No Igloo Needed

Level 5 Waterbender

Name: Unnuk the Fisherman
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 5'8
Weight: 175lbs (WC 4)
Skin: Brown
Background: Fisherman


  • Ace Trainer
  • Tidedrinker



Skills and Stats

Skills and Attributes

Body: Great (+3)
Acrobatics (Novice; 3d6+3)
Athletics (Adept; 4d6+3)
Combat (Untrained; 2d6+3)
Intimidate (Untrained; 3d6+3)
Stealth (Untrained; 2d6+3)
Survival (Untrained; 3d6+3)

Mind: Average (+0)
Education: All (Untrained; 2d6)
Education: Technology (Pathetic; 1d6)
Education: Science (Pathetic; 1d6)
Guile (Pathetic; 1d6)
Perception (Untrained; 2d6)

Spirit: Good (+2)
Charm (Untrained; 2d6+2)
Command (Adept; 4d6+2)
Focus (Untrained; 2d6+2)
Intuition (Novice; 3d6+2)

Combat Stats

Hit Points: 65 / 65
Injuries: None

HP 14 +1 15
Attack 7 +1 8
Defense 5 - 5
Sp. Attack 7 +3 10
Sp. Defense 5 - 5
Speed 7 +3 10
Evasion 1 1 2

Edges and Features

Action Points: 6 / 6

Elemental Connection (Water): You gain a +2 bonus to Charm, Command, Guile, Intimidate, and Intuition Checks targeting Water-Typed Pokémon.
Mystic Senses: You may use Intuition instead of Charm to improve the disposition of Wild Pokémon.

Basic Skills: Command, Acrobatics
Adept Skills: Command, Athletics


Power 6, Overland 6, Swim 5, Jump 1/0, Throw 8, Gilled

Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 7 / 10

Level 2: Adept Athletics, +1 HP
Extra Edge: Novice Acrobatics
Level 3: Tidedrinker[+Speed][+SpAtk], +1 Speed
Level 4: Adept Command, +1 Special Attack
Level 5: With All the Force of a Great Typhoon[+Speed][+SpAtk], +1 Attack


P: 5000 (500 zin ji)

Head n/a n/a
Body n/a n/a
Main Hand Harpoon Hopefully for fishing
Off-Hand n/a n/a
Feet n/a n/a
Accessory n/a n/a


349.gif 222.gif

Current Pokemon
??? Level 14 Feebas
??? Level 13 Corsola

Stored Pokemon:

Total Obtained: 1

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