Class Requirements: 18 Strength, Has incapacitated 5 Pokemon and/or Trainers with Trainer Actions

Class Benefit: +1 STR

Class Features
Fierce Assault
Add your Strength modifier to all of your attacks, melee or ranged.

Rally the Assault
Daily - For every 10 levels, you may use this Feature an additional time.
Target - Allied Pokemon and Trainers
During the next round of combat, add 1/2 your Strength modifier to all teammates' attacks, melee or ranged.

//Ruthless, bloodthirsty, thrill seeking. Just a few of the impressions one can label these brutal Soldiers. Leaping into the fray with the strong-arm of his force, the Warmonger doesn't take time to consider the repercussions of his actions. With enough force behind those actions to instill inner strength in even the most meek, this elite combatant is looking for only one thing: Victory over his opponents. And he won't stop until he's either dead or he gets what he came for. //

Make It Bleed!
Requirements: Make It Hurt!
Daily - For every 10 levels, you may use this Feature an additional time.
Target - Trainer or Pokemon
Trainer Action
With your next basic Trainer attack, add +4 to your Accuracy Check. If the attack is successful, the attack does three times the normal damage. If the attack is a critical attack, the attack does four times the normal damage. This Feature cannot be used while Elemental Ammunition is in effect. This Feature replaces Make It Hurt!

Elemental Ammunition
Requirements: Gun Proficiency, Level 7
Target- Self
Spend 2500. For the remainder of combat, your standard Trainer Attacks using your Gun now deal damage of the Type of your choice.

Rage-Filled Memories
Requirements: Remember Your Training, 20 STR
When you use the Feature "Remember Your Training", add +4 to your Strength, regardless of your Attribute Choice. If you use Remember Your Training with the Strength Attribute, you gain +8 Strength total.

In The Corner
Requirements: 20 Strength, three Warmonger Features
When your HP is reduced to below 50%, your next attack that succeeds deals additional damage equal to your Strength Modifier.

Menacing Gaze
Requirements: 19 Strength
Daily - For every 10 levels, you may use this Feature an additional time
Target- Pokemon
Trainer Action
Multiply your Trainer level by four. This is the maximum level Pokemon this Feature will work on. Roll 1d20 and add your Strength Modifier. If the roll result is 20 or more, the Pokemon will flee from the encounter. If forced to stay in the encounter with you or your Pokemon,it must add +4 to all of its Accuracy Checks.

Unnerving Force
Requirements: 22 Strength
Target: A Pokemon is dealt 50 or more damage by your Trainer Action
The target Pokemon automatically Flinches on its next attack.

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