Age: 18
Gender: Male

Ht: 6'0"
Wt: 200 lbs

Todd has always been a strange looking guy with his grey skin and sharp long fangs. His hair is dark brown and in a mess. He has never even heard of a barber. His eyes are dark brown just like chocolate his favorite food. Todd wears a black coat with black jeans when around other humans. When in the wild and alone a loin cloth gets the job done. He keeps a green sack like Santa Clause to carry his stuff in. GREEN is his absolute favorite color.

Todd barely even knows how to speak. He usually just uses grunts and growls to communicate. Sometimes he'll attempt to use words if he wants something or likes someone.


Combusken Lvl 20
Type: Fire/Fighting
Gender: Female
Nature: Naughty
Flash Fire
Effect: The user does not take damage from Fire Type Moves and may not be Frozen. If the user is hit by a Fire Type Move, the user adds one STAB to the next Fire Type Move they use in the encounter.

Max HP: 60
Current: 60
EXP: 8000

Stats/ Base/ Changes/ Current
Hit Points: 6 +4 10
Attack: 11 +1 12
Defense: 6 +4 10
Special Attack: 9 +2 11
Special Defense: 4 +4 8
Speed: 6 +4 10

Capability List
Overland 8, Surface 1, Jump 3, Power 4, Intelligence 3, Firestarter


Growl – Normal
At-Will – 2
Ranged - No Damage
Effect: No Target, Burst
Growl creates a 5-meter Burst. Growl lowers all Legal Targets Attack 1 Combat Stage.

Scratch – Normal
At-Will – 2
Melee - Attack
Effect: 1 Target, Pass

Focus Energy – Normal
At-Will – None
Self - No Damage
Effect: No Target
The user’s Moves are Critical Hits on 17-20. If a Move already has an extended Critical Hit range, Focus energy extends that range by -3. Focus Energy’s effect cannot be used more then once per encounter unless the user somehow loses the benefit of Focus Energy.

Ember – Fire
At-Will – 2
Ranged - Special Attack
Effect: 1 Target
Ember Burns the target on 18-20 during Accuracy Check.

Double Kick – Fighting
At-Will – 2
Melee - Attack
Effect: 1 Target, Scatter Double Kick can hit up to 2 times. If Double Kick misses its first target, you may still use it a second time.

Peck – Flying
At-Will – 2
Melee - Attack
Effect: 1 Target

1600 P

x4 Super Potions
x4 Antidotes


[Metal Gear Mons]

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