We Found a Kind of Paradise

Approximately fifty years ago, the land of Masiirka was a bustling region, filled with not only many technological marvels and the epitome of human progress and design, but also vast stretches of beautiful wilds and breathtaking locales. And now, the latter is mostly true; the former was not nearly as lucky.

For half a century ago, the Catastrophe struck, an event both world-shattering yet strangely quiet. No one knows quite how it happened—few are still alive who clearly remember the fateful event, still even fewer speak of it, and not one person can agree upon either the cause or the specifics that irrevocably changed the world and left the testaments of man’s ultimate ingenuity as nothing more than lonely, derelict monuments of a time long forgotten. Some say it was caused by a human weapon, engineered in secret, that was far too powerful in its first test run. Others speculate it was a natural disaster, brewing into some perfect freak storm. And still others insist it was the wrath of pokemon, or a powerful supreme being who grew disgusted with the world and smote it with biblical fury.

Still, two things are known for sure: the event marked an end of an era of prosperity, filling the earth with many supernatural phenomena and causing many of the great cities and towns to wither and crumble away. And yet the land persisted, continuing to grow and retake lands that were once urbanized, and yet even so Nature is as fickle and violent as it is serene.

But the second thing known for sure, the most destructive and the most baffling, is on that day pokemon became sapient. Wild pokemon, beasts of burden, pets, battlers, tools, friends—on that day, every one of them seemed to awaken to human-like intelligence. This new sapience lead to a great change in views of and towards pokemon, but while some found their bonds strengthened, the abrupt change did little to inspire co-operation. Humans feared the fact that they lost their one edge over pokemon, pokemon were conflicted and resentful towards how humans treated them, and each side blamed the other for the Catastrophe. Paranoia and resentment grew into condemnation and bloodshed, spreading through Masiirka like a wildfire that devoured the land more than any apocalypse could.

Many humans have retreated to city-states to preserve what technology is left and protect themselves, while many pokemon remain fearful of them, with most pokemon distrustful of humans and many of their inventions. And as the Catastrophe seemed to slowly ebb into the world itself, the self-perpetuating atrocities on boths sides swelled. Rampant paranoia and superstition have made it rare, though not unheard of, to find humans and pokemon working together. And even now, humans and pokemon speak in hushed whispers of something even worse to come.

But not everything is lost. Every so often, the sky flashes with an unearthly light that leads to some hidden place with a nostalgic feeling that seeps into one’s very bones. Villagers, warriors, bandits, despots, freedom fighters, priests, and those that scavenge the land for anything they can preserve of the old world all whisper the same rumor, that the light is the key to paradise. But what that Paradise is and who will make it, if it even exists, is anyone’s guess…


This will be a ‘Quiet-Apocalypse’ post-apocalyptic game, played with the PMD homebrew rules. Players will all be pokemon exploring the land of Masiirka, encountering its many factions and secrets, but it shall be up to them to determine the fate of the land. The game starts on December 15 and will be played weekly on Mondays at 8 PM EST (GMT-5) over IRC with Roll20 for combat. It will involve a fair bit of exploration, combat, survival, and social interaction. The tone will be dark, but not hopeless, and things will be dangerous. Expect a lot of unpleasant themes.

In general, it's best that you create characters that would have some reason to travel or have some sort of stake in either the world or an ideology. While I am not concerned about good and evil or people sticking to certain kinds of alignments, philosophical or otherwise, murderhoboing everything you see will be a very bad idea. I also heavily recommend that you check the current party composition before deciding on your species so you don't end up with a party all sharing a type weakness or some mess.


-We play with the PMD sourcebook homebrew found here.

-The players will start off at Pokemon Level 10 Career Level 3 with one egg move. They will have 5,000 poke to spend on equipment to start.

-Players may be any species so long as it is not legendary or larger than Large size (if the pokemon evolves into something that is bigger than Large, I may consider allowing it but only with the size reduced to Large). Try to be reasonable here, though; if you decide to be a Sunkern or something you knew what you were signing up for.

-CRB and GoT classes are legal, with the PMD conversions preferred. In addition, any outside homebrew or unconverted classes may be applicable but are subject to GM review.

-Expect stuff to change over time with updates and bug fixes.

Player Characters

Character Species Player Character Sheet
Getter Axew Traver Sheet
Alma Sneasel Nisu Sheet
Scabbard Scyther CubeB Sheet
Arthur Espurr Ecthel Sheet
Dozle Carbink Nyaaa Sheet
Inari "Hyperion" Goldfire Ninetales Rolf the Abra Sheet


Character Species Player Character Sheet
Avon von Ludwig Hoothoot Gents Sheet
Kailee Eevee Shizno Sheet

Locations and Organizations of Masiirka


Loot, Experience, and Applications

A list of things in the war chest can be found HERE

A list of pokedex applications can be found HERE



Act 1: Hunted

Act 2: Questions

Act 3: Heritage

Notable NPCs


Doctor Joseph Marigold

A traveling human man who appears to be somewhere in his late twenties or early thirties. Cheerful and patient, he seems to enjoy answering questions about his species, and is both a capable medic and programmer. Met the party at the Verdant Cafe, where he assisted the group when they were all attacked by Fang’s goons. Also the one responsible for creating the modified Pokedexes the party now uses.

During the initial escape from Blossom Grove, he was attacked by one of Fang’s goons and washed away in the drainage current. Whether he still lives or not is currently unknown.



A human girl from the Dominion of Man. She and her grandmother fled the Dominion, but were captured by the Legion—her grandmother did not survive the struggle. She managed to befriend her guard, Scabbard, who would help her escape at the price of his scythes.

She’s an amiable girl, that, while aloof and at times melancholy, has seemed to cheer up greatly after being rescued by the Legion’s clutches yet again by the party. Afterward, she and Avon lead them to the Shrine of Meloetta to complete the task she and her grandmother initially set out to do. She seems to be somewhat knowledgeable about the nature of these strange artifacts everyone is pursuing. She is a singer in a band in Mantine Bay, and also possesses Essence.



A haughty fennekin who was pressganged into Fang’s service. She comes from a clan of delphox oracles, though is apparently only from a branch family. Despite her shaky precognitive abilities, Fang used her divinations to hunt down those with Essence until the party rescued (re: kidnapped) her. She was quick to change sides after the mightyena went down, and now resides in Blossom Grove. Does not like dark types much.



A resident of Blossom Grove. Cheerful and a bit too enthusiastic, he has a massive case of fanboy. He’s one of the mayor’s personal aides and part of the merchant caravan that trades Blossom Grove’s goods with other areas. Apparently not very good at figuring out bold-faced lies.



A serious Patrat who was in Fang’s employ, until his sudden death left her without a job. Despite attacking them while under Fang’s command, the party showed her clemenancy and spared her life. The party found her later, battered and minus one eye, in the possession of the Legion along with Gwen and Avon, having gone from slaver to slave for her involvement in Fang’s failed coup.

Having been rescued and without anywhere to go, she has ridden along with the party, though still does not know what to think of them. It seems she’s starting to warm up at least a little.



A human scavenger who is part of the trio that saved Scabbard’s life after his banishment. He is nearly inseparable from Zephyr, and is probably the most responsible one in the trio. Maybe.



A swellow who is best friends with Sal, he makes up for his lack of smarts with heavy optimism and the ability to quickly smash faces.



A krokorok scavenger who is the brains of the trio. Gifted with a way with technology, she helped the party improve their pokedexes. Insists on being called Crusher since she figures Timpani is not an intimidating name, yet no one seems to be intimidated regardless. May or may not be a huge NEET when not doing missions.



A Diance who breathed life into Dozle and all of his fellow Carbink. No one has met her directly, but she seems to want her children to go forth and build families.

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