Turgha Gainsbellow

4/13/2013: 2200 EXP tentative to spend (didn't distribute previous EXP)

Turgha Gainsbellow
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 162lbs


Poke Ball x2


Clefairy F
Level 10
HP 7 (+3) 40/40
ATK 5 (+2)
DEF 5 (+2)
SP ATK 6 (+1)
SPEED 4 (+2)
Drain Punch

Deep within the shady Ilex forest resides many wild Pokemon, which many people are well aware of. What few people realize is that there are also less civilized humans which have and still do reside under the canopies of those woods. Unfortunate accidents and fates befall the stray adventurer who wanders into such territories, protected with ferocious stride by their residents. The Tinztah tribe was among one of the most fierce, booby-trapping their lands to prevent outsiders from encroaching as well as having the combat prowess to face even the most vicious of wild beasts. While ruthless, the tribe made use of their spoils to the fullest. In the process, of course, the sustenance of meat came from many sources including humans. This protective demeanor of living brought the tribe to its demise when the Brotherhood of the Equinox entered their territory. Two acolytes had decided to camp out within the woods to keep themselves covert from prying eyes. This ended in a brutal bloodshed, which the Brotherhood did not take lightly.

A few days later, veteran reinforcements with their weapons and Pokemon in tow brought retribution upon the village. The war ensued, killing off almost the entire tribe save a few survivors. To completely slaughter the tribe would not give the natives an opportunity to better themselves from their mistakes. That was the mindset of the leader of the Dawn aspect of the Brotherhood, Brother Oswald, whom led the attack. Furthermore, Oswald wished to enlighten some portion of what was left of the population of Tinztahs. Turgha, as he would be named later, was brought back against his will to the Equinox Temple. It took many years to mold the then seven year old wild child into a civilized individual that followed the Brotherhood's beliefs of balance in all ways. They themselves were divided amongst two halves: Dawnites and Dusk Kind. The first would be guided towards good deeds and benefiting society where possible, the second keeping the power of ruthlessness, deceit, and overall counterbalancing the Dawnites' work indirectly. As infrequently as the world encounters and equinox, so too did the Brotherhood believe that true balance was very rare and to be treasured.

Over the years Turgha took on many assignments upon being adopted into the Dusk Kind: assassinations, theft, sabotage to name a few. Early on in his training he tapped into the remnants of his savage upbringing and cultivated abilities he had not known of previously. He could connect directly with and communicate with Pokemon species to aid in the Dusk Kinds' assignments and became both a valued leader and a target of jealousy amongst his brethren on both sides of the clan. In particular the young man connected especially well with one Dawnite, Selena Highvale, whom was only one year his senior throughout his stay at the Equinox Temple. Selena, normally a stickler to order and rarely waning from a plan, would be far more free spirited and out of character in Turgha's presence.
At reaching twenty years old, the tolls of his deeds slowly accumulated, burning in his mind. Memories of the attack on his village resurfaced under the cover of his teachings within the Brotherhood. The brooding hate against him from many Dawnites did not help calm the emotions that had been reintroduced. One day as he was enduring more taunts from one of the Dawnite acolytes, Turgha flew into a violent rage, ripping through cloth and flesh with metal hooked claws used in his killing jobs. It took the intervention of Selena to calm his fury before the man's life was taken. After this particular scenario, the next year was riddled with outbursts that could only be calmed by the one true friend he held amongst the Brotherhood, targeting both Dawnites and Dusk Kind. Matters had to be escalated to protect the order from the uncivilized and undesired attacks against both sides of the order.

To remove the danger from their order, Brother Oswald arranged to send Turgha on a different sort of mission: An investigation involving one of the Brotherhood's most beheld prophecies: the "True Equinox", which would wash over the world and restore balance in the form of a great catastrophe. Only those needed to create true balance would be spared and many would die. A letter addressed to Oswald himself, signed under the name of 'CURSE' arrived with an ominous message quoting the Orators of Zhelat. Unsure of what direction their intentions of using Jirachi's wish-fulfilling powers, the Brotherhood decided to take steps to solve two issues at once. Under the guise of a mission of utmost importance, the Brotherhood sent Turgha out to Furrowvale to begin the investigation in the name of the clan. It is almost certain that to add a layer of security to the investigation, other Brotherhood members have also been sent out to keep tabs on Turgha. Should he falter from the upbringing bestowed upon him, the goal of balance would be threatened and measures would have to be taken.

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