Visiwa On A Boat

For: visiwa

Base line a boat doesn't cost entirely much - Base cost of a four room vessel with a bathroom and kitchen is 20,000. What the catch is what additional accommodations you and your team require.

Base boat layout - Top Deck is fairly standard - it includes a kitchen, simple living areas and a restroom/shower, and all your navigation needs. Bottom includes the bedrooms. The top deck honestly doesn't have much options for customization that a simple Shipwright could do for you. There's already sufficient room for more weaponry if you wished for it, but they can't really supply that. Same for more military upgrade improvements to the ship's systems.

The lower levels have much more room for customization - an abstraction here is not being charged for additional levels as much as the rooms installed.

Each additional room costs 5,000. These rooms can be used for a variety of purposes, including

  • Training Facilities
  • Labs or Crafting Stations
  • Breeding Facilities
  • Greenhouse Facilities
  • Additional Bed Rooms
  • Sexy Time Dungeons General Recreation
  • Any odd ball idea you can throw at me!

Supplying these rooms with equipment is outside the shipwright's hands. Though as your ship is developed options to expand will be included!

The Zodiac Brave's Vessel

Name: The SS Pleiades
Bedrooms: 6

  • Genevieve's Lab! Includes all her goods for SCIENCE feats, but she still has to pick up the Mewtwo stuff from Chione!
  • The Rec Room! General lounging area and where you can leave your Pokemon and/or set your storage to be sent when you capture something!
  • The Training Room! Downtime Training for Pokemon now rewards 2 levels to one of the Pokemon you train! Also if a Trainer uses this facility in their down time, they gain +2 to an attribute of their choice or have a Trained Stat for the next session. The choice of attribute or stat must be declared at start of session.
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