Name: Vincent Karrde
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 80 kg
Hometown: Lyra City
Starter: Jagger, male Trapinch
Pokedex: 51 seen/4 owned
Favourite Quote: “Do or do not, there is no excuse.”


Tall, trimmed, and thin but fit. His appearance and clothes are well-maintained through rigorous perseverance on his part. Half of his belongings are his clothes and grooming supplies. You should also see him maintain his Pokemon. They are spotless until they battle.


Vincent hails from the far-off bustling city of Lyra City. He's lived a fairly average life until now as the only child in his family. The 17 year old second-generation Lyra City teenager spent his childhood at home or following his parents around work all day due to having nothing better to do or friends to hang out with (though he knows a lot of people from social circles from his school and online life). Thanks to this way of living, he has picked up an interesting list of life lessons especially from the fascinating tales about Pokemon and work that his father (whom he idolizes dearly) tells at the dinner table, and his mother's various interests and hobbies.

For example, he is very competitive in everything he does (“If only he spent some of his energy on his studies” his mother would lament) and his traveling outfit is custom-made sewn together by both his mother and himself (surprising because most people think they're designer clothes), and his world views and philosophies on how “thing should be” are very unique and sometimes alarming. But on the other side, he's also very compassionate and polite so his obsessions and compulsions are not noticeable until after his tolerance and resistance breaks down. Did I mention that he is a bit of a neat freak? Once he goes berserk, there is no stopping him until everything within grasping range is neat, tidy, organized, and properly aligned to his aesthetics.

Vincent is on his journey with the full intent in becoming the region's (and subsequently the world's) strongest and best trainer, and he's going to do everything within his power to achieve the title honourably. He's also hoping that living a rugged life would stem his obsession with cleanliness a bit but isn't counting on it that much.


Class/Level: Lv. 4 Ace Trainer (+1 STR, +1 CON, -2 WIS)

HP: 65/65

Strength: 15+1
Dexterity: 12
Constitution: 13+1
Intelligence: 8
Wisdom: 8-2
Charisma: 10

Unallocated: 3


Unallocated: 3


Cash: 5000P (Owes 50P to Tarin, 10P to Juri)
3x Poke Balls

2x Attractants
1x Potion

1x TM01 - Focus Punch


1x Book (Pools of Rana)


  • Jagger - Male Adamant Lv. 13 Trapinch (Ground)
  • Frostbite - Male Adamant Lv. 7 Poochyena (Dark)
  • Yanma - Female Docile Lv. 9 Yanma (Bug/Flying)
  • Zorro (formerly known as Reed) - Male Quirky Lv. 12 Treecko (Grass)

In Storage


Former Members

  • Hoppip - Female Rash Lv. 4 Hoppip (Grass/Flying)
  • Phoenix (formerly known as Vincent) - Male ??? Lv. 9 Torchic (Fire)
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