Name: Violenne Eule
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 107 lbs.



Name Information
Weiß A shortsword, sharpened to painful-looking degrees. Violenne took it from home but spends hours of every day cleaning and sharpening it. It's probably her only real treasure. ""
Padded Armor Given to Violenne by the Church for her protection… little did they know she probably wouldn't need it, considering her hobby. ""
Charms A collection of miscellaneous trinkets, crafted using Weiß— this, of course, makes all of them hideous-looking and barely discernable as anything. Still, she pours plenty of effort into making them, but it's known only to their creator that their actual purpose is to make misfortune fall upon people she deems unworthy of luck. Watching horrible things happen to them is her only real comfort. Plenty of them are stored in a small pouch, but only a few unique ones have notable effects. "…~"
Craft Charm The least lethal of Violenne's charms, it still finds itself being hidden more often than not due to its nature as a witch's instrument, barely able to be passable as a regular necklace. Of course, it was crafted long ago by her ancestors, so it doesn't have the trait of being hideous that most of the others do. It can be evoked a certain number of times per day to assist in witchcraft practices. "…!"
Numbing Charm A terrifying little statuette with glaring red eyes that was crafted with the intention of evoking fear - upon other things - in Violenne's targets. She isn't satisfied when they have to be conscious when doing the deed, so this sees far less use than some others. "…."
Slumber Charm A small blue charm with a tiny bell attached. Infused with her practices, ringing it produces drowsiness in most targets— usually enough so to do away with them before they're able to scream. Isn't that just horrifying? "…~"
Fate Charm A yellow charm with an odd figure. When Violenne herself stares at it, she was taught that she would be able to alter reality. It's important to her because it was the first craft she made on her own, despite her grandmother having scolded her for doing so without permission. She treasures it and often has it out for good luck; after all, it just looks like a weird wooden doll. "…?"
Dream Charm Intricately crafted, a talisman that's meant to be hung over people's heads to prevent nightmares from entering their minds. At least, that was its initial purpose, but being painted a deep purple like it is it instead gives Violenne the ability to consume people's souls through the gateway in their mind that is nightmares. At least, that's what her grandmother told her, and it was one of the things she listened intently too. She hopes someday she might be able to do so without anybody finding out. "…."
Unfinished Charm #2 A small piece of wood. She hasn't decided what to do with it yet, but for some reason she feels compelled to smear something on it. For some reason, she feels that Lilienne holds the answer to whatever it is. "…?"
Unfinished Charm #3 A big block of wood, that's been whittled down somewhat but not enough to be notable. The painting process has already begun but isn't anywhere near complete, as there are only a few splashes of black on it. Its intended purpose is to destroy people's lives. That said, it's one of her more looked-forward-to pieces. "….."
Lilienne Issued upon reaching the Church, Violenne's close friend and the only one she willingly opens up to. At least, apparently that's the case— when the two of them are together, rumors have started of some hearing the faintest murmuring that might be a voice. Many find it more likely it was the Nidoran talking instead, though. "…!!"
??? Charm Crafted from the bones of some cats, it's a… what is it? "…?"
Persian Fur Backpack A nice, cozy backpack made from the fur of a big cat. It can hold a lot of things. ""
Gold 487 coins. Comfortably tucked away in a pocked of her backpack, because they rarely see use. ""
Potions Four crates of potions; while they're actually alchemists' brew, these concoctions share many a trait with witches' brew, unbeknownst to the rest of the party. Violenne has somewhat of an understanding of some of their effects and would never dare drink one herself, but takes it upon herself to choose who is allowed to drink what in secret. "…~!"



Species: Nidoran♀
Level: 21
EXP: 9433 / 10650

HP: 57 / 57
Phys. Evasion: 2
Spec. Evasion: 1
Spd. Evasion: 0

Type: Poison
200% Damage: Ground, Psychic
50% Damage: Bug, Fighting, Grass, Poison
Gender: Come on, you know better than that
Ability: Poison Point
Hold Item: None
Nature: Brave (+ATK, -SPD)
Weight Class: 1
Capabilities: Overland 6, Surface 4, Burrow 4, Jump 2, Power 1, Intelligence 3

Stat Base Added Total
HP 6 6 12
ATK 7 9 16
DEF 5 5 10
SP. ATK 4 0 4
SP. DEF 5 1 6
SPD 2 0 2
Name Frequency Type AC Range Stat Dmg Other
Lv Growl At-Will Normal 2 Ranged N/A N/A 5-meter Burst. -1 ATK CS.
Lv Scratch At-Will Normal 2 Melee ATK 2d10
Lv Tail Whip At-Will Normal 2 Ranged N/A N/A -1 DEF CS.
Lv Double Kick At-Will Fighting 2 Melee ATK 1d12 Can hit twice.
Lv Poison Sting At-Will Poison 2 Ranged ATK 1d8 Poisons on 17-20.
Lv Fury Swipes EOT Normal 4 Melee ATK 1d8 Up to 5 hits. Only add 1/2 ATK for damage.

Campaign: Holy

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