Turf Wars Game

Setting and Background

It all began on January 13 in the year 200X on the continent of Paixe. This day marked the beginning of “The Great Cataclysm”. Nobody knows for sure what truly caused this event. The first strike of war, natural disaster, a scientific experiment gone wrong, or maybe our creators simply tired of us. Few tales remain of what happened on that day, but it left upon this world scars that would tell their own story. Earth torn asunder, buildings toppled and crushed, acres of land left barren, and billions murdered. Those who survived the initial destruction deteriorated in health quickly. Within 30 years, all those who were once witness to the The Great Cataclysm have died. Some starved, others were killed by those who wished not to. Many women died giving birth to new generations while the rest grew too weak to move themselves, and too weak to live. However, the wild pokemon seemed strangely unaffected by this. They thrived in spite of the harsh conditions. They adapted to the lack of food, and grew more and more plentiful. They even began to mutate and grow stronger than they used to be in the wild. They also have become far less friendly towards humans. Choosing to ignore them or fight them rather than join them willingly.

Our story takes place 30 years after The Great Cataclysm in Ribbonwood City. The entire city is divided into sections which are controlled by the various street gangs. The gangs are an early attempt to establish order for some, and an excuse for trainers to rule with an iron fist for others. Many people rely on the street gangs to keep the wild pokemon under control, supply the people with food, and give protection to the orphanages in the area in exchange for favors and loyalty. Others live in fear of the gangs that rule their areas. The gangs that steal from them, intimidate them, and take their women. The motivations and methods of each of these gangs are different, but they all want to expand their rule as much as possible. As such, each gang sets aside a day of the week to invade the neighboring regions and wage battles. Some settle things like gentlemen, with orderly 1 on 1 pokemon battles and leaving gracefully. Others simply attempt to murder each and every member of the opposing gangs. This fight for control has gone on for as long as anyone can remember. Whether you grew up in an orphanage, or were raised by your parents briefly until they died and left you to fend for yourself, these gangs have been a fact of life. Still, each of you wonders just what could be if a gang were to take control of the whole city and establish a new order for Ribbonwood. You each intend to find out!


Your gang rules the southernmost territory of Ribbonwood. To the north, Team Machismo has recently taken over the other territory bordering yours. This makes it an ideal time to strike them and take all of that territory back in one fell swoop. If you succeed, it will be the first step towards your conquest of Ribbonwood! Your methods may be anything you like. You may choose to challenge them to a fight, attempt to bump off their trainers, challenge them to some sort of contest, or even negotiate with them. If you win, depending on your personalities, you may choose to attempt to recruit them, exile them from your turf or even execute them if you are so willing. How they react to these attempts will vary depending on the gang's personality and your own gang's reputations. Of course, if you lose then you may be presented with similar options. It may be in your group's best interests to simply beat a hasty retreat back to your own territory and get to an orphanage as soon as possible!

Pokemon Centers are no longer in use for their traditional sense. They are mostly used as bases for the gangs lucky enough to control those areas. When you need to heal your pokemon, your best bets are the orphanages. The orphanages have a deal with most of the local gangs. The gang protects them and doesn't hurt them, and in return they help to heal the gang's pokemon when they're injured. Attacking orphanages is considered taboo by many gangs, as a good deal of their members probably grew up there. An orphanage will usually not help a rival gang until they take control of that area as per their deals.

Shops take the form of shady back-alley dealers peddling their wares exclusively to the local gangs. Money has become rather pointless in this day and age. Instead a bartering system is used. Many items such as books, berries, scrap, hair care products, food, and even rare pokemon are accepted and can be traded in for items useful to trainers such as yourself. These include pokeballs, TMs, HMs, Elemental Stones, Potions, Pokemon, and even some super rare items that began appearing after The Great Cataclysm. Don't even think about dealing with them if you don't control the area though! They aren't risking losing kneecaps over some Heal Balls.



Home Base

Your current home base is the southernmost area of Ribbonwood city. Your base of operations is located in a small mansion by the outskirts of town. It's considered a "small mansion" due to the fact that about 80% of it is completely blown to bits. You've sold off most of the fancy furniture and everything for food and supplies, so you're pretty good on that. The rooms are large enough for a base, which is good, but the most prized feature of this area is a small garden behind the mansion. Fertile soil is rather difficult to come by, so you keep this garden a closely guarded secret. It has quite a few berry trees, which generates regular income by trading the berries to dealers. There is an orphanage, as well as a single dealer in this area.

Team Machismo's Base

Description coming.

~1x Sunny Day TM Taken by Klark's Leafeon: Bertilak
~1x Stone Edge TM Taken by Six's Marowak: Jax
~1x Solar Beam TM Taken by Klark's Maractus: Nasica
~1x Wild Charge TM Taken by Mira's Larvesta
~1x Mirror Move VM Taken by Mira's Sableye: FACHTNA
~1x Submission VM Taken by Saru's Bagon: Helm
~1x Sky Drop VM Taken by Klark's Diglett
~1x Side Change VM Taken by Hope's Umbreon: Trixie
~1x Heat Stamp VM Taken by Klark's Gantle, Helkion
~1x Double Team TM Taken by HQ&M Eris
~1 Miracle Berry Taken by Hope's Umbreon: Trixie
~1x Defense Order VM Taken by Arthur's Rotom
~1x Safeguard TM Taken by Six's: The Queen of Everything
~1x Toxic TMTaken by Six's: The Queen of Everything
~1x Icicle Crash T - Taken by Six

~1x Energy Ball VM Taken by Aidan
~1x Aqua Ring VM Taken by Hope for Trixie
X-scissor TM 8 Berries Taken by Klark's Bertilak
Roost TM 8 Berries Taken by Mons' ugly bird thing
Dark Pulse TM 7 Berries Taken by Mons' Rotom
Aurora Beam VM 7 Berries Taken by Mira's Aidan
Gyro Ball TM 4 Berries Taken by Saru's Zhu
~ Return TM Taken by Six
~ Earthquake TM Taken by Hope (Nix is better nuh nuh)
~ Flamethrower TM Taken by Mira
~ Thunderbolt TM Taken by Arthur
~ Ice Beam TM Taken by Arthur
~ Rest TM Taken by Saru
~ Rock Slide TM Taken by Arthur
~ Chatter VM Taken by…someone
~ Blizzard Dixie's, motherfucker
~ Low Sweep Taken!
~ Aerial Ace (yes again… surprisingly arthur doesn't need it at all unless DL says gyarados can learn it, so go wild)
~ Rock Tomb TM
~ Defog HM, enjoy.
~ Dive HM
~ Surf HM
~ Fly HM

Red Spray Paint
Botany Book (+1 berry yield)
Old Rod

4x Heavy Balls
1 Heal Ball
1 Quick Ball
1 Great Ball

Full Restore
Paralyze Heal
2 Freeze Heals

Max Rise berry
Rise Berry
Egg Berry
Meadow Berry

1 Hard Stone (Klark)
Zap Plate (if anyone else wants this thing, speak now or forever hold your peace)
Flame Plate (for Saru's Zhu)
1 deepseascale
1 Power Herb
1 Cleanse Tag
1 Razor Claw
1 Steel Jewel
1 Miracle Seed
1 Soft Sand

2 Sun Stone
2 Dusk Stone
1 Sun Stone
1 water Stone

3900 worth of medical supplies (for Hope)

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