by Kain

Type: Dragon
Abilities: Pure-Blooded/Cute Charm/Gluttony/Early Bird
High Abilities: Simple/Oblivious

HP: 7
Attack: 11
Defense: 6
Special Attack: 10
Special Defense: 6
Speed: 12

Level Up Moves:

Start: Lick
Start: Stockpile
Start: Spit Up
Start: Swallow
5: Rollout
9: Barrage
13: Ember
18: Double Kick
21: Dragonbreath
25: Stomp
27: Agility
31: Assist
35: Egg Bomb
40: Dragon Tail
45: Dragon Dance
49: Fly
55: Extremespeed
62: Mega Kick

Egg Moves: Belly Drum, Bounce, Counter, Dual Chop, Encore, Fire Punch, Lava Plume, Present, Recycle, Sing, Skull Bash, Thunder Punch

TMs: Flamethrower, dragon moves, EQ, Earth Power, whatever else the GM feels like.

Capabilities: Overland 14, Surface 7, Underwater 4, Jump 8, Intelligence 4, Ridable(Is this still a thing?), Pack Mon

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