Level 13 Ninja / Attack Star

Name: Sekigahara Yatsurugi

HP: 110/110
AP: 8/8
Condition: けがない

Offensive Trainer

Hit Points: 110
Attack: 31
Defense: 13
Special Attack: 8
Special Defense: 13
Speed: 6

Initiative: 6
Movement: 9
Evasion: +6
Accuracy: +3

Qualities and Traits

Strong: +4
Quick: +8
Subtle: +4
Focused: +4

Skill Traits Martial Arts, Actor, Tumbler
Movement Traits Sprinter
Special Traits
Children's Show Hero: "I'm not a ninja, no. But I do play one on television.

Status Menu

Orders / Moves
Struggle (AW AC4, 1M, Normal DB1, No Effect)
Poison Sting (AW AC2, 6 1T, Poison DB2: Poisons on 17+)
Twineedle (AW, AC3, 1M, Bug DB3: Double Strike, DB5 if both hit. Poisons on 18+)
Poison Tail (AW, AC2, 1M, Poison DB4: Crits on 18+, Poisons in 19+)
Lunge (EoT, AC2, 1M, Bug DB5: Disengage 2, Take -8 Damage penalty til their next turn. Crits on 17+)
Assassinate (S2, AC2, 1M, Poison DB5: Gains +1 DB for: Sleep, Flanked, Shaken, Poison, or Vuln)
Spine Shower (S2, AC4, 6 RB3, Bug DB7: Smite, Crits on 17+, Stuck on 19+)

Merciless (Gain +2 Crit Range on Shaken targets, and +2 on Poisoned targets)


Equipment Effect
Hand Dignity The ability to hold his head on high in times of great adversity.
Accessory Love In spite of his misgivings, he believes strongly in the power of human potential.
Wealth 0P

Loadout (0/5 SP)

Permanent Gear
Consumable Items
Potion x5: Heal 25% of target’s Max HP.


Overland 6
Naturewalk Forests
Skill Trait Sneaky
Quick +6
Subtle +4
Charming +5

Shiden "Chumaru": Male Pikachu Type: Ele.png Held Item:
Level 13, Tier 4 HP: 90/90 Evasion: +7 Accuracy: +2 Condition: Uninjured
Ability Usage Special Effect
Mixed Sweeper Static Whenever you would take an Atk or S.Atk Advance, take both instead.
Lightning Rod Scene Free: Re-direct a ranged Electric attack used within 4m to you.
Bonus Static When you are hit by an Electric attack, gain 1 Tick of HP and +5 damage to your next Special attack.
Motor Drive Scene x3 Free: After being hit by an Electric attack, gain +1 Speed.
Stat Base Added Value
Attack 9 +23 32
Defense 6 +4 10
Special Attack 9 +23 32
Special Defense 8 +4 12
Speed 4 +3 7
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Wild Charge At-Will 2 Ele.png DB6 Physical M, 1T Recoil / Smite - You may Push all targets 1 square
Joyful Bound (T) Scene x2 2 Fai.png DB6 Physical M, 1T Smite - After resolving, Disengage 3 and attack again
Focus Punch Scene x2 Fig.png DB??? = Physical M, 1T lol
Iron Tail Scene x2 6 Ste.png DB10 Physical M, 1T Smite - Target suffers -5 Defense penalty on 15+
Surf (T) EoT 2 Wat.png DB4 Special Line 6 Move: You may Shift to any open space in Surf's AoE without provoking Punish Attacks
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