Trainer Basics

The Stats and What They Do

  • HP: HP determines your Max HP. Max HP for trainers is simply HP stat x 2, +HP Mod. Ie; a trainer with HP 10 would have 20 HP, a trainer with HP 14 would have 30 HP.
  • Attack: Attack Mod modifies the physical attacks done by trainers.
  • Defense: Defense Mod for trainer functions as both 'Defense' and 'Special Defense'. If a trainer is hit by any attack, subtract their Defense Mod from the damage dealt. Defense Mod is also the base evasion for trainers.
  • Intelligence: Adjusts knowledge/academic rolls. Intelligence Mod also is used as the relevant modifier in psychic attacks.
  • Perception: Adjusts perception rolls. Duh.
  • Speed: Determines which trainers may act first in initiative and modifies their movement speed.

Movement Speed equals 5 + (or minus) Speed Modifier.

Creating A Trainer

To create a trainer, you spread 64 points between the six basic stats (Hp, Attack, Defense, Intelligence, Perception, and Speed).
How you allocate these will vary depending on what you want from your character and the classes you plan to go into. The Minimum you may have in any stat is 6 at creation.

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