Trainer Academy


The Avalon Isle Academy For Exceptionally Talented Trainers has opened its doors to you.

It's been a long way since you left home, wherever in the world that may be, on the basis of succeeding wonderfully when the examiners passed your area. When you arrived at the docks of Export, a city larger, brighter and simply newer than even its supposed equals in Celadon and the like, the point of no return was firmly entrenched in your head. If you could graduate here, you would go straight to the top, everyone says. Maybe even you said it to yourself on the ferry over to that island—your new home, training ground and ultimate goal for the next two years.


Congratulations , Mr/Ms <STUDENT NAME HERE>!

Your score of <EXAM SCORE HERE> in the entry test for AIA has been acknowledged as suitable for enrollment! If you choose to accept your place at the Academy, please arrive in Gennis at the city of Export and inform the mainland office within the next year. If you are unable to travel that far by your own means, please mail this letter back with your information and a request to arrange transportation to: Office 108, Skytower Building, Export, Gennis, 90325.

Best of luck and see you soon,

—Avalon Isle Academy Board of Admissions

The Academy

Located on a private island off the coast of the hyper-advanced region of Gennis, the Academy is perfectly built to prepare anyone for anything you could ever dream of, as long as it involves Pokemon. A natural wonder, the Isle itself is almost evenly divided into sections, each with a wildly differing biome that supports its own ecosystem and the students that choose to stay there, let alone the region's legendaries that had previously been presumed to simply not exist before the island's discovery ten years ago. Though you may presume you have absolute freedom out in the wilds, be assured that you're completely safe. The staff is incredibly attentive towards maintaining the safety, and even though fights are common and encouraged (would you expect anything else from new trainers?), there hasn't been a single death since the school was established. Of course, that would never stop rumors of certain things going behind the scenes, reported disappearances, strange noises from beneath the earth… But come on, it's just a bunch of kids making up stories to impress their friends. Right?

First-year students are put up in a hostel-like group dorm for some time, at least until they manage to secure a housing situation of their own. Upon enrollment, they select five classes to take throughout the year at the best schedule for them, as classes run frequently every day. Exam times are once a month, but differ greatly from month to month as the teacher (and the pokemon type it is themed after) changes.


Also update sheets as soon as anything is gained in-game.

Character Player Type Arcana Classes Clubs/Activities
Beatrice Fauxicore zoofman Ghost Death Advanced Tactics, Legendary Studies, Mystical Aptitude, Physical Education, Psychic Aptitude Occult + Ghostbusters Club
Corinne Shinoda Blaxploitation Fighting The Emperor Advanced Tactics, Communication with Pokemon, Physical Education, Poke-Biology, Wilderness Survival Martial Arts Club, Cafe
Felicia Jessica Thornebrook Beardo Dragon Fortune Advanced Tactics, Legendary Studies, Poke-Biology, Politics and Negotiation, Engineering and Manufacture SCIENCE!
Franz Rhydderch Ramiel Grass/Ground Hermit Ancient History, Communication With Pokemon, Legendary Studies, Mystical Aptitude, Wilderness Survival Ze Cafe, Friendly with the Hunting Society
Frederica L. Rosalin Giantree Ice Justice Advanced Tactics, Breeding & Raising, Communication With Pokémon, Drama, Poké-Biology Café, Disciplinary Committee
Isabella Ironstag Kain Psychic Sun Advanced Tactics, Legendary Studies, Mystical Aptitude, Poke-Biology, Politics and Negotiation Occult Club, DYNAMIC CAFE
Mikaela Alvar castfromhp Electric Magician Advanced Tactics, Drama, Engineering and Manufacture, Legendary Studies, Mystical Aptitude GITAH~
Prince Ali Plutonis Water Lovers Ancient History, Coordinator and Contests, Drama, Legendary Studies, Politics and Negotiations. Maid Cafe
Yulia Sunleng Break Dragon The High Priestess Ancient History, Communication with Pokemon, Mystical Aptitude, Physics for Trainers, Wilderness Survival Psychology Club, possible Disciplinary Committee

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Total Seen: 509
Seen Level: 31
Base Level: 32

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