Vasko Arlotti

Level 2 Hero

Name: Vasko Arlotti
Age: 24
Height: 6'01"
Weight: 190 lbs.

HP: 63
AP: 4/4

Defensive Trainer

Hit Points: 63
Attack: 8
Defense: 10
Special Attack: 4
Special Defense: 10
Speed: 2

Initiative: 2
Movement: 5
Evasion: 2
Accuracy: 0

Qualities and Traits

Strong: +4
Insightful: +5
Intense: +2
Focused: +2

Skill Traits Botanist, Expert Tracker
Movement Traits N/A
Special Traits
Adventurous Medicine Man: "We all need a little pick-me-up now and again. And I've got plenty to spare!"

Status Menu

Orders / Moves
Struggle (AW AC4, 1M, Normal DB1, No Effect)
Dual Chop (EOT, AC4, Melee 1T, Dragon DB1: Double Strike, +1 DB if both hit, Crits on 17+)
Noble Roar (Scene, AC3, Status, Burst 1, Normal: Minor Action, Critical Sum, -5 Damage for 1 round, +Tick of Temp HP. Freq Restored when KO an enemy)
Swords Dance (AW, Self Status, Normal: +5 Physical Damage, +2 Ranged Evasion. Can expend when a foe misses to use At-Will attack)

Heroic Fighter (Gain the Confidence Ability and the Moves Dual Chop, Noble Roar, and Swords Dance)
Vanguard (At-Will, Minor Action, Trigger when hit a foe with a damaging attack: Other allies gain +2 Accuracy against that foe for 1 Round. Bonus: +5 DR when adjacent to an ally.)
Guard Break (1 AP, FA, Trigger when Pokemon hits with a Physical attack: That foe is Vulnerable until hit for 1 Round and only applies half their Defense if hit.)
Set-Up Feint (2 AP, FA, When Vasko or Pokemon misses, Push the target 1 meter, then an adjacent ally can make a Punish Attack against them.)
Forage Expertise (May treat a forage roll of 20+ as if it were a 6, 11, or 16 and collect the maximum number of items possible.)

Confidence (As long as the user is not Shaken, Allies within 2 squares gain a +1 DB bonus to all damaging attacks. )


Equipment Effect
Wealth 0P

Loadout (5/5 SP)

Permanent Gear

Consumable Items
Poke Ball x5: Catches Pokemon, usually.


Overland ???
Naturewalk ???
Skill Trait ???
Strong +2
Quick +4
Charming +3

Hazel: Female Deerling Type: NormalIC_Big.pngGrassIC_Big.png Held Item: Fuzzy Charm: Scene, FA: gain a Tick of Temp HP when hitting with a damaging Normal attack.
Level 2, Tier 1 HP: 46/46 Evasion: +0 Accuracy: +0 Condition: Uninjured
Ability Usage Special Effect
Melee Striker Static +1 Movement. Make a Struggle Attack on a miss.
Seasonal Static User's Ability changes with the seasons. Spring: Run Away; Summer: Grass Pelt; Autumn: It Is A Mystery; Winter: Thick Fat
Run Away Static The user does not provoke Punish Attacks by Shifting, and cannot be Trapped.
Accelerate Scene x2 The user immediately uses a damaging STAB Move with Priority. If it hits, add double their Speed stat to the damage roll. If the Move already had Priority, it gains +4 Acc.
Stat Base Added Value
Attack 6 +3 9
Defense 5 +4 9
Special Attack 4 +0 4
Special Defense 5 +4 9
Speed 3 +0 3
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Tackle AW 2 NormalIC_Big.png DB2 Physical M, 1T Pushes 1 square.
Double Kick AW 4 FightingIC_Big.png DB1 Physical Melee, 1T, Double Strike Flinches on 18+. If both hits connect, gains a +1 DB bonus.
Sand Attack AW 3 NormalIC_Big.png Status 2, 1T Blinds for 1 full round. 1/Scene when hit by an adjacent foe, may Sand Attack against them as a free action.
Camouflage Scene NormalIC_Big.png Status Move Action Changes the user's Type to match the field.
Leafage AW 3 GrassIC_Big.png DB2 Physical 4, 1T On 16+, gain +2 Evasion and +5 DR against ranged attacks for one full round.
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