Space Privateers (From Wakino)


This letter, with no return address, was found in your mailbox one day.
Dear (insert name here),
After showing your worth in that (tournament/burning building/contest/arbitrary exam/eating 50 hot dogs in an hour/doing the biznastiest bike trick ever/being an amazingly suicidal bungee jumper/being such a sexy thing/outrunning a swarm of hungry Yanma/surviving out in the ocean for 10 days alone with no nourishment but piss/scoring a Perfect on the favorite for a Fighting Game tournament/breaking the world record of trips made in a single day and not killing yourself by tripping on the concrete so often/fishing up a world record breaking Relicanth/holding a rad concert and not blowing your lungs out/drinking 3 gallons of water and holding back your pee for a day/never eating a single piece of candy in your whole life/being a reputable member of the vegan police/being ridiculously straight/being Captain Obvious for a day/being immune to wedgies/surviving through compulsory schooling without remembering anyone's name/being the most notorious thief of License Plates in the country/being a huge /b/tard/being really edgy/getting lost in a place full of directional signs/other notable thing), the Wakino Aquatic Reserve (WAR), the Navy of Wakino (which you probably already know but there are some foreigners getting these letters), has seen fit to offer you a chance to join a new, special branch of the Navy: the Privateers Investigating Roving Aquatic Terrorists Entirely Secretly (or PIRATES, ironically enough). In PIRATES, you will sail the seas around Wakino, posing as pirates to infiltrate the ACTUAL pirates that have begun systematically ravaging Wakino and anyone who dares sail the seas. More information shall be provided after you have answered affirmatively. A man in black will come and visit you in a few days to hear your answer. This message will self-destruct a minute after being read to protect the confidential information on it, and if you are found spreading this information to civilians you will be silenced and discredited.

Looking forward to your answer!

Campaign Overview

Wakino Privateers is going to be a campaign in either PTU or PTA (will be decided upon by a vote of those interested) set in the island nation of Wakino, an archipelago not too far from Kanto and the other associated regions, with strong ties to Unova and Gennis (Poke-Britain, for those who don't know). The PCs will be a group of trainers who sail the seas of Wakino, working as double-agents for the government and for the organized Pirates of Wakino, which are split in a few factions, but all are rumored to have ties to Team Aether, a shadowy team that few are sure actually exists, and is rumored to have a hand in many of Wakino's major companies, rumored to be behind the sudden insurgence of Shadow Pokemon appearing in Wakino's Pokemon League 10 years ago.

Notable Houserules/Heads Ups

  • This game, after some consideration, will be using PTU!
  • Tell me anything you want to focus on or make concessions for in this game! I'll try and see if I can accomodate it. Whether it's some really weird class or you have some vague plot for your character you want (nothing too specific, I need wiggle room), I'll do my best to write something up!
  • I plan to have about 5 players, and I'd like at least two paragraphs of background information and some kind of hook into the plot. If you can't think of one, I'll help! Generally what I want is there being some major crime or incident relating to organized crime in their backgrounds.
  • The game is SLATED to start in early June, but might start a little earlier or later, depending. I'd like a lot of planning to be put into this before it starts although I bet a ton of it will be dashed by PC actions somehow
  • Pirate Class:

Aori's Shadow Pokemon Rules (PTU)

Chargen rules and players list

  • Trainer: Lv. 10 trainer, age 18+ (not necessarily in appearance), no banned classes, note that anything that boosts attributes (besides the Researcher's Mind+1 feat that is JUST FOR THAT) doesn't actually boost attributes, they're typos. Combat stats are still boosted, of course. Background should be at LEAST 2 paragraphs, and a reference picture is recommended, but optional. Starting PY is 5000, this is subject to change, and yes, you can buy things before the game actually starts, go check the book for prices. Additionally, you may start with a one-handed weapon with no held item properties or smith customization for free, and if you don't, you'll get issued something standard issue like a Nightstick from PIRATES, since, well, this is a job where you're expected to get into fights. You'll also all get Rebreathers issued to you when you join PIRATES, since you'll all be expected to be sailing the seas.
  • Pokemon: You're allowed one main starter at Lv. 20 with any 2 egg moves on its list, and then in addition to that you either get one additional Pokemon at Lv. 18 with one egg move or you get two Pokemon at Lv. 14 with one egg move each. For Pokemon that don't learn many moves at this stage (like Abra or Magikarp) I might let you have additional moves. Nature and abilities are whatever you like them to be out of their lists, not ignoring any restrictions like Levitater. Gender is randomly rolled for.
  • Other: There are two new Pokemon made up so far: Rotot (baby Rotom) and Tentacuddle (baby Tentacool). More might show up,a nd I'll make pages for 'dex entries and information.
Player Character Classes Nutshell
Cracky The Reaper Ouroboros/Ghost Ace/Arcanist/Glitch Bender THEY'RE COMING FROM BEYOND TO GET ME
A VAN The Hero Duke/Rogue Jackie Chan? Ben Affleck? Johnny Depp? Nope, better.
Kainathan The Scoundrel Plague/Rune Master/Soldier/Druid This hand of mine is sickly purple! It…should probably get looked at.
Lymmy The Princess Polestar/Fashionista/Arcanist/Dancer Nanodesu
Domovoi The Judge Squall/Electric Ace/Athlete/Berserker Cool Story, brah
Former Player Character Classes Nutshell
Pair of Ducks Cerise Grass Stall Probably this
Pair of Ducks Lysandr Chump in the making I AM THE LAW
Roars Med? Med! ...Med Cheerleader/Demon/Musician Will you be my friend? :3
Rommel The Scholar Researcher/Underdog/Hobbyist/Mentor ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

Base TL: MAX

Note: Use as a template for what you're doing. Not the wiki specific template thing, that's a pain in the ass, just copy-paste it and fill it in.

Player Resources


  • THERE WILL be Pirates.
  • THERE WILL be intrigue and espionage.
  • THERE WILL NOT be some ridiculous imbalance of husbandos and waifus, Aori's gonna' try to give them out about equally!
  • THERE WILL be lovable characters.
  • THERE WILL be characters that you wish would BLOW THE FUCK UP because they're such huge jerks.
  • THERE WILL be silliness.
  • THERE WILL also be seriousness, for srs, gaiz.
  • THERE WILL NOT be purposeful killing off of PCs by the GM, his previous game proved he was incapable of killing off PCs because he loves them too much. ;_;
  • THERE WILL be lots of ridiculous acronyms!

Setting Info

Map of Wakino

Locations of Wakino


Timeline of events

Item Pool

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