Turfwars Quests

Long Term Quests

Quest Description Reward
Put More Love Into It! Freed wants to see beautiful things more than anything else in the world. Can you show him your own style of beauty? Ability Accessories
You've Got Mail! The B-Mail system is currently undergoing training, but it will require plenty of dedication to get it up and running from here. You've got to put some hard work and guts to get this off the ground! B-Mail Communications System
People Die When They Are Killed… Carter, the boy with his heart set on the championship 30 years ago looks an awful lot like Arthur Vesper. Is it a mere coincidence, or is there something more? 1 Character Level
Psycho Catastrophe There is yet untapped power sleeping deep inside Mira. Will she resort to this hidden strength? Greater understanding
Conflict of Interests A mysterious middle-aged man who calls himself Mr. Gorgeous appeared before the immortals. However, he's quite cagey about his true motives. What is his true goal? The Truth
Obvious Exits The Destroyer of Life sleeps trapped in Darkrai's Nightmare. However, it must come to an end one day. Can the immortals defeat a creature capable of destroying absolutely anything? Save the World

Short Term Quests

Quest Description Reward
Oh Maria, you so crazy~ A woman everyone calls "Crazy Maria" has sent you a letter. Her pokemon are missing and she wants your help to gather them back up. Move Tutor, New Ally
You say you want a revolution? Nina from the Cantina sent you a letter as a heads up. There's been a group of kids who are thinking of starting a new gang. In her opinion they don't know what they're getting themselves into. Someone needs to take care of this before it gets messy. Quest Exp, Move Tutor
This hole, it was made for me! Some rare extinct pokemon are in that cave by the beach in Ribbonwood city! However… are you truly the only ones who know about it? Quest Exp, New Ally
Scattered Stardust The S-Squad have disbanded and chosen not to fight, despite the incredible power of Shin Hagane Poketter VII. However, the sting of shame pierces all of them. Does there still remain a way to put their… talents to use? Additional Allies
Family Quilt Quilts hopes that when the immortals reunite the city, he can find his real father. Dead or alive, Quilts just wants to know the truth more than anything else. Move Tutor
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