Where Does This Ocean Go?

Nestled snuggly in the archipelagos a few miles away from the Masiirka region’s Mantine Bay Area, Santa Carracosta is the nigh perfect imaging of the ideal tropical island. Surrounded by glittering green seas, the island is home to lush rain forests and vibrant pokemon wildlife, and what was once just a tiny stop for ships in years long past has, over the past 20 or so years, given rise to a vibrant resort destination. The eponymous city is filled with plenty of modern amenities and the entire settlement seems to radiate an aura of newness, though people flock to the resort town not only for the sandy beaches and swinging night life, but also its lush jungles in search of pokemon and trainers looking to do some more relaxing battles outside of the eye of pokemon leagues. It helps that research stations among the island bring in a healthy amount of money alongside tourism dollars.

Though the island is not known to have any native population and, indeed, wasn’t even anything more than an outpost just a few decades ago, it still seems to have its share of mysteries and rumors. A few stories from sailors of ages past detail stopping at the island but being dissuaded from settling even a semi permanent camp due to peculiar beings, and at least one poem from ancient Masiirkan times denotes some sort of god-like being residing there, though the details are vague. Nevertheless, the mystery has drawn in plenty, and, with multiple unconfirmed reports of the sighting of a strange, blue pokemon not documented before, the list of those drawn in has expanded to include the eccentric but renowned pokemon researcher Dr. Oscar Juniper.

Hoping to find out more about this creature, Juniper, with the sponsorship of the Santa Carracosta government, has ventured to the island to research these findings, but is in need of help. And that is where you all come in; the doctor has hired you all on to assist him in hunting for this creature. You may be the professor’s aide, on workstudy, a postdoc, fellow research colleague, friend, or even someone he just hired on as a collaborator for your skills, but regardless, you’re coming to the island with him. It may seem like a crazy job, but with a generous travel stipend and an almost free trip to a tropical paradise all for the price of doing a little exploration and rooting around the place for information on this pokemon doesn’t sound like a bad gig. After all, so long as you report in to the professor regularly with updates, he’s even given you his blessing to enjoy Santa Carracosta, see the sights, and do your thing. No problem!

Of course, with rumors like that, you’re probably not the only ones searching for this pokemon. Not to mention the news has mentioned an increase in dangerous incidents around the city, but that’s not gonna be a problem….right?

Where Does This Ocean Go? will be a mid-level mini campaign focused on both investigation and wilderness exploration, intended to run approximately 6-8 sessions. I'm looking for 3-4 players who will have a chance to not only explore the island, but also catch pokemon, beat up baddies, all that usual Pokemon goodness! This is intended to be a learning game for both myself and the players, as well as generate playing data that could be useful for other campaigns, especially Playtest Packet materials. Current planned time is Mondays at 8:00 PM EST GMT-5, but it’s subject to change. Planned start is Monday, August 10th.

Chargen Rules


Before you make your character, please contact me on IRC; I hang out all the time on the name StarmanTheta, and if you can’t get a hold of me while you’re on there, send me a PM on the Pokemon Tabletop forums so we can set up a meeting time. Instead of selecting players based upon the characters they submit, I want to try something a little different, and that is focusing more on the players themselves, how they gel with the other players, and how they fit into the campaign. Even though this is a short campaign, I’m looking for people who are not only interested in the game but also dedicated in playing and able to make the time commitment. This is also a way for you to ask me questions and determine if this is the right game for you. I also ask that when you contact me giving me some sort of alternate means of contact (email, steam, skype, etc) if I need to get a reach of you, and that you be willing to hang out in the IRC to get to know the other potential players. The channel for this game is #ClearOcean and I hang out in #PokemonTabletop on Rizon all the time; I suggest you visit both.

Now, as for character info…


-What I’m aiming at here is a more vanilla-ish game that is focused on pokemon. In general, I plan to include both urban investigation and wilderness exploration, as well as a good deal of combat. There will be time for both non-interference and full contact battles if people seek.

-Because this is a mini-campaign, things may be a little railroady at parts just to keep things flowing. I almost may not roleplay things as much as I should due to time constraints. While this by no means you should not attempt roleplay, this is something you should be warned about.

-During the course of the campaign you will be leveling at a decent pace. Expect to end the campaign somewhere in the low to mid twenties for TL.

-As for Pokemon, they will have a more animal like intelligence. They will not say their names and will need some acclimation to things, but will definitely be smart enough to carry out the tasks you wish of them.

-The purpose of this is partly to playtest things in the May Playtest Packet so expect that material to come up.

-I’m probably gonna break at least one thing sorry.


Really, not a whole helluva lot. Just show up to sessions on time, try to be diligent in attending sessions, lemme know if something comes up, and don’t be a jerk. Keep in mind that this game is a bit experimental in places let me know if something isn't working.

Player Character
Ecthel Eric Aponte
Ricadamant Nicholas Baum
Jm2c Lindy Rose
Alicenova Giselle Marinette


Session 1: We Actually Have to Do Work?
Session 2: Best Detectives
Session 3: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Session 4: Hunting for Battles, Hunting for Booty
Session 5: Mother, I'm Here
Session 6: Where Does this Ocean Go?

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