Visiwa Shops

Red Blade City + Fort Rueben Shops

New Ivyhollow Shops

Veilbeak City

Venomtalon General Store

Darkfeather City

Thundercry City

Bravescar City

Goldcloud Port Stores

As thanks for what you did for Captain Hendrix, the folks of Goldcloud have allowed you to browse their more…coveted stock of items. You're in a fucking pirate town, they got some pretty high end stuff. And because of this, you can now aquire any standard TM.

  • Type Shifters - These rare items do exactly what they sound like to Pokemon. They are extremely rare, and coveted items. There's only one of each per type. As for what they are…well they look like fruit. 10k Each.
  • Type Plates - They got a lot of these, for all types. 3.5k
  • Corsair's Regalia - Full on privateering outfits. They even come in school girl varieties. These are body slot equipment and are stat boosters for a stat of your choice. 3k
  • Scimatars - These can be used by humans and Pokemon alike and can serve as either a Attack, Special Attack, or Type Booster. They can also be used in the offhand as an evasion, defense or special defense booster. - 2.5k
  • Firearms - Many varieties, including some that can launch items, such as X-Boosters, restorative items, and even Pokeballs. The ones that don't fire bullets are off hand items, and come with little quirks based off what sort of item they specialize in - 2k
  • Combat Boots - made specially for reaching your quarry with haste - they provide +1 to overland speed. 2k
  • Signet Rings - these actually don't do anything on their own but have fittings for gemstones. They are ideal for creating accessory items. 1k Each

Thornberry Incorporated

Found in many cities, a Specialty store for Soldiers, Conscripted and Explorers! Seems what you can buy changes as you rank up, hmmm.. Often paired with a Hungry Garchomp Breakfast Emporium.

Pokeballs - 200
Flare Balls - 250, -10 on capturing fire types
Special Edition Artillery Balls - 300 Each, -10 on capturing Fire or Ice Types. Only in Red Blade City
Special Edition Odyssey Balls - 300 Each, -10 on capturing Grass and Poison types. Only in New Ivyhollow
Special Edition Hurricane Balls - 300 Each, -10 on capturing Water and Fighting types. Only in Veilbeak City
Special Edition Nightmare Balls - 300 Each, -10 on capturing Ghost and Dark Types. Only in Darkfeather City.
Special Edition Hurricane Balls - 300 Each, -10 on capturing Flying and Normal Pokemon. Only in Bravescar.
Great Balls - 400
Pester Ball's Class A - 500
Repels - 200
Bait, Rueben's Rubens, Assorted Pancakes - 250


Saxton's Portable Grower: Casual Edition! - Allows growing T1 berries with the Green Thumb Edge - 2,000
Saxton's Apricorn Press: Stick in an Apricorn, get a ball! Process takes 24 hours - 1,500
Saxton's Patented Catching Mitt : On Initial evaluation it looks like a normal sports glove, tight fitting, rubberized palms for grips. He uses them himself though…hrm. Comes in a variety of colors! Trainer Accessory: -5 on Capture Checks - 1,500
Saxton's Patented Hat: Man this thing is fly. +2 to Charm checks when trying to impress someone. Trainer Head Slot Item - 2,500
Saxton's Patented Hatcher Habitat: This thing is actually sort of tricky. It allows you to 'store' a Hatcher's feats onto it and the egg placed in it will hatch with the benefits. Tl;dr you stick an egg in it and Ammy refills it for you, when it hatches you get Hatcher benefits. Also halves the hatch time of eggs. - 2,000
Saxton's Patented Fishing Rod with Boxing Glove Lure: Trainer Off Hand. Subtract 20 from rarity d100 rolls when fishing. Also usable for birds. And lava. And sand. Don't ask. - 2,000
Saxton's Patented Stuffed Pokemon: These plushy toys are so damn adorable and comfortable, they could help -anyone- calm the fuck down. Trainer Off Hand. When giving one to someone, you get a +2 to a Charm or Guile roll to calm them down. When holding one, Trainers who are distressed get a +2 to Focus and Intuition checks. Come in a variety of species! Just ask the receptionist! - 2,000


Kent's Combat Gloves of Ice and Fire: Trainer Offhand. There's something special about the fabric of these gloves - they might make great Alchemical bases, but their default purpose is to help shield one from the elements. Special Defense Booster. 1,500.
Spore's Choice Tobacco: Same stuff he rewards to Gym Challengers. Comes in Visionquest Violet and DreamMint,' 'Heart Scaled Rose,' and 'Lucky Lillies 777. 1,500 Per Use.
Gabriella's Sparring Gloves: Trainer Offhand. Similar to Kent's gloves, only for physical combatents. Defense Booster. 1,500.
Yvonne's Poke Collars: Pokemon Held Items. Wearing this makes a Pokemon a bit better at one particular thing. At the moment, they only come as Defense and Special Defense Boosters. 2,000 for Defense and Special Defense.
Sudden Tempest's Throwing Hammers: Come in a bag. Short Range Weapons (Can be held in offhand) that give a +3 to the accuracy roll of Combat Maneuvers and Struggle Attacks. These hurt like the dickens. 3,000.
Sudden Tempest's Caltrops: On close inspection, they appear to be little hammers. 500 for a bag of them. They come in toxic hammer varieties for 1,000 for a bag. Can be comboed with a throwing hammer for shenanigans.

TM's, HM's, VM's

All Standard TM's are for sale at their book price. Ask about VM or HM prices.
Special Order - You can request to order non-standard TM's of Types you possess badges of! These will be by case costs, and generally the 'cap' of ones you can order are a bit weaker than your current selection from the general stock. Ask for details!

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