"I too share Yera's love of creation, but she already knows much about the known elements of Zeras. I Wish to meld, mold and mix these elements into something new and unique," answered Durn, second eldest of the eight.

Much like the Dwarves, no one really questions the fact that trolls have been around forever. Their god, Durn, is known as the god of creativity, intuition and alchemy. His associated element is earth.

The creator knew Yera and Durn were close friends, which was something unique among the eight; on the whole, they did not get along well, aside from those two. As such, he shaped Durn in similar form to Yera, and gifted him and his children with the knowledge of alchemy. He gave them a home close to that of the Dwarves, knowing they would eventually meet and become one united people.


Characteristic Bonus: +1 to Dexterity or Strength

Skill Bonus: +1 to Perception and Crafts

Power: Improvise : You begin play with one free Weapon proficiency of any type and one free Armor proficiency of any type.

Size: 3


Trolls stand about four feet tall, and are an asexual race. Much like the Dwarves, they aren't composed of flesh. Unlike the Dwarves, trolls are born from stone, simply emerging from a mountainside as a complete, conscious being. The reason for this isn't exactly understood, but it is known that there is some relationship between the birth of a Dwarf and the birth of a Troll. Their existence is a magical one, and they are one of the few fey races of Zeras. Physically, they look like what most would consider to be a werewolf: they look like bipedal wolves with skin and fur of stone. They get their nourishment from eating rocks, and like Dwarves, can live for a very, very long time.

The quickest way to kill a troll is to dig out their "heart," which is a magical core of sorts at their center. Being made of stone makes them fairly resilient to a lot of things, but if this core can be destroyed, their form loses its enchantment, and they crumble to nothing but pebbles and rocks.


Where the Dwarves have an innate knowledge of engineering, the Trolls know about alchemy and the mixing of materials. This helped accelerate the rate at which the two races integrated, considering they shared a common love of building, progress and civility. However, the alchemical experiments of the Trolls are much, much more dangerous than most things the Dwarves initiate. It usually involves lava, explosive materials and noxious gasses. Trolls are much more willing to initiate dangerous experiments, since they are a bit more resistant to melting or exploding than Dwarves, being made of magical stone and all.

The reason it's known that there is a link between the birth of a Dwarf, and the birth of a Troll, is because of an uncommon phenomena known as "the link." On occasion, the birth of a Dwarf will 'trigger' the immediate birth of a Troll in close proximity. If this occurs, the two are considered to be bound from birth, and are raised together, to be bonded till death. Trolls and Dwarves describe it to other races as a sibling like relationship a bit more intimate than being twins. A linked pair will spend their whole lives together, learning the same trades, traveling together, and living together. In the event one of the two dies, the remaining sibling suffers severe mental trauma, and may take years to recover; it's more than just an emotional or cultural attachment, but something hard wired into the nature of Trolls and Dwarves who are linked.

Relationships with other races

Trolls share the same relations as Dwarves, with the exception of Elves. Trolls seem to fear Elves a little, as if they are afraid of being scolded or whipped by a strict parent.

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