The year is 20XX. The place is the Eastern Isles; referred to as the Visiwa Region by its natives, consists of a cluster of islands south of Unova, east of Mexinova.

While Visiwa's cities enjoy modern luxury like the rest of the world, it's untamed lands are another story. Sure, you can travel from city to city via public transportation or via escorted vehicles, but on foot travel? That's a different story altogether; these lands are vicious, untamed, wild, even to this day. Some of the land even remains unmapped! Luckily its heroes have long kept the cities safe from the jungle sprawl, and life goes on. But to adventure beyond…well, that's what you're here for, no?


Saryx Sylvestine - Botherer
Chase Violet - Kain
Genevieve Webb - Domovoi
Rosetta Whitacre - castfromhp

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Not all sessions will be back to back in terms of time in character, and there will be spots where there's a few days or weeks between sessions for the characters. As such we will be handling downtime for your characters as follows!

When Downtime occurs, I will ask you to select a number of actions appropriate to the time passed. These activities can include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal Training time for your Pokemon (Choose based on by the book training how many you're training - those guys get a free level up and an update to their loyalty blurbs!)
  • Catching and Exploring for Wild Pokemon
  • Researching a topic
  • Socializing with an NPC
  • Seeking out a unique NPC service.
  • Anything that comes to mind!

None of these need to be played out either, even NPC interactions! We'll be keeping this simple.


The Isles


Cities and Townships


It's People

Visiwa NPCs


Prologue: Into The Unown

Chapter One: A Visiwan Odyssey

Chapter Two: The Strange Case of Alice Rhasha

Chapter Three: The Zodiac Brave Story

Chapter Four: Eastern Isles Rhapsody


  • Training provides a flat +1 level bonus


All Mentor feats are available.

Beach Day Tutors

Everyone gets one free.

Character Pokemon Tutor
Chase Haydn Ice Punch
Genevieve Newton Dark Pulse
Rosetta Glissani Iron Head
Saryx leafbug Magic Coat

Other Tutors (2000 per tutor, other feat costs to be determined)

Character Pokemon tutor
Chase Elise Thunder Punch
Chase Brahms Dark Pulse

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