Village of Seine

Campaign Content and Theme Summary

Seine is a sleepy little village in the Gaul Region. Nothing spectacular. If it wasn't right along a major trade route, with the travelers that brings with it, it wouldn't be on the map at all. Odd things have been happening in the area recently, many people have been complaining about missing livestock or mysterious noises at night. A town meeting was called, and a group was created to investage the strange going-ons. You are a member of that group. You could have been chosen because you are a pillar of the community, or because no one will care if you disappear forever. You might even have volunteered.

About the GM

Hello there! Hopefully I will get to know you a lot better in the future. I have been hanging around the PTU community for around a year and a half, and have played in several games. I have a decent grasp of mechanics, but I am sure that I won't get everything right. I am hoping that this game is actually able to be completed, that is my main goal for this campaign.


I don't have many expectations. Show up to most of the games, and if you aren't able to make it, at least let me know. I don't want to have to translate any sentences from gibberish, please be able to lucidly describe your actions; a few grammatical mistakes are fine, but not once the mistakes become the majority of your sentences.

Character Creation

Trainer: Level 1, Core book, Game of Throhs and Playtest Packets only, no Supernatural Classes. You are going to be an ordinary townperson. A profession is a necessity, homeless bums aren't exactly smiled on. You can be creative though, and it is suggested.
Pokémon: Level 10, two Egg Moves for an Inheritance List, subject to GM approval. Species should be 35 BST and under, no pseudo-legendaries, no Ghost or Steel types. It needs to be reasonable for you to have the pokemon. If you are going to care for a pokemon, it should result in some benefit for you, most likely for your profession.
Inventory: TBA

Links and Other Info

This game will be played on Wednesdays at 8PM EST. Start date will either be August 12th or August 19th.

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