Navi Town - Small northern town, home of Professor Ascella's Pokemon lab.

Zosma City - Quiet city by the fjord. Historical and scenic.

Gallus City - Large bustling city north of the Pools of Rana. Gym Fights are held in a large colloseum with many spectators.

Talitha City - Largest city in the Asteri region; a bustling metropolis and very technologically advanced city. This city is the home of the Nuvamon Corporation, who is beginning to run pretty much everything.

Scheddi City - Once the largest city in Asteri, it is now a largely desolate industrial town.

Corona City - A small city by Lake Corona, it is home of the Corona Championship. Trainers from all over the region come here to compete in the bi-yearly tournament.

Deneb Village - Small icy village in the Cygnus Mountains, very isolated.

Lyra City - Bustling but isolated city. The city is very festive, and constantly in high spirits. Only place that has pokemon contests.

Fomalhaut Refuge - A small camp within the Canopus forest, here Gym Leader Atreus works to find cures and remedies for both pokemon and human diseases.

Ophiuchus Village - Small, remote village by the marshes. Always covered in fog.


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