Tokugawa Tachi


Name: Tokugawa Tachi
Level 10 Ace Trainer/Attack Ace/Martial Artist


Cash Money: 10,000

Kunimune 9 (Tachi), forged with Metal Coat (5,000) - Tachi purchased the finest of steels for Kunimune to use when forging his 9th blade.


Species: Samurott
Type: Water
Gender: Male
Level: 30
Nature: Careful
Ability: Hyper Cutter
EXP: 25,500

Capabilities: Overland 8, Surface 10, Jump 3, Underwater 5, Power 3, Intelligence 4, Fountain

Stats HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
Base 10 12*' 9 8 9 7
Added 7 10 6 0 6 0
Current 9 25*'' 15 8 15 7

*' +2 from Specialist Training feat
*'' +3 from Bonus Stats feat

Total HP: 81
Evasion Bonus: Attack 3, Special Attack 3

Learned Moves: Tail Whip, Water Gun, Water Sport, Focus Energy, Razor Shell, Fury Cutter, Water Pulse, Revenge
Egg Moves: Night Slash, Detect


An assistant weapons instructor for the Owari house, recruited for his incredible strength and endurance. He spars with his Pokemon and students daily in the palace courtyard. He longs to one day be a wise sensei and to be able to teach both Pokemon and humans how to achieve true strength through martial arts training.

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