Game: Wakino Privateers

Half-Demon Half-Everything


Name : Med
Stage Name : Moonlight Encore Drummer

Age : 18

Height : 5'6"

Weight : 120lb

Level 20 Med


A cosplaying musician celebrity-wannabe, Med only just recently graduated from high school, and she already wants to be more things than she knows what to do with: a famous celebrity, a hero of justice, a knight, an ace trainer, a member of a real band, and tons more.

Although the fact is normally hidden, the eighteen year old Med is already more things than most people could deal with. Ordinarily concealed by color contacts, her red eyes betray a hint of her true nature (Pictured on the right: an image of Med as seen by an aura reader).

On a more mundane level, ever since graduating, Med has refused the notion of a typical outfit, wearing anything, mundane or outlandish, and anything in between. While her hair style changes just as frequently, she usually keeps it relatively long and usually keeps it in its natural color (light brown).

Oh, did I mention she's a half-demon?

Skills and Stats

Skills and Attributes

Body: (0)
Acrobatics: Untrained (2)
Athletics: Untrained (2)
Combat: Pathetic (1)
Intimidate: Untrained (2)
Stealth: Untrained (2)
Survival: Pathetic (1)

Mind: (-1)
Guile: Novice (3)
Perception: Pathetic (1)

Spirit: (+6)
Charm: Master (6) [Flirt with Boys/Girls]
Command: Master (6)
Focus: Expert (5)
Intuition: Expert (5)

Combat Stats

Hit Points 92/92
HP 14
Attack 5
Defense 5
Sp. Attack 5
Sp. Defense 14
Speed 21

Injuries: None
Heart: 65

Moves and Capabilities


Shadow Wave (EoT AC2, Shadow Special, DB5: 1d8+7, Cone 2)
Shadow Wink (Battle AC6, Shadow Status, Infatuation on opposite genders (same on 19-20, non-gendered on 20), Cone 2)
Struggle (AW AC4, Normal Phy, DB4: 1d8+5, Melee)

Capabilities: Overland 5, Swimming 2, High Jump 0, Long Jump 1, Power 4, Throwing 6
Action Points: 8/8

Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 1/10


Elemental Connection (Infernal): +2 to Charm, Command, Guile, Intimidate, and Intuition checks ???-typed Pokemon.
Personal Connection: As long as I don't abuse them too much, my pokemon are OK with me making them do terrible things, like take medicine or self destruct.
Skill Stunt (Charm - Flirt with Boys): Roll one less dice and add +6 to the total for any skill check the skill stunt applies. This skill stunt emphasizes inciting sexual attraction in boys.
Skill Stunt (Charm - Flirt with Girls): Roll one less dice and add +6 to the total for any skill check the skill stunt applies. This skill stunt emphasizes inciting sexual attraction in girls.


Ace Trainer: Drain 1 AP and an Extended Action, after spending at least half an hour training my pokemon, I may choose a stat for each pokemon trained to become Trained. Trained stats have +1 default CS, but pokemon normally may only have one stat trained at a time.
Brutal Training: [Training/Orders] +1 Crit Range and +1 Effect Range
Capricious Whirl [Orders]: Standard action: grant a pokemon under my control +3 Evasion at the cost of -5 to all damaging attacks until the end of my next turn.
Cheerleader: As a free action when using Orders or when my pokemon uses an ability or status move that affects only allies, spend X AP and choose between Cheered, Excited, or Motivated. X allies gain the chosen condition. Note that there can be multiple instances of Cheered, Excited, and Motivated at the same time.
Cheered: May be given up once per Save Check to roll the check twice, using the better result.
Excited: May be given up once per Damage Roll to add +5 to the roll.
Motivated: May be given up as a Free Action to increase a Combat Stage that's below its default value.
Commander's Voice: I may give one order as a Swift action (except Focused Command), or two orders as a Standard action (if one is Focused Command, and the other targets my pokemon, then it'll target both thus-commanded pokemon).
Elite Trainer: When training, I may apply up to two different [Training] features on each of my pokemon.
Fashionista: +1 Accessory slot - cannot wear two accessories with overlapping effects
Focused Command: Gain an additional Command action, letting me command two pokemon at once, with two limitations (each of which may be eliminated for the round by paying 1 AP): they suffer -5 to all damage rolls, and they can only use At-Will moves.
Focused Training [Training/Orders]: +1 Accuracy and +2 Skill Checks
Go, Fight, Win! [Orders]: Choose one of the below cheers to perform as a Standard Action. Each cheer can be done 1/scene, and this feature as a whole can only be done up to Charm rank times (and no more than 6). This is an untargeted order.
Show Your Best!: Choose a Combat Stat. All allies gain +1 CS in that stat, and become Motivated.
Don't Stop Now!: All allies gain temporary HP equal to my Charm rank, and become Cheered.
I Believe In You!: All allies gain +2 to their next Accuracy Bonus, and become Excited.
Inspired Training [Training/Orders]: +1 Evasion and +2 Save Checks
Mastermind: When giving orders with targets, I can target two additional targets with that order, even if the order normally only lets me target my own pokemon.
Moment of Action [Orders]: 1/Scene Standard Action: User and all allied trainers gain 2 temporary AP that goes away at the end of my next turn if unspent. This is an untargeted order.
Shadow Succubus: All Shadow and ??? Pokemon will listen to me, but not necessarily obey or like me.
Stylish Makeover: Bind 1 AP to raise a target's social skill at the cost of lowering another. Social skills include Charm, Command, Guile, Intimidate and Intuition. Skills raised beyond the target's cap get a +1 bonus instead of a rank up, and skills cannot be lowered below Pathetic.
Top Percentage: Each time one of my pokemon levels up to a level evenly divisible by 5, they gain an extra tutor point. They may only benefit from this up to a maximum of 4 times, after which each of their base stats is increased by 1.


Soulstealer: As a Center frequency Standard Action, I can choose one Pokemon or Trainer within 5m. The target gains 1 Injury and has their Special Defense lowered by -X, where X is half the number of Injuries on the target. If this Injury causes death, the user may remove all injuries from themselves and their HP is fully restored.



Head n/a
Body n/a
Main Hand Boxcutter
Off-Hand n/a
Feet n/a
Accessory #1 n/a
Accessory #2 n/a


All of the clothes: Med has a ton of outfits, and regularly obtains more. She's also into cosplay.
Color Contacts: Med has contacts in the colors brown, green, pink, yellow, and white.
Instruments: Med plays drums and flutes. She likely has a drum kit, a smaller drum that she can actually carry around, and a wooden flute.
Umbrella: An umbrella received from Lucine. It's pink with a Politoed head on one of its sides.


Money: 3,000 pokedollars
Badges: Dual Badge (Wakino Psychic Gym) and Scratch Badge (Zebra Electric Gym)
Boxcutter: She also has a boxcutter for some reason. Yeah. It counts as a Small Melee Weapon (+1 DB to Struggle attacks), and a knife for weapon feature purposes.
Sunglasses [Head]: Bought on a whim. They're pretty stylish as heck - enough to give her +1 to Guile, Intimidate, and Charm checks!
  • Shadow Dress [Body]: +2 Charm, +1 Guile, may have a set bonus with Shadow Gloves and Shadow Stockings.
  • Lecia's Labcoat [Body]: +0 to all science checks, because Lecia doesn't need any more bonuses to that. It's adorably oversized. Also makes me the Doctor by giving me a +2 to command bonuses whenever dealing with things the person I'm commanding doesn't properly understand.

Rebreather: Supplied by PIRATES, this gives be the Gilled capability for up to one hour, and is refilled automatically after 5 minutes of being in open air.
First Aid Kit: By spending 1 AP, any trainer may make a Medicine check on another trainer or pokemon. On a result of 6+, the target gains HP equal to half of the result.
Bandages (x0): These can be used to bandage people up (extended action). They last for 6 hours, and double the natural healing rate of whoever they're applied to. They also heal one Injury if they remain in place for their full duration.
Potion (x2): Heals 20 HP.
Super Potion (x0): Heals 35 HP.
Basic Ball (x2): A normal pokeball with a +0 modifier.
Great Ball (x0): A superior pokeball with a -10 modifier.
Old Rod: Can be used to catch low level (Lv10 or lower), unevolved water pokemon. Requires bait or a lure.
Bait (x2): Can be used to lure or distract pokemon.



(Way too many people!)



McMillions the Murkrow
Level 46: 3049 EXP
Gender: Female
Type: Dark/Flying
Nature: Adamant (+2 Attack / -2 SpAtk)
Abilities: Super Luck (+2 crit range), Twisted Power (+Atk/2 to Special moves, +SpAtk/2 to Physical moves), Omen (1/Scene Swift Action to cause -2 Accuracy to 1 target within 5m)
Held Item: None
Capabilities: Overland 3, Swim 1, Sky 6+2, Jump 2/2, Power 1, Intelligence 4+1, Underdog
Darkvision: Can see without light, even in total darkness.
Stealth: While Shifting, noise is only made if desired. Unless a Ranged Move has been made in the current or previous rounds, Ranged Moves may not target the Stealth user if the LoS goes through Rough Terrain, or if the Stealth user is on rough terrain.
Fortune: Once per day, spending an hour roaming freely in a City or a Town lets it return with 1d10 x Lv pokeyen. May run away if Loyalty is especially low, however.
Skills: Athletics 2d6+1, Acrobatics 3d6, Combat 2d6+1, Stealth 4d6+1, Perception 3d6+1, Focus 2d6+1
Tutor Points: 10+3 (1 spent on +1 Intelligence, 2 spent on Mixed Sweeper x3 (+9pts), 1 on +2 Sky)
Notes: Top Percentage 3/4
HP: 104
Hit Points 6 10 16
Attack 11 20 31
Defense 4 1 5
Special Attack 7 17 24
Special Defense 4 1 5
Speed 9 16 25

Injuries: -

Name Freq AC Type Damage Range Special Effect Contest
Assurance AW 2 Dark DB8/14 (2d8+10 / 4d10+15) Physical Melee, 1 target DB12 (14 after STAB) if target has already been damaged by a Move this round; this effect can only trigger once per scene per target. Beauty/Double Time
Drill Peck EOT 2 Flying DB10 (3d8+10) Physical Melee, 1 Target, Dash - Cool/Steady Performance
Feint Attack AW - Dark DB8 (2d8+10) Physical Melee, 1 Target Cannot miss Smart/Desperation
Haze Scene x2 - Ice - Status Field Combat Stages of user and all Pokemon/Trainers in the encounter are set to their default state (usually 0) Beauty/Sabotage
Night Shade Scene x2 2 Ghost - Special 8m, 1 Target Target loses HP equal to user's Lv, ignoring stats and type (dis/)advantages Smart/Steady Performance
Foul Play Scene x2 2 Dark DB12 (3d12+10) Physical Melee, 1 Target Use target's Attack stat instead of own Smart/Steady Performance

Egg Moves: Drill Peck, Feint Attack

Noncombatant Pokemon


Fluffers the Houndour
Level 25: 785 EXP
Gender: Male
Type: Dark/Fire
Nature: Brave (+2 Attack / -2 Speed)
Abilities: Flash Fire (takes no damage from Fire moves; if hit by a Fire move, +5 damage to next damage roll with a fire-type move), Early Bird (+3 to rolls made due to Status Afflictions)
Held Item: None
Capabilities: Overland 5, Swim 3, Jump 1/1, Power 2, Intelligence 3, Underdog
Darkvision: Can see without light, even in total darkness.
Firestarter: Struggle attacks may be Fire-typed if desired. Struggle attacks may be Special if desired.
Tracker: Can track things by smell via Perecption checks. DC 8 if they've smelt the target or the target's personal belongings in the past day; DC 14 to pick up a random scent from nothing; DC 20 to pick up a specific scent from nothing.
Skills: Athletics 3d6+1, Acrobatics 3d6, Combat 2d6+2, Stealth 3d6+1, Perception 2d6+1, Focus 2d6
Tutor Points: 6+2 (2 on Mixed Sweeper x2 (+6 pts))
Notes: Top Percentage 2/4
HP: 71/71
Hit Points 5 7 12
Attack 8 11 19
Defense 3 4 7
Special Attack 8 10 18
Special Defense 5 3 9
Speed 5 6 11

Injuries: None

Name Freq AC Type Damage Range Special Effect Contest
Beat Up EOT * Dark * Physical Melee, 1 Target User and two allies adjacent to the target may each make a Dark-typed Struggle attack on the target. Smart/Reliable
Bite AW 2 Dark DB8 (2d8+10) Physical Melee, 1 Target Flinches target on 15+ Tough/Steady Performance
Ember AW 2 Fire DB6 (2d6+8) Special 4, 1 Target Burns target on 18+; Grants Firestarter Beauty/Steady Performance
Punishment EOT 2 Dark DB8 (2d8+10) Physical Melee, 1 Target +1 DB per Combat Stage the target has, up to DB12 Smart/Catching Up
Roar Battle 2 Normal - Status Burst 1, Sonic When declaring Roar, the user does nothing (including shifting). At the end of the round, the user Shifts and uses Roar. Targets hit by Roar immediately Shift away from the target using their highest usable movement capability, and toward their trainer if possible. If a target is an owned pokemon and ends this shift within 6m of their pokeball, they're immediately recalled to their pokeball. If that trainer sends out a replacement, they do not lose their Command action. Cool/Excitement
Smog AW 7 Poison DB3 (1d6+5) Special Line 2 Poisons all legal targets on Even-Numbered Roll Tough/Steady Performance

Egg Moves: Punishment

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