Wild West Money

Apply the following changes to any monetary amount in PTA:

For most simple items, place a decimal point in front of the hundreds place and chop off the last digit.

Example, say you have an antidote which costs 100 Pokebucks. In the Wild west, you would place a decimal point in front of the 1, and chop off the last zero, and antidotes now cost $0.10.
Another example. Say you have a revive, which costs 8000 pokebucks. In WW, you place a decimal between the 8 and the rest of the zeroes and chop off the last zero and you are left with a revive costing $8.00, which is quite a sum in this campaign.

Exception, as a rule of thumb for amounts of money given as prerequisites for feats or classes, instead place the decimal as thus:

place the decimal between the hundreds and tens places, and do not drop any digits.

Example: The Engineer class requires a Mech arm to take, the components of which normally cost 10,000 pokebucks. In the WW, it would instead cost $100.00, an Astronomical sum!
Another example: For the Sheriff's Crowd Control skills, it requires 850 pokebucks to take the feat and 200 per smoke bomb created. under the WW rules, it would instead cost $8.50 for the materials, and $2.00 per bomb.

GMs: A dollar is a lot. Here are some good prizes for gyms, challenges, and contests.

Low-level duel with a town leader: $5.00
Mid Level leader: $20.00
High Level leader: $50.00
Salary for participating in a contest: $0.25 - $1.00 depending on the size of the house.
Prize for winning in a low-level house: $5.00
Mid-level house: $25.00
High Level house: $50.00
Travellers on the road who lose duels to the player: $0.10 - $1.00 depending on how rich or poor they are.
A bounty: $20.00
A dangerous bounty: $50.00 - $100.00
Hospital visit for a person: 50 cents
Hospital visit for a pokemon: a penny.

Of course, the players have to worry about using their money wisely. Buying potions and rope is all well and good, but you can't eat rope. Here's some suggested prices on essentials:

A good meal at a Saloon: $.25
A terrible meal at a dive: $.05
Preserved rations for a week's journey: $0.20
A room at the Inn: $0.20
A room at the swanky Inn: $0.50
A room at the Hotsy Totsy Inn that that rich Mr. Rockafeller stayed in once: $1.00

Rope and Misc. Catching tools:
.05 cents per foot of cheap
.08 cents per foot of decent
.15 per foot of expensive
.05 cents per ounce of Salt (equivalent to one foot of rope. only useful on ghost pokemon. -0 modifier)
1.00 for a hand-mirror (-20 to capture roll against ghosts. Completely harmless against other types)

1c for small
3c for large

Prices for Accessories

note: prices are to create accessories via the Fashion Designer Advanced Class. Prices at shops will vary.

  • Little Accessory: $.30
  • Accessory: $.75
  • Large Accessory: $1.30
  • Immunity Accessory: $.80
  • Keepsake Accessory: $.80
  • Ability Accessory: $3.00
  • Special Ring: $2.00
  • Special Ring +: $3.00
  • Special Necklace: $1.00
  • Special Necklace +: $2.50
  • Tailored Clothing: $5.00


Oran - $0.01 cent for 5
Sitrus - $0.10 cents each
Cherti, chesto, pecha, rawst, aspear, persim - $0.30 cents each
All other berries cannot be bought and must be tracked down in the wild.
Same with Apricorns


Poffins: if a town has a contest hall, it will usually have a bakery as well
Poffins come in 5 ranks, choose a contest stat and rank to buy the poffin.
Upon getting the poffin, GM will roll 1d6+rank and that will be the final value of the poffin.
Rank 1: 50 cents
Rank 2: 1.50
Rank 3: 2.50
Rank 4: 3.50
Rank 5: 5.00



Rifle bullets x 20: 20 cents
Revolver bullets x 30: 20 cents

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