27 T: 28
Ag: 32 Int: 27
Per: 27 WP: 39
Fel: 43 Wounds: 12

Fate Points: 1 Thrones: 11 + 50
Insanity Points: 0 Starting XP: 400
Corruption Points: 0

Build: Scrawny Skin Color: Dark
Hair Color: Mousy Eye Color: Grey
Age: 30

Quirk: You have Tattoos
Hive Class: Factory Dreg
Divination: Kill the alien before it can speak its lies.

Traits: Accustomed to Crowds, Caves of Steel, Hivebound, Wary

Basic Skills: Tech-Use (Int) (Caves of Steel), Deceive (Fel), Awareness+10 (Per), Charm (Fel), Dodge (Ag)

Advanced Skills: Speak Language (Hive Dialect) (Int), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int), Blather (Fel), Common Lore (Imperium) (Int)

Talents: Melee Weapons Training (Primitive), Pistol Training (SP), Basic Weapons Training (SP), Ambidextrous, Unremarkable

Gear: autopistol and 1 clip, knife, autogun and 1 clip, brass knuckles, quilted vest, street ware (Poor Quality Clothing), engraved knife (memento), box of matches (all used) (memento)

Family: Your mother's name is Kali. She walks the path of the Scum. Your father's name is Narl. He walks the path of the Arbitrator. Your sister's name is Dame. She walks the path of the Arbitrator.

Advances: BS+5 (100), Awareness+10 (100), Unremarkable (100), Dodge (100)

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