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Training gives 1/4th of the Pokemon's level times the trainer's command rank, rather than plus it. Halving works as normal.


Once per day, a PC may spar with either another PC or with an allied NPC (one of the crew members). This only gives experience for Pokemon used, and the sparring partner must use Pokemon (so Mistral and Lani are out). The experience gain is the sum of all the sparring partner's pokemon's levels + double the partner's TL, divided by the number of pokemon you used. You may spar additional times a day, but you won't gain any Pokemon EXP for it. You may only use up to 3 Pokemon if you are doing a singles battle, and up to 4 if you are doing a Doubles (if you both agree to doubles, if you do not have Focused Command, you may battle as if you do have it. If you DO have Focused Command already, you may battle as if you had Channeler's Reach instead. If you already have Channeler's Reach, you do not have to pay AP to lift your Frequency Restriction). During Sparring, since you're not out to kill each other, you only gain Injuries from Massive Damage and for hitting 0% HP.

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