Xing Cunhua (星 春花)

Name: Xing Cunhua (星 春花)
Homeland: Southeast China
Age: 16
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Sex: Female
Religious views: Taoism, ancestral worship

Reason for Travel:
East to West route- Cunhua has volunteered to work as a chronicler, recording whatever she encounters along the Silcoon Road and eventually to report her findings to the Empire's court. The truth, however, is that Cunhua wanted to be as far as possible from the Kingdom due to the apparent difficult life putting up with the strict rule of the Mongol Empire. Cunhua figured that if she could get as far as possible she could live a new life in freedom.

Recent past and upbringing:
Cunhua belonged and was raised in a family of scholars who have worked with recording historical events as well as everyday life of various cultures. Cunhua has learned from her parents the basic skills necessary to continue this work.

Physical description:
Cunhua has lived a relatively sheltered life despite the family not having as much to go with as before, and thus is pretty and fair-skinned. She can manage light physical labor, helping out with books and other records in the house before her travels. Her long, black hair is braided and tied into a bun, held in place by a simple hairpin. She possesses deep brown eyes and stands about five feet in height.

Cunhua's travel clothes are relatively simple, in grayish or brown hues that cover most of her body to protect from the elements, along with a wide straw hat. She also has two dresses for those times during stops at cities, more presentable silk dresses with one colored green and the other red. This also includes a fancier hair ornament that resembles a flower.

Class: Researcher/Watcher
Profession: Trader


Personal Pokemon
Lv15 Male Herdier
Nature: Adamant (ATT+2, SATT-2)
Ability: Sand Rush
Hold: None
Capabilities: Overland 7, Surface 5, Jump 3, Power 3, Intelligence 4, Tracker

HP 45
Evade: +2 vs ATT/SATT

Base Add Total
HP 7 +3 10
ATT 10 +3 13
DEF 7 +3 10
SATT 2 2
SDEF 7 +3 10
SPE 6 +2 8
Move Learn Type Frequency AC Range Damage Effect Details
Tackle Lv1 Normal At-Will 3 Melee/ATT 2d8+6 1 Target, Dash -
Odor Sleuth Lv5 Normal At-Will - Ranged - 1 Target Normal/Fighting moves now affect Ghost type. User ignores effects that require rolling higher than AC to hit. Target cannot use SPE to modify AC. Double Team target is identified.
Bite Lv8 Dark At-Will 2 Melee/ATT 2d10+8 1 Target AC 15-20: Flinch
Helping Hand Lv12 Normal EOT - Melee - 1 Target Ally Target's next damaging move +1d20
Take Down Lv15 Normal EOT 5 Melee/ATT 3d12+14 1 Target, Dash, Recoil 1/4 Recoil after dealing damage.
Yawn Egg Normal Battle - Ranged (4) - No Target, Burst Affects all w/in 4m Burst. Affected legal targets fall asleep at the end of their next turn. Cannot miss.
Ice Fang Egg Ice EOT 3 Melee/ATT 3d8+10 1 Target AC 18-19: 1-Flinch, 2-Freeze, AC 20: Flinch + Freeze

Standard Wagon
Inside (/100)
Outside (/50)

Silcoon Road
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