Visiwa Npcs

For: Visiwa

XcdDK.jpg Roland Fauxicore
Title: The Specter
Age: 27
Info: Eldest son of the family, Roland did as his forefathers and entered service in the Rangers as an officer. Proving to live up to the family's reputation, he quickly rose in rank until that of Major, when he was given leave to test himself in the league formally. And that he did, and eventually made his way to the title of a member of the Elite Four before rejoining his normal service in the Rangers. Today the two jobs tend to work as one, as this situation is not a new case for the Rangers. Ever since his return to the Rangers, he's worked alone, usually in more covert roles. Rumor has it he's simply 'holding' the position of Elite Four member until another Fauxicore takes it over. He is also covered in bitches, and has people like Dahlia and Valdis vying for his affections.
RlIAQ.jpg Saxton Thornberry
Title: The Gentleman Explorer
Age: 39
Info: Scholar, Gentleman, Affectionado and Patron of the Arts, Explorer, Master Pugilist. All of these fit the description of this man, but none of it is really complete without the subtext of 'Madman.' Saxton was originally a resident of Altho before local unrest there and boredom with suburbia led him to the wild lands of Visiwa. Not only has he remained ever since, he's proven the nation that time and time again, he is indeed more wild than the land itself. Known for having successfully captured several Legendary Pokemon in the region, along with a quite large collection of dangerous specimens, Saxton is known for having the most bizarre and potentially lethal lineup of the Elite Four. While he is less skilled in the martial arts than Valdis or Roland, his proficiency as a boxer has gotten him quite the reputation. Not many mortals can claim to have punched a Legendary in the face and lived to tell the tale. It is believed he may be related to the owner of Mann Co., but he swears he's never heard of the guy!
gfCdf.jpg Valdis Stormhammer
Title: The Valkyrie
Age: 24
Info: Valdis's parents were a pair of adventuring craftsmen who one day ventured too far into the Misty Mountains, only to be found by rescue teams later frozen to death. Their daughter who had gone with them, then six, was thought dead, but no body was to be seen. Nearly a decade later explorers found her living among the wilds of the mountains, living among the wilds, seemingly raised by the dragons of the mountain. The creatures permitted her to be taken by to Chillwing City to be re-acclimated to human society, but under the understandably she was one of their kind now, a Wild One, as people call them. After a few years of slow reintroduction to the human side of things, she was let free to do as she pleased. She took a great liking to the league structure's brutal nature and the freedom that came with the title of Explorer, and given her upbringing had no trouble at all flying through the ranks to Champion, and eventually winning a spot on the Elite Four. Even today she is soft spoke, says very little, and sometimes seems a bit lost how to deal with people. The most clear thing people are able to deduce is she takes a great pride in helping people and Pokemon alike out of tough situations. Especially those that involve a little blood sport. As a trainer, however? Well, she's a savant at that. Her Icy and Draconian companions are not to be trifled with. Only the strongest fly alongside with the Valkyrie. Her patron makes sure of that.
03NpW.jpg Captain Arnaldo
Title: The Jackass
Age: 28
Info: Much like the Moon Wardens, The Veilbeak Bastards aren't that well known as individuals rather than a team with a figure head, Captain Arnaldo. In this case though, it's because their methods are rather frowned upon. They, as a conscripted privateering crew, are known to take on jobs other teams won't due to too much dirty work being needed. Arnaldo is known to be a jackass, charge unreasonably high wages, decieve his employers and sometimes cause much more collateral damage than needed, but god damn do him and his men deliver. Has a thing for Lilith Vai.

Rivals and Allies

U0PUe.png Peyote Jones
Age: 32
Info: Peyote is the president of the league, and despite being the head nigga in charge, his job is to assist exploring trainers and their journey across Visiwa on the more political and business related side of things. He is the representative assigned to your group. Personality wise? The guy is a total goofball. One would question how he even got this job, but he's quick to cite his varied experiences and a jack-of-all-trades worker and years on the Contest Circuit. Apparently at one time he was a minor Jazz musician as well. Don't rule him out as useless, however. He knows more than he lets on or his appearance suggests. Owns a Hawaiian shirt for every day of the week.
1CwTzGY.jpg Mr. Jenks
Age: 51
Info: Mr. Jenks is a bit of a cranky yet compassionate fellow from Sandseeker Village. He was student of the temple there himself, and still considered young among the populace there. The younger crowd really like him. He relates to them well and tends to treat the pupils as if they were his own kids; sternly but with the best intentions. Has a lot of insight on many matters and very well traveled. Says he was a Mercenary in his days and traveled the world before ending up where he is.
j948JOP.png Alice Rhasha
Age: 19
Info: You know for certain she's the host of the young Goddess. She is unstable emotionally and mentally and relies on this being for the ability to even live at this point. You know her malady is her body is soulless at the moment, and that this likely occurred the night Saryx met her. Currently under the watch of The Frontier Brains - her being around Saryx for an extended period has proved to be a poor choice. Dandyman and Grant both desire to end her life, for doing so would help ensure their goals were met.
tlat7b7.png Norina Elyse
Age: 16
Info: "Don't let her kind and gentle demeanor fool you. She's as nice as she looks (and sometimes I think she cares too much about those close to her), but she has a devious and manipulative streak to her as well. Her parents named her Hyper Voice, and she's really taken to that name with her musical aspirations. …But I still think 'Mega Punch' would be a better name for her. I swear my arm's still bruised from our meeting at the airport, owww. She has an adorable Arcanine named Cervantes who really likes giving rides. Oh, and she's a rune master like me!" - Rosetta Whitacre
hhOZlVf.jpg Ymir Lorie
Age: 19
Info: Russian Visiwaboo who has traveled to the glorious land of Visiwa to train as a martial artist at the Veilbeak Gym. Not much else known at the moment. Sure is a Kushvan.
YQg6qEF.jpg Father Ruth
Age: ???
Info: Alleged Faith healer, former member of Team Plasma, and devotee to Arceus. Father Ruth has been making quite a reputation for himself at his public sermons and is attempting to create a formal church. Very popular with NIU students and The Stag Lords.
eYnm5Yh.jpg Carl
Title: The Breakfastmancer
Age: 29
Info: In its earliest, and some would say most potent form, breakfastmancery was primarily the art of memory. It required no technology, no heat or appurtenances other than the mind of the chef. All the trappings of breakfasting were merely mnemonic devices, meant to allow the practitioner to recall in rich detail the specific mental formulae that unlocked a recipe's power. The greatest chefs in those days were the ones blessed with the greatest memories, and yet so complex were the recipes that all chefs were forced to specialize. The most devoted might hope in a lifetime to have adequate recollection of three recipes—four at most. Ordinary chefs were content to know two, and it was not uncommon for a village chef to know only one—with even that requiring him to consult cookbooks as an aid against forgetfulness on the rare occasions when he might be called to use it. But among these early practitioners there was one exception, a genius of vast intellect and prodigious memory who came to be known as The Breakfastmancer. In his youth, the precocious chef mastered not four, not five, not even seven incantations: He could command no fewer than ten recipes, and cook them instantly. Many more he learned but found tasteless, and would practice once then purge from his mind forever, to make room for more practical breakfast dishes. One such spell was the Elixer of Night—a longevity energy drink of such power that those who drank it in the world's first days are among us still (unless they have been crushed to atoms). Most of these quasi-immortals live quietly, afraid to admit their secret: But Carl is not one to keep his gifts hidden. He is ancient, learned beyond all others, and his mind somehow still has space to contain an immense sense of his own worth…as well as the recipes with which he amuses himself through the long slow saunter of the rising sun.
eMlQrwC.jpg Orlando Bloon
Age: 28

The Visiwian Pantheon:

Species: Arceus
Info: The All Creator, ect.

The Keepers

The Keepers are greater aspects and seen as the dominant forces of the region other than the Outer Gods. They, in a sense, share the higher Pantheon.

Shango, The Keeper of the Throne:
Species: Ho-oh
Info: Alieen's rise to power was not just coincidence, as she was chosen by Shango to ascend to the throne and rule as long as she did. Some believe the Keeper gifted her in ways to increase her life span, but it's entirely speculation. Shango never spoke with anyone other than her or outside her presence. The Keeper of the Throne has rarely acted throughout the history of the isles, choosing to appear exactly when it means to and choosing individuals who will lead the Isles in a united force. During the tribal times, this rarity was especially true. Nowadays, however, The Keeper of the Throne roosts atop the former royal palace, ever scanning the horizon, paying no heed to mortals. Scholars believe it is seeking a new leader, oblivious of how times have changed and caring not. The beasts are directly sub servant to this Keeper, roaming the isles where sight fails it. Shango is worshiped as a symbol of Unity, Peace, and Judgement.

Oshun, The Keeper of the Rivers:
Species: Lugia
Info: Also Keeper of Bad Puns.

Odin, Keeper of the Skies:
Species: Rayquaza

Aegir, Keeper of the Seas:
Species: Kyogre

Freya, Keeper of the Earth:
Species: Groudan

Oya, Keeper of the Winds:
Species: Jirachi
Info: A little troll capable of great visions in the realm of dreams and nightmares.

Heimdall, Keeper of the Road:
Species: Diagla

Orunmila, Keeper of Purity
Species: Palkia
Info: no it's not that you lewd person.

Papa Legba/Met Kalfu, Keeper of the Gate:
Species: Giratina
Info: zombie goasts leave this place. He's pretty much a supernatural hobo at the moment living off of tips and sleeping under Saryx's bed.

Erzulie, Keeper of Life
Species: Mew

Loko and Ayizan, Keepers of Balance:
Species: Zekrom and Resharim

Tyr, Keeper of Order
Species: Kyurem

Skadi, Keeper of The Hunt
Species: Genesect
Info: Reduced to being used as Illusion fodder for Alice's gym fights. How the proud have fallen.

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