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Name: Wyl Rowku
Gender: Male (or… genderless, I guess, technically, but uh)
Physical Age: 28
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Actual Species: Ditto


Funds: 450 P

Weapon Crossmedigun 5d8 Normal; AC4.
Functions as a Medigun
1/day, cure all ailments on one target (ala Refresh)
Armor Light Cloth 5 Damage Reduction
Accessory Sunrise Ribbon +5 Physical DR; Morning Sun 1/Day
Accessory Unremarkable Bracelet No Effect
Accessory Memento Pendant Used for some Features
Accessory Alex's Bracelet No Effect ?


Species: Chansey
Level: 49
EXP: 94,814/100,000
HP: 62 / 223
Status: +8 Sp.Def

Type: Normal
200% Damage: Fighting
0% Damage: Ghost

Gender: Female
Ability: Healer (Hourly Cast: Cure a single ally of all ailments)
High Ability: Friend Guard (Daily Cast: For encounter, adjacent allies targetted by multi-die attacks [including STAB] take one less die of damage. Subtract from highest value)
Hold Item: Lucky Punch (Critical hits are on 18-20. When scoring a critical, roll again; item breaks on 13 or less)
Nature: Proud (+HP; -SpAtk)
Weight Class: 3
Capabilities: Overland 6, Surface 2, Jump 2, Power 2, Intelligence 4

Stat Base Added Total
HP 26 32 58
PA 1 0 1
PD 1 0 1
SA 2 1 3
SD 11 10 21
GO 5 5 10

Vitamins: 3 PP Up

Name Frequency Type AC Range Stat Dmg Other
Lv Copycat Center (OK) Normal Ranged Immediately use the Move that the target used during their last turn
Lv Egg Bomb EOT Normal 6 Ranged (8) Phys 4d12+17 2m Blast
Lv Heal Bell Battle Normal 3m Burst Cure all legal targets of status ailments
Lv Heal Pulse Battle Normal 2m Burst Targets recover 50% HP. Cannot target self.
Lv Minimize Center (OK) Normal Self Evasion +4
Lv Softboiled Center (OK) Normal Melee Target recovers 50% HP. Can target self.
Lv Sweet Kiss Battle Normal 6 Ranged Confuse
Tu Attract EOT Normal 2 Ranged Infatuation. Only succeeds on opposite gender
Tu Counter EOT Fighting Ranged Interrupt (Mandatory): After an opponent's Physical attack targetting user. Deal 2x the damage received to the target.
Tu Mach Punch At-Will Fighting 2 Melee Phys 2d6 Interrupt (Optional): Attack before an opponent's action

Next Move: Healing Wish (52)
Evolution Level: 40 (READY)

Campaign: Poketrian Odyssey
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