Name: Ursic Bartholemy
Height: 5'11
Weight: 280


Level 42 Lilligant - Lazy Nature - Own Tempo and Flower Gift - Ghost/Grass
Exp: 85,500
HP: 86

Hit Points: 8 + 7 = 15
Attack: 6
Defense: 8 + 12 = 20
Special Attack: 11 + 10 = 21
Special Defense: 8 + 12 = 20
Speed: 8

Capability List
Overland 8, Surface 6, Jump 2, Power 2, Intelligence 4, Sprouter

Natural Moves
Moves Type Frequency AC Range Damage Effect
Healing Wish Psychic Center Ranged (10) If the user’s HP is lowered to 0 or less, you may use Healing Wish as an Intercept. The target is treated as if it had been healed at a Pokemon Center. Healing Wish may target a pokemon in a Poke Ball as long as they immediately join the encounter or are sent out. If the target knows Healing Wish, the user’s Healing Wish does not restore its Center Frequency.
Quiver Dance Bug EOT Self Raise the user’s Special Attack 1 Combat Stage, raise the user’s Special Defense 1 Combat Stage and raise the user’s Speed 1 Combat Stage.
Leech Seed Grass Center 4 Ranged At the beginning of each of the user’s turns, Leech Seed’s target loses 1/8th of their full HP. Do not apply weakness or resistance to the HP lost. Do not apply stats to the HP lost. Leech Seed’s user then gains HP equal to the amount the target lost. Leech Seed cannot hit a Grass type Pokemon.
Giga Drain Grass Battle 2 Ranged Special (4) 2d12 + 21 After the target takes damage, the user gains HP equal to half of the damage they dealt to the target.
Synthesis Grass Center Self The user regains HP equal to half of its full HP. If it is Sunny, the user gains 2/3 of its full HP. If it is Rainy, Sand Storming or Hailing the user gains ¼ of their full HP.
Aromatherapy Grass Battle 2 Ranged (10) The target has 1 status effect of their choice removed. Aromatherapy cannot miss.
Shadow Ball Ghost EOT 2 Ranged Special (10) 2d12+16 Lowers def 1 combat stage on 17-20
Energy Ball Grass EOT 2 Ranged Special (8) 2d12+16 Lowers def 1 combat stage on 17-20
Ominous Wind Ghost Battle 2 Ranged Special (10) 1d10+15 Ominous Wind creates a Column that is 2-meters wide. If you rolled 11-20 during Accuracy Check for Ominous Wind, the user has each of its stats raised 1 Combat Stage. If you rolled 16-20 on the Accuracy Roll, all allies in the Column also have each of their stats raised 1 Combat Stage and are not damaged by Ominous Wind.
Sunny Day Fire Battle Field For 2 minutes (12 rounds), the area is considered Sunny. While Sunny, Fire-Type attacks deal 1.5x damage. Water-Type attacks deal ½ the damage they normally would.
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