Wakino Speculation

Status Key

  • Active: The "default" state, this means that the rumor exists and has neither been proved or disproved. Group consensus on this is neutral.
  • Likely: Neither proven nor disproven, but commonly believed.
  • Unlikely: Neither proven nor disproven, but thought to be a shaky theory.
  • Disproved: Better luck next time.
  • Partially correct: Part of this theory is right, details will be given after the usual details

Theory Listing

Legendary Pokemon
# Human Pokemon Status Originator Notes
1 Med's Family Giratina Disproved Kraken Just a bunch of weirdos
2 Eliza Suicune Probably Disproved Kraken She did not become my waifu
3 Jennifer Meloetta Disproved Kraken Probably would have come up by now given all of the other Meloettas
4 Eileen Regigigas Disproved Vandaeron Fatty is totes a Meloetta or some such.
5 Lesieli Eelektross Disproved Kraken Dorky is totes a Victini.
6 Cap'n Manaphy Disproved Domo Oldy is totes dyin'
7 Mirai Celebi Probably Disproved Ramiel Dodged a bullet there.
8 Mr. Puppy Arcanine Proved Kain BOW BEFORE THE DOGGO
Plot twists
# Twist Status Originator Notes
1 Grey Mightyenas are pirates Proved Domovoi
2 Everything is Touhous Proved Zoofman Temporarily, in that one fight.
3 Auriga and Phantasia were dead the whole time Disproved Kraken Just some lame kids
4 There are no less than three unknown Aether agents on the NPC page, one of which is on the ship. Disproved Kain Kind of surprised actually
5 We haven't ever seen !Lecia and Lecia in the same place, have we? Dis..disproved? Lymy Damn alternate universes
6 Luna is grooming Mel's godhood to slay her for her show. Probably Disproved The Crack Okay maybe not
7 ARIANNA IS GRAN. Disproved Vandaeron Sad about this one
8 Mistral is totes Aether aligned. Disproved Lymee Rules-obsessed treegirl continued to be a rules-obsessed treegirl
# Who What Status Originator Notes
1 Corroseon Evolves via Black Sludge Irrelevant Kraken I'm amazed only one PC actually uses an Eevee now
# What Status Originator Notes
1 Kraken sucks at theories Proved x100 Vandaeron In my defense…something.
2 Aori is Mirai Proved Kraken I've totally seen him play her.
3 Mako is a female Farfetch'd Probably Disproved Blendy Poor Blendo
4 Jelly Ghost god (Kanaloa) isn't Mel's stalker-god; Ebilness and Raijin/Fuujin problems caused by Aether probably Proved Kraken Missingno did it; Aether did it; Aether did it.

Confirmed info from Aori

  • At least one of the PCs have already met an avatar of a Legendary Pokemon as of prior to Main Session #5, and it is not Murphy, Lecia, or Gran.
    • An avatar who isn't named Lesieli?
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