Name: Venus O'Malley
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 97kg
Hometown: Talitha Town, currently Gallus Town.
Starter: Aron (Saturn) and Pluto (Swablu)


Ven is tall and lanky, usually hunched over under the weight of his cello case. He usually wears a vest over some sort of long sleeved shirt and slacks, mostly in the darker range of colours. His boots are scuffed and worn, indicative of heavy wear.


Venus O'Malley is a nineteen year old dissident son of a hippie flower shop owner and strict business man. He's grown up in a comfortable family home, but his father is constantly disappointed in his sons lack of drive to be like him, and his mother is disappointed he didn't take after her. Ven doesn't really care, he loves his parents but the relationship is strained.

From a young age he was constantly pushed to be a hard academic by his father, and Ven repeatedly baulked at any attempt to force him to do anything. The one thing, though, that his father conceeded him was Cello lessons, and he even caved and bought a beautiful, old instrument. The day he received that was the first day Venus hugged his father and meanth the words 'I love you'. Since then, neither has given ground, but neither has pushed for it. It's a tentative arrangement, but it held. He had a few friends as a child, and eventually fell in with a 'street gang' known as Cosmos, run by a less well-off boy named Saturn.

Saturn, which was only a nickname in truth, and Venus became good friends quickly, and Venus stopped paying attention to his father's constant harping to do better and his mothers disappointed gaze every time his friend showed up. The rest of the gang quickly became Venus' family. Pluto, the youngest member of the gang soon found out he had cancer, which prompted a sudden shifting of Venus' view of the world.

The rest of the gang was similarly named, there was Mercury, a young girl apprenticed to a mechanic. Pluto was in the same boat as Ven, child to two successful people constantly pushed to do something he didn't want. Jupiter was the third eldest, a young boy hoping to be a pokemon master. Mars and Saturn came from the same background, poorer and abusive family life. Venus was probably the only normal one of the lot.

Venus grew up surrounded with his gang family, constantly scrapping with nearby gangs over nothing at all. By the time he was sixteen he'd gained a reputation, which he carefully concealed from his family.

Sixteen, too, was when his life fell apart. Pluto died of his cancer in the later half of the year, and constant in-fighting amongst the gang erupted. Saturn went missing the start of the next year, and Venus was left holding the shattered family together.

He didn't last long, and had a nervous breakdown within the year of Saturn's disappearance. He fell out of touch with his second family, and was sent out of town by his suddenly concerned parents so he didn't have to be constantly reminded. He was gifted two pokemon to keep him company by his relatives in Gallus town, a small swablu and a headstrong Aaron.

Venus, seeking to escape from the memories of his past, turned to drugs. Nothing 'serious', but he quickly gained a liking for pot, and rapidly mellowed. Now he's just drifting through life accompanied by Saturn the Aron, and Pluto the Swablu. He also rescued a Shroomish, who quickly entered Ven's 'team'. He was dubbed Mercury.


Class: Move Tutor (Intended path: Ace Trainer/Type Ace)
Level: 2
Max HP: 28

HP: 7
Attack: 10
Defense: 10
Intelligence: 7
Perception: 9
Speed: 7

Pokemon indexed: 8
Pokemon caught: 3



Quick Study: Move Tutor Feature
Target: Pokemon the Move tutor owns.
Effect: Your pokemon’s attacks learned through level up are learned 2 levels earlier.

Buddy Tutoring: Move Tutor Feature
Trigger: A Pokemon you own knows a move another Pokemon you own could learn by level-up.
Effect: Roll 1d100 + your Defense, Attack, and Perception Values. If the value exceed 85, your pokemon learns a move it could learn by level-up from a friendly pokemon that already knows the move. Both pokemon must be able to practice for an hour before making the roll.


Hey Guys, Watch This:
Prerequisites: Pokemon Trainer
Effect: From now on, instead of gaining a new Feature when you level up on levels that you would gain a Feature, you gain 1 Feat Point. A Feat Point can be spent at anytime you can use a Trainer Action, and does not take a Trainer Action to use. When you spend a Feat Point, you may add any Feature to your Features whose prerequisites you meet. You may not regain any Feat Points you spend.


=Random assortment of snacks
=Silver chain and pendant
=Recipe book
=Potion x2
=Antidote x2

=Folded photo, bookmark from mother

=Travel rations for a week
=Two large canteens.

Cello Case


TM Case:
=TM 10 (Hidden Power)
=TM (Brick Break)

Brawl Badge - Pluto.




Aron - Male
Type: Steel-Rock

Level: 12
Experience: 1930
HP: 54
Stab Dice: 1d4
Ability: Rock Head
Nature: Careful (+2 Special Def/-2 Special Att)
Physical Evasion Bonus: 1
Special Evasion Bonus: 0
IVs: 2, 2, 0, 0, 2, 0
Spacing: DEF / S.Def / HP and ATTCK / SPD / Sp.Attck


HP 5 (2) +2 10
Attack 7 () +2 9
Defense 10 () +2 12
Sp. Attack 2 () + 2
Sp. Defense 6 (2) +2 10
Speed 3 (2) +3 8


Ability Value NOTES
Land Speed 3 6m/round, 10-16mph
Sky Speed 0 can't fly
Burrow Speed 0 can't burrow
U. Water Speed 0 can't swim
Surface Water Speed 2 3 m/round, 4 mph
Jump 3 10ft/3m
Power 2 50lbs/23kg
Intelligence 3 Dullness - can follow tasks

Miscellaneous Capabilities:

**Sinker: Sinker means the Pokemon cannot swim, or move in water. For every round of an encounter the Pokemon is in water that is deep enough for them to stand submerged in, or is submerged in they lose 25% of their max HP. If the Pokemon is lowered to -100% HP, make a Deaths savings roll as usual. If a Pokemon gains a Surface or Underwater capability, they lose their Sinker Capability.

**Ability: Rock Head:
Effect: When the pokemon uses Volt Tackle, Wood Hammer, Submission, Take Down, Brave Bird, Double-Edge, Flare Blitz, Head Smash, Jump Kick or Hi Jump Kick they do not lose any HP as a result of the Move’s effect.

Natural Moves:

Name - Type - Frequency - Dice - Range - Effect/Notes

Tackle – Normal - At-Will – 3 - 2d10 - Melee - Effect: 1 Target, Dash, Weight Class: For each Weight Class the user is above the target, they deal additional 1d10 damage.
Harden - Normal - At-Will - None - Self** - Raise defense by 1 Combat Stage.
Mud Slap - Ground - Battle - 2 - Ranged - damage dice here - Effect: 1 Target, Spray :Mud Shot creates a Spray 2-meters long and 45˚ wide. All Legal Targets must roll +1 during Accuracy Checks for the remainder of the encounter on 17-20 during Accuracy Check.

TM Moves:

Name - Type - Frequency - Dice - Range - Effect/Notes


Swablu - Male
Type: Normal - Flying

Level: 14
Experience: 2930

HP: 52
Stab Dice: 1d4
Ability: Natural Cure
Nature: Modest (+Sp.Attack/-Attack)
Physical Evasion Bonus: 1
Special Evasion Bonus: 1
IVs: 2, 2, 1, 0, 2, 2
Spacing: SP.Def / DEF and Sp.Attck / SPD and HP / ATTCK


HP 5 2 +1 8
Attack 2 0 0 2
Defense 6 2 +3 11
Sp. Attack 6 2 +3 11
Sp. Defense 8 1 +3 12
Speed 5 2 +3 10


Ability Value NOTES
Land Speed 1 1m/round
Sky Speed 3 6m/round
Burrow Speed cell-content cell-content
U. Water Speed cell-content cell-content
Surface Water Speed 1 1m/round
Jump 2 6ft/1.8m
Power 1 10lbs/5kg
Intelligence 3 dullness

Miscellaneous Capabilities:

**Guster: The Guster can create bursts of wind. The power can vary from a light breeze to a powerful burst of air capable of lifting light objects into the air or providing lift for a chute. If a Pokemon learns the Move Gust or Tailwind and does not have the Guster Capability, they gain Guster.

**Ability: Natural Cure:
Cast - Hourly
Effect: The pokemon is cured of Paralysis, Poisoning, Burns, Freezing and Sleep when returned to its Poke Ball.

Natural Moves:

Peck - Flying - At-Will – 2 / Melee / 2d10 / Effect: 1 Target
Growl - Normal - At-Will – 2 / Ranged ** / Effect: No Target, Burst / Growl creates a 5-meter Burst. Growl lowers all Legal Targets Attack 1 Combat Stage.
Astonish - Ghost - EOT – 2 / Melee / 1d12 / Effect: 1 Target -Astonish Flinches the target on 18-20 during Accuracy Check.
Sing - Normal - EOT – 11 / Ranged ** / Effect: No Target, Burst - Sing creates a 4-meter Burst. All Legal Targets fall Asleep.
Gust - Flying - At Will -2 / Ranged / 2d10 /
Fury Attack - Normal - accuracy check here / Melee / 1d8 / Effect: 1 Target, Scatter: Fury Attack can hit up to 5 times. Once the user misses, they cannot attempt to make another Fury Attack attack on that turn. When adding stats only add ½ Attack.

TM Moves:



Shroomish - Female
Type: Grass

Level: 3

HP: 30
Stab Dice: 1d4
Ability: Effect Spore
Nature: Docile (No stat adjustment)
Physical Evasion Bonus: 0
Special Evasion Bonus: 0
IVs: 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1
Spacing: HP and DEF and Sp.DEF / ATTCK and Sp.ATTCK / SPD


HP 6 1 +1 8
Attack 4 1 +0 5
Defense 6 1 +0 7
Sp. Attack 4 1 +0 5
Sp. Defense 6 1 +1 8
Speed 4 2 +0 6


Ability Value NOTES
Land Speed 2 3m/round
Sky Speed 0 0
Burrow Speed cell-content cell-content
U. Water Speed cell-content cell-content
Surface Water Speed 1 1m/round
Jump 2 6ft/1.8m
Power 1 10lbs/5kg
Intelligence 3 dullness

Miscellaneous Capabilities:

**Ability: Effect Spore:
When hit by a melee Move, roll 1d20; on a result of 15-16, the attacker is Poisoned; on a result of 17-18, the attacker is Paralyzed; on a result of 19-20, the attacker falls Asleep.

Natural Moves:

Absorb: Grass - At-Will – 2 / Melee * / 1d8 / Effect: 1 Target: After the target takes damage, the user gains HP equal to half of the damage they dealt to the target.

TM Moves:


In Storage


Every pokemon in Ven's party wears a golden scarf. Pluto has the Brawl Badge pinned to his.

Venus carries a purpley-green-gold eggs. Trying to hatch it.

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