Visiwan Delegation Method!

For Game: Visiwa

Okay, so you guys got a lot of allies and a lot to tackle. So this is a little tool we'll be using to help facilitate this!

I'll list the NPC's who are friendly with you guys, and you can request tasks for them here. I'll respond with their willingness to act on it, and if all parties are in agreement, just sign off and things will be set in motion!

The Moon Wardens

NPC Tasks Willingness Sign Off Results
Miracle Eye 1. Either leave her in charge of the cult business or ask her to come along to the island 1. "Uh. Slow down, one thing at a time."
Dahlia Von Fraenir 1. Spread breakfast cant to allies 2. "Sorry, geez. What are you good at, exactly? You guys are cool, but I'm not really sure about your specialties. Rose knows that better than I do, so that was just an idea. …We'll see what we can do about your problems anyway, though. It's not like we're expecting the help for nothin'." 1. "Is this -seriously- all you think I can handle? :| Fine but when we get a breather from all this I need help dealing with that dragon bitch."
Annette Vaux
UPROAR Smash face with us at the factory?


NPC Tasks Willingness Sign Off Results
Ammy Talk with her about the situation, ask Anna along on the trip to the island possibly? He'd really like to ask Ammy along too, but under probation, it's not looking to be very feasible.
Anna ^ Anna wanted to go exploring, this is a pretty prime time to try that? This is also connected to Ammy in a fashion, so there's that if she's curious beyond that initial bit. And more than that, Chase saw the arena battle - he'd feel comfortable with someone as strong as her along.

The Thundercocks

NPC Tasks Willingness Sign Off Results
Biggy Lils

Gym Leaders

NPC Tasks Willingness Sign Off Results
Chione Masri Use your know-how and the data taken from the servers to trace and removed any bugging programs, try to block sources of espionage with countermeasures? Chase isn't sure how feasible this is.
Yvonne 1. Ghost defenders for Darkfeather 1. "Funny. Roland has been lingering about the area under the assumption something -would- happen. But very well, this seems dire. The Haunt will be at the ready." cast THE PACT IS SEALED

The E4

NPC Tasks Willingness Sign Off Results
Roland Fauxicore Find a safe place to house Yanala for the duration of the attack on Darkfeather.
Captain Bastard 1. Investigate gijinka island 2. "I wanted to infiltrate the island, check for signs of the Sons' presence on the island, and hell, just investigate the damn thing. There's something going on there that's relevant on a larger scale, but fuck if I know what. If you want to put this into perspective, look how thorough their intelligence gathering's been. They're doing everything they can to have an informational advantage. At this rate, and at the -very least-, they're going to get in there and figure out everything about this island before you, who's been working pretty hard on this. I figured the least I could do before running in was give you the courtesy of running this by you and getting your input. We also need to consider that in the end, him getting an army like that? Creatures with human intelligence and the strengths of powerful pokemon? It's going to cost both you and everyone else far more than intervening now. Later it's just going to be his territory full and out, and it's going to be a lot harder to do anything about it. We might have a chance to prevent that, or at least slow them down with the intel we get. I need -someone- with some good sense and expertise on this coming along. I'm looking to go in quiet, not announce our presence there to the region, and I know a guy like you can be smooth when he wants to. Hell, if you want, you can be in charge, it'd be better than me. Are you in or are you not, man? You really just want to let them get to everything first?" 1. "And what do you want me to do exactly, sit there like a sitting ducklett and hope Grant's guys don't just stroll on by? What's the game plan here, cause I'm not in the business of doing stupid shit for the sake of a greater good or some hocus pocus crap."
Saxton Thornberry 1. Seriously, he should be involved with the factory somehow 1. "SAXTOOOOON THORNBERRRY…just let me go collect Loki first, but I would be honored to accompany you into battle, good sirs and madams!" Kain
Valdis Stormhammer

The Brains

NPC Tasks Willingness Sign Off Results
Thomas Gelzer 1. Help with shit in TC 2. Switch it up? 1. "But. I just. Alice. Moved into my old studio and we got done setting it up just hours ago and now….*sigh*. Alright, it's important I guess…" Kain
Jeramiah Jenkins
Beatrice Fauxicore Alice guard duty "Euuuuh? Well I guess it really doesn't matter which one of us does it at any given time, but look. Whatever Jeramiah saw sorta spooked him and he's gone off to investigate something on his own. So if you need help in Thundercry, it's me or Thomas. The other has to stay back." Kain


Organization Tasks Willingness Sign Off Results
The Rangers Prepare for a move on Darkfeather - either in from Grant's group or out by Yanala. Working with Roland, of course.
The Peacekeepers Get a hold of the situation in the Drift
The Conscripted Conclave 1. Keep an eye out for Grant's battleship? 1. These guys are down here but you don't got a strong contact to them yet. You will need to either coax it out of Arnaldo, or work through Hendrix.
The Keeper's Cult 1. help us come up with what do about the fact Grant has a registeel 1. Roland isn't -that- concerned about this. Given who you have asked for help someone else will surely have Legendaries around. What he does say is to make sure it's Auras are disabled - maybe there is a way you could assist with this based on how they are controlling it, he suggests. If this is not a voluntary action on its own part, it might be a bit easier to sway or hinder.
The Thundercry Bad Girls 1. If not helping storm TC complexes, work on installing new OS/replacing compromised city bots. 1. This is certainly something they can add to the mission when it's time to act! Domo
Genevieve's Service Droids 1. Search and destroy original Wanga Dolls in city. 2. Assist in cleaning infected robots of security virus. 1. Totally within their capability. 2. Also something they can assist with. Domo
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