Tyrant's Fall

Tyrant's Fall

It was the witching hour, some might say,
When bewitching spirits came out to play.
The perfect time for thieves and spies.
To peddle out their stolen lies.
While royals slept; and generals wept;
A tyrant roared and his power swept. //
Fire came and cleansed the earth.
Of all that rich men had worked to birth.
Oh woe behold, we knew we were done,
When we met the man that shackled the sun.//

-The last recorded words of Kaitlin Dickerson, Ambassador from the Grand Duchy of Vogri

A rebellious group that scours the twelve realms of the former Caidoz Empire. Threatening all that the men, women, kings and queens have worked to provide for themselves and the people that live there. ‘Helios’ a man might whisper like a curse to his friend, the very word itself prompting mother’s to take off with their children to bed, and father’s and their Pokemon to spend all night awake in hopes of protecting their homesteads from the flag of a chained sun. Where only fire and blood was to follow in it’s wake, leaving broken homes and broken families. Orphans rising up and clogging the great cities in which the rulers lived in fear.

That was not the case for all the rulers of the former Caidoz Empire. Some banded together, and fought with their armies against the threat of oppression and the honeyed words of the man who is said to have grasped the sun and shackled the beast down under his control. The leader was a man spoken in hushed tones by those who knew of him, or spoken with reverence by his followers.

The Helios Tyranny must be stopped! The only question:

What are you going to do about it?

About the GM

Hello! Let me first welcome you to the introduction post of my game, Tyrant’s Fall. My name is Kingfox623 here on the forums, but I go by the screen name ‘Fox Prince’ on the IRC chat, Discord and the various Skype groups for PTU. I have been playing PTU/interested in PTU since 2014. Most of my gamemastering experience comes from PTU, both as a player watching a gamemaster and a gamemaster facilitating players. I have been a Pokemon fan since the original days of RBY and continue to play to this day. As a person, I’d describe myself as a bit blunt, but generally genial and laid back. From my players I like creativity and investment in the world that we are both working to build and inhabit through the game via our actions both in and out of character.

I have a few rules that must followed, at all times.

  • Attendance is important. If you know you are going to miss a session, let me know at minimum 2 days in advance.
  • Do not be afraid to speak your mind, but not during the session, write it down and approach the group during a break or after the session.
  • Do not make your fellow player's uncomfortable.
  • Have fun and stretch your creative muscles.

Start Date: Given the Holiday season, this game will likely not start until the New Year. January 2017. [TENTATIVE]
Number of Players: 4-5
Schedule: Friday Evenings EST [TENTATIVE]
Contact Information: Skype: Tyrant's Fall (Skype Link)

Campaign Content and Theme Summary

This campaign is about what happens when good men stand by and let bad men continue on unimpeded towards their ambitions. A journey will be untaken by a group of characters who find themselves banded together to fight against the forces of the Helios Tyranny and their threat to the relative peace of the Ortsa Continent. Whether your character was directly or indirectly affected by the actions of the Helios Tyranny, the need to do something about them burns deeply within you.

You and I will venture into the Ortsa Continent and explore the 12 Realms of the former Caidoz Empire to gather allies and make alliances, as well as strike back at the Helios Tyranny for all the hurt and pain they have brought with them. That is, if you believe yourself to be on the right side of the equation, perhaps there is more to the Helios Tyranny than meets the eye. My hope for the end of the campaign is that your characters have bonded with one another, and have come to a decision on what to do with the tyrannical forces that threaten their homeland. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Themes: Warfare, Shades of Grey, Rebellion, Tyranny, Discovery, Character Choice, Medieval

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