+++ Current Status

HP: 120 / 120

Physical Condition: Not broke-ed anymore! :D

Disposition: First he was like “:3”, and then he was like “( o)c.(* )” , and then he was like … “:|”


Social Links

(Warning : Unlike the actual perspective notes, which are accessible through one of Trevor's journals that he carries around, the following may not actually be written in a way Trevor would convey his thoughts in)

Camellia - Indifferent at worst :| (Friend)
Cole - Okay, you're still a filthy mind rapist, but I can at least see you as a person now. But God help me if I have to go on a Wanderers' mission with you! (Enemy)
Jamal - Disapproving due to gypsy comments :/ (N/A)
Kuji - I hate the fuck out of you, and you hate the fuck out of me. Let's leave it at that, shall we? :D (Enemy)
Maus - Would call him a friend :) (Friend)
Ryuu - Don't have any grasp on his personality :| (N/A)
Salino - Would call him a friend :) But he treats me too much like a little kid and a baby and I don't like it :/ (Friend)
Sara - Thank God Trevor doesn't know about her being a creepy bitch :p But in all seriousness, she's decent enough from what he knows of her :| (Friend)

Lycus - As much as I'd like to tell him to eat shit and go die in a burning, bottomless chasm or something, I need to find him again. He can sense my Pokemon's animosity towards me, and I have every intent to find out what's provoking it and fix it. (ENE-FUCKING-MY, but…)
Rui - Why you make me feel bad? I take care of my Pokemon just fine :(


Abe the Murderous Donphan, Lv25 ( Loyalty 0 )
Trudy the Cheerful Pachirisu, Lv23 ( Loyalty 3 )
Conor the Timid Boy Teddiursa, Lv22 ( Loyalty 2 )
Roosevelt the Hero Zigzagoon, Lv1 ( Loyalty 1 )
Katheryn the Rolly Polly Spheal, Lv10 ( Loyalty 1 )
Chester the Angst-Filled Shadow Quilava ( Loyalty 0 )
Chandler the Hipster Eevee, Lv1 ( Loyalty 2 )

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