Tillo Friedwald / Emil Vuhs
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Name: Tillo Friedwald
Real Name: Emil Vuhs
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 154 lbs.


Cash: 3700 P

Weapon Type: Batarang (Ranged)
Ability A: Cute Charm (Daily Cast; infatuates a target struck this turn)
Ability B: Skill Link (Constant; Scatter moves can no longer be Interrupted by missing)
Ability C: Requires Soma Evolve; ????
Ability D: Requires Soma Evolve and level 75; ????
Capability A: Wired
Capability B: Requires Soma Evolve
Capability C: Requires Soma Evolve and level 75

Type —- Physical 20 +2 +CHA +STR +DEX (33)
Level 34 Special 8 +2 +CHA +STR +DEX (21)
EXP 42608/ 43000 Base 3d10+CHA +STR +DEX
Form 2 AC 3
Name Frequency Type AC Range Stat Dmg Other
Bonemerang EOT Ground 3 Ranged Phys 4d6 Scatter x2 (Continuing)
Charm EOT Normal 2 Ranged -2 Attack
Double Slap EOT Normal 4 Ranged Phys 1d8 Scatter x5 (Interrupting), half Attack bonus
Lovely Kiss Battle Normal 2 Ranged Inflicts Sleep
Thunder Fang EOT Electric 3 Ranged Phys 2d20 19: Inflict Paralysis or Flinch. 20: Inflict both
Requires Soma Evolve
Slot Item PD SD EVA Elem. Bonuses
Armor Red Noble's Clothes No effect
Acc. Rave Shell +2 Atk ; +2 SpAtk ; Energy Boost
Acc. Amber Visor No effect

Energy Boost: Daily: On a single roll, grants +1 to a mod of your choice


Does not use Pokemon D:<

Campaign: Pokeatlier

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